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text 2019-01-24 12:20
The Spam Follows are Thick Today and Keto Kills!

I'm fed up with these spam account follows. This could be the thing that makes me give up on Booklikes.


Four Keto accounts today! Two of them were sneaky. Let me be clear about this, I regard Keto as like Scientology. It seems to be becoming a religion, or a high profit venture for someone.


The high fat aspect of Keto makes it bad for the heart. Yes you can get too much of 'good fat' too. I resent having this spam in particular thrown at me as it is anathema to everything I know about diet and nutrition.


Oh and 80% gain the weight back.


End rant!

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text 2018-01-15 14:18
You Should Join My New Release Mailing List

Join my New Release Mailing List and I'll send you a weird fairy tale called "I Will Tell You About Knoist." This short story is not for sale and is only available to mailing list subscribers. (It might take me a day or two to send you the story. Fulfillment is not automatic.) You'll receive both ePub and mobi copies of the story.

The mailing list will only be used to inform readers of my new releases. (I can't imagine you'd receive an e-mail from me any more than once every couple of months.)

I will not spam you.

I won't send you e-mails to tell you about my pets or what movies I've just watched.

I won't e-mail you about someone else's project or to ask you to donate to my favorite charity.

I will not sell your e-mail address to a third party.

You can unsubscribe to my mailing list at any time.

Use the form on my website to subscribe to my New Release Mailing List.

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text 2014-11-30 01:08
Something fishy going on here


I noticed over the past couple of days that 4 recently added people on my friends list have been bulk adding friends and sending every person they add recommendations for the same two books. I thought this looked a lil suspicious so I had a nosy through their profiles and kept an eye on them. Sure enough it looks like they may be sock puppets being used to spam the book to other users.


The author of the books being spammed is Susan McNally and on checking her friends list, she is friends with all 4 accounts. The Book FairyRaven's Books, S, and Bookforever. These accounts as well as spamming book recommendations, have all posted 5 star reviews for the books and also posted reviews on every edition of the books. As you can also see from the screenshots, they are all fans of this author and have voted for her books on different lists too. Definitely something fishy going on!


Edited to add: I was sent the links to another profile that has been doing the same with recommendations etc Sweet Cherry Publishing







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text 2014-11-24 16:35

I checked my work inbox and found an email that basically said, "Since your library already owns books by [author], you may also want to purchase [author's] new historical fiction novel. It has gotten uniformly enthusiastic reviews on Amazon!"


Yeah, that last bit means absolutely nothing, considering that all it takes is friends and family writing 5-star reviews for a book to have "uniformly enthusiastic" ones. Still, I did some searching. The books we own are the author's traditionally published nonfiction. The book the email is talking about is the author's first (?) foray into self-published fiction. We're not a public library, so I don't see this happening. Although now I'm curious as to whether every librarian in my library, and all libraries listed as owning books by this author, also got this email.

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text 2014-07-13 01:38
Booklikes Functionality: Concern on How Reblog Reviews Appear on Book Pages

Hunger for Knowledge posted some concerns about this here:


Reblogging Reviews at Booklikes


When I read her title I thought this was dealing with attribution, but that's only part of the problem.


First I'm not picking on Whispers From the Pirate's Ghost here - because without the following reblogs I'd never have known this was a potential problem, and for that I'm grateful. The idea was interesting - here's one book and two very different reviews - one review rated the book at one star, and the other rated five. Those links are to the reblogs Whisper posted - note that both have reblog in the title, that part's working as intended.


Now here's the weird part. Check out the main book page:


Book page for The Artful


I don't want to post a screenshot - I'll just note that it's not completely clear that Whispers hasn't yet read/rated the book or reviewed it yet. You can't tell that those stars didn't originate with Whispers, and on my end it looks like Whispers has posted two reviews. And that's without having written a review yet, just reblogging.


I think all of us can pretty quickly see how this could be used to reblog multiple reviews and fill a book page. (I have no idea if there are any methods already in place to limit this, I haven't tried testing it.)


I've emailed Booklikes (if you want to here's their contact info), and there's already quite a few comments on Hunger for Knowledge's post discussing it. If any of you want to contact Booklikes or add your own comments it would probably be a good idea to indicate that you're concerned too. Hopefully this will end up on someone at Booklike's To Do List on Monday! (Or we'll hear back and learn it's already on that list.)

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