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text 2018-01-22 07:01
Importance of School Infrastructure and Facilities in Nagpur

The school is where children spend their time learning and exploring new things, and as such, the facilities should be such that children feel comfortable there and can give their very best in whatever they do.


A Top school in Nagpur should have an environment that promotes learning, and should also pay special attention to the physical and mental comfort of the students. Mentioned below are the primary aspects to look for in a school’s infrastructure:


The classrooms within the school should be airy and well- ventilated, and should enable natural light to come in. All the classrooms should have ergonomically designed chairs and tables to provide maximum comfort to the students. In addition, lockers should be there in all classes to store relevant teaching-learning materials, as well as student records. Moreover, the school should have separate laboratories for chemistry, physics, computers, geography, biology, etc. and should be well-equipped with state of the art facilities and technology.

  • The presence of a playground, open stadium, auditorium, and art and craft room is a must so that students can enjoy their extra-curricular activities without any hindrance.
  • The presence of a solar power plant to meet the energy needs of the school is also an added bonus. This not only makes the school self-sufficient but also promotes the concept of green living among students.
  • Also, along with focusing on the necessities of the students, schools should also focus on the requirements of the teachers, so as to maximize their output. For instance, the staff room should be well-designed and equipped with the latest tools, so that the teachers can relax, prepare study material, and even interact with students when need be.
  • The school cafeteria also forms an important part of the school’s infrastructure. The school cafeteria must serve healthy food items at cost-effective rates and should maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness.
  • As students need to stay in the school for around 6 to 7 hours on a daily basis, it is important to have a proper medical room or infirmary in the school. A trained nurse and an experienced doctor should be there in the medical room to take care of students and staff members who might have suffered an injury in the school or might be feeling unwell. Moreover, the school should have tie-ups with hospitals and nursing homes too, so that they can be approached for help in the time of need.

The presence of all the above-mentioned amenities makes for a school that can promote the all-round development of students and even to retain the teachers who are always willing to give in their best to teach the students. Schools like DPS Nagpur have the best in class infrastructure and facilities where students and teachers alike can enjoy the whole process of teaching and learning.


DPS Lava, Nagpur is one of the premier schools of the country that has a separate tennis court, swimming pool, and basketball court, along with dedicated auditoriums for cultural performances. Also, the school campus has been built in a way that it promotes green living and has minimal carbon footprint.

Source: www.dpsnagpurcity.com
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review 2018-01-21 01:51
Interesting take on fairy tales
Regal Academy #1: A School for Fairy Tales - Luana Vergari,Bendetta Barone

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley


                I haven’t seen the series on Nickelodeon, so I am coming to this as a newbie.


                The story is a high school for the children or grandchildren of famous fairy tale characters.  We are introduced to Rose who has a thing for shoes and literally falls though the rabbit hole.  She discovers her relationship to Cinderella and is introduced to new friends, including a young woman who likes creepy crawlies but can also turn into a frog.  There is a male Snow White too.


                In many ways, the story is a mash up of Harry Potter ideas and a show like Disney’s Descendants.  The fairy tale kids learn how to use magic, including pumpkin magic, and there is even some dragon riding.


                While the mean girl and crew trope is used here, the story is largely about friends working together to succeed.  Additionally, while the female characters are stereotypical drawn (in some cases without enough room for a stomach), there is no emphasis on looks.  While Rose’s parents don’t look old enough to be her parents, her grandmother at least has wrinkles.


                The stories are engaging, and the female characters do not need saving.  In fact, it’s fun to read stories where female leads are feminine, friends, and not simply guys with boobs.


                There are some nice cute nods to other versions – including a wonderful mouse character, Rose’s intense desire for shoes, and Rapunzel’s hair. 

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review 2018-01-20 20:45
Undercover Princess
Undercover Princess (Rosewood Chronicles) - Connie Glynn

[I received a copy of this book through NetGalley.]

There were good ideas in there, and I was fairly thrilled at first at the setting and prospects (a boarding school in England, hidden royals that looked like they’d be badass, etc.), but I must say that in the end, even though I read the novel in a rather short time and it didn’t fall from my hands, it was all sort of bland.

The writing itself was clunky, and while it did have good parts (the descriptions of the school, for instance, made the latter easy to picture), it was more telling, not showing most of the time. I’m usually not too regarding on that, I tend to judge first on plot and characters, and then only on style, but here I found it disruptive. For instance, the relationship between Ellie and Lottie has a few moments that border on the ‘what the hell’ quality: I could sense they were supposed to hint at possible romantic involvement (or at an evolution in that direction later), but the way they were described, it felt completely awkward (and not ‘teenage-girls-discovering-love’ cute/awkward).

The characters were mostly, well, bland. I feel it was partly tied to another problem I’ll mention later, namely that things occur too fast, so we had quite a few characters introduced, but not developed. Some of their actions didn’t make sense either, starting with Princess Eleanor Wolfson whose name undercover gets to be... Ellie Wolf? I’m surprised she wasn’t found out from day one, to be honest. Or the head of the house who catches the girls sneaking out at night and punishes them by offering them a cup of tea (there was no particular reason for her to be lenient towards them at the time, and if that was meant to hint at a further plot point, then we never reached that point in the novel).

(On that subject, I did however like the Ellie/Lottie friendship in general. It started in a rocky way, that at first made me wonder how come they went from antipathy to friendship in five minutes; however, considering the first-impression antipathy was mostly based on misunderstanding and a bit of a housework matter, it’s not like it made for great enmity reasons either, so friendship stemming from the misunderstanding didn’t seem so silly in hindsight. For some reason, too, the girls kind of made me think of ‘Utena’—probably because of the setting, and because Ellie is boyish and sometimes described as a prince rather than a princess.)

The story, in my opinion, suffers from both a case of ‘nothing happens’ and ‘too many things happen’. It played with several different plot directions: boarding school life; undercover princess trying to keep her secret while another girl tries to divert all attention on her as the official princess; prince (and potential romantic interest) showing up; mysterious boy (and potential romantic interest in a totally different way) showing up; the girls who may or may not be romantically involved in the future; trying to find out who’s leaving threatening messages; Binah’s little enigma, and the way it ties into the school’s history, and will that ever play a part or not; Anastacia and the others, and who among them leaked the rumour; going to Maradova; the summer ball; the villains and their motivations. *If* more time had been spent on these subplots, with more character development, I believe the whole result would’ve been more exciting. Yet at the same time all this gets crammed into the novel, there’s no real sense of urgency either, except in the last few chapters. That was a weird dichotomy to contend with.

Conclusion: 1.5 stars. I’m honestly not sure if I’ll be interested in reading the second book. I did like the vibes between Lottie and Ellie, though.

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review 2018-01-17 21:49
Pestilence (The Four Horsemen #1) by T.A. Chase
Pestilence - T.A. Chase

There is "not enough" trend in this book, IMHO.


Human Bart's not sick enough the way his illness is described.

Pest does not care enough & not emotional enough. He is detached and doesn't spend enough time with Bart.

Pest and Death talk about secrecy but they are not secretive enough. In fact they can't seem to keep their mouths shut.

The whole falling in love process is not convincing enough.

The whole case of pandemic about to explode is not believable either. 

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review 2018-01-17 01:14
Jefferson Blythe, Esquire by Josh Lanyon
Jefferson Blythe, Esquire - Josh Lanyon

A little weak on mystery, I think. George didn't impress me either. 3.75 stars, all courtesy of Jefferson, whom I liked quite a bit.

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