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review 2017-04-06 23:39
Make Way for Ducklings
Make Way for Ducklings - Robert McCloskey

Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey is a 4.1 on the Accelerated Reading leveling system. The story is a fictitious book about a pair of ducks that live in a pond. When it comes time for their eggs to hatch, they realize that they must move because their pond has too many people and is too dangerous. In their search they are helped by a kind policeman when crossing the street. In the end they find the perfect pond to raise their babies. This could be used for two very different topics. It could be used when a new student joins the class as a read aloud. It could help the new student feel more comfortable. As a teacher, stress that moving is not a bad thing, and a silver lining can always be found. This story could also be used around Earth Day to teach the importance of animals and the environment. Teach the students that just as the policeman, we have to take care of animals and there are many ways to do that. 

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text 2017-03-27 22:06
Thank You, Mr. Falker - Patricia Polacco

Patricia Polacco's book, Thank you, Mr. Falker, holds a very special place in my heart as a future teacher. The book is based off of true events that took place in the life of Polacco, herself, growing up. It addresses criticial issues seen in schools across the world, such as bullying or reading difficulties. Trisha, the central character of the story, craves the sweet knowledge of how to read, but she is different than most students. She suffers major difficulties in reading and begins to fall behind all of the other students. About midways through the book, she loses both of her grandparents, who were her biggest supporters in the work. The other students also begin to pick on her, calling her dumb for not knowing how to read. When her grandparents pass away, her family decides to move. For Trisha, she hopes this will give her a new opportunity to not be bullied; however, things are much worse at her new school. A boy in her class, Eric, is relentless about degrading her in class. It's not until the school gets a new teacher, Mr. Falker, that Trisha is able to see hope in the future of her reading. This book covers a diverse amount of topics that should be addressed within the classroom. Its lexile reading level is AD650L, and it can be read by most students who are ages six through nine. Honestly, I feel as though this book should also be read in the middle and high school setting. This presents a way for teachers to talk about bullying within the school and in the classrooms. Aside from bullying, this book allows the teacher to talk openly about how all students are different when it comes to reading. Some students can be considered advanced readers, and others are considered struggling readers. The teacher can highlight this very aspect by simply reading about the classrooms that Trisha was in throughout the story. The teacher could also use this book to talk about how some students can suffer loss within their families. Students could have a death in their family, or maybe they are having to move schools and make changes. This book is full of endless opportunities to talk about these issues within the classroom. In my classroom, I would definitely want to use this book to address bullying. I would read the book with my class, and then students could organize either group skits or maybe even a class skit to show the implications of bullying in school.

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review 2017-01-15 22:57
Pete the Cat: Rocking In My School Shoes
Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes - Eric Litwin,James Dean

The series Pete the Cat is taking the educational system by storm. This highly popular series is about a blue cat named Pete and his adventures as he discovers new things. In this book, Pete the Cat is excited about his school shoes so he shows them off throughout the school as he discovers new locations. The intended audience for this book is Kindergarten but I would use this up to 3rd Grade. Pete is having his very first day at school just like you do in kindergarten and discovering where things are like the lunchroom and the library is in his new school. A great activity to do with this book after reading it would be to get the kids talking about what's scary about school, what's fun, what they will do every day, and what they predict will happen at the end of the year. By getting them all to discuss their theories and feeling about school they will share that they are not alone in feeling the way they do. I would put all the responses on a poster and bring it out at the end of the year after repeating the activity to show the kids how far they have come and how much they have changed in a year. The school isn't as scary as they think especially with Pete along for the adventure!
Reading Level: LEX 6000L

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text 2015-06-30 18:45
June Highlights
The Autumnlands Volume 1: Tooth and Claw - Benjamin Dewey,Jordie Bellaire,Kurt Busiek
Albert the Alien 1: New in School - Rose McClain,Trevor Mueller,Trevor Mueller,Justin Castaneda,Naum Gabo,Naum Gabo,Zach Miller,Jennifer Blake,Tom Kelly,Mark Waid
Lazarus #17 - Greg Rucka,Michael Lark
Lumberjanes #15 - Shannon Watters
Oh, Hell Volume 1: Chyrsalides - G. Wassil
Trees Volume 1 - Warren Ellis,Jason Howard
ALEX + ADA #15 - IDW Comics
Jem & the Holograms #4 Comic Book - IDW Comics

Not a good month for full length books, but I found decent - Awesome comic reads

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review 2015-06-15 12:54
Albert the Alien Volume 1: New in School
Albert the Alien 1: New in School - Rose McClain,Trevor Mueller,Trevor Mueller,Justin Castaneda,Naum Gabo,Naum Gabo,Zach Miller,Jennifer Blake,Tom Kelly,Mark Waid

4 Stars, Buy it


Self Purchase, Kickstarter, Paperback


So I bought this volume (and some side stories which I previously reviewed) through Kickstarter. Which by the way is an awesome place to discover some new comics. Anyway, I liked the short stories enough that when Volume 2 was announced on kickstarter, I jumped on the bandwagon again.  But I did figure it was probably time to squeeze in the time to finally read volume 1. Which I really should have read first but anyway….


Albert is an alien from another planet. And he is joining this school where there are bullies. Before he even makes an apperaance Gerty, a young girl student is already sticking up for him. The bullies immediately try to bother Albert. Meanwhile, alien school supplies are causing problems. In chapter 2, we learn that Albert will be living with Gerty. Wally continues to make trouble in the form of mutating food. In chapter three, an unidentified object is making it’s way toward earth. Also in the first three issues, someone was stealing stuff from children’s lockers.

This seems to come to ahead in chapter 4. The main story line ends there.   There are a bunch of short bonus stories after the main story and I’m not rating on these. I read some of them, but not all of them since I have such limited reading time.


I love how Albert always gets human phrases wrong. This graphic novel is just so cute and sweet. I love how it teaches young readers how to be nice.  The main story line is great, and I think kids would really like this a lot. The art is really nice, though it still could be a bit better, but it’s good enough really. The bonus stories have different artists.  I do really recommend this series for kids.

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