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text 2018-02-08 05:48
8 Benefits of Using a Wireless Home Security System

Quite a few homeowners do not get serious about security until something bad happens. Someone breaks in, something gets stolen, a fire starts—incidents like these make all too clear that people and their homes need protection.

Wireless home security systems help ensure the safety of customers’ homes, family members, pets and belongings. Here are some of the advantages of using these systems:

1. They provide up-to-date, reliable protection.

Older security systems may have vulnerabilities that leave homes and property exposed. Modern wireless systems, on the other hand, give users customization options; their sophisticated technology can be tailored to a customer’s specific requirements. People can add or move sensors as needed.

2. Users can get alerts on their phones.

Regardless of where they are, homeowners can be notified as soon as an alarm is triggered. Within seconds of a sensor going off, an advanced wireless camera security system can send an alert via text, email or voice call.

3. Wireless security systems protect against natural disasters.

Keeping the home safe means more than watching out for burglars. It also involves knowing what to do in the event of a fire, a flood or some other dangerous occurrence. Wireless home security systems can also include items like smoke and flood detectors, which help people stay vigilant against disasters.

4. People can activate wireless home security systems remotely.

Even the most powerful security system in the world is useless if someone gives a thief an easy way to get inside. Thankfully, modern home security systems help keep this from happening.

For example, suppose that someone forgets to turn on their security system before heading off to work. With a modern wireless system, that person can arm it by using an app on their smartphone.

5. Wireless systems allow for greater home automation.

Wireless security systems work well with other home automation systems. Customers can make their lives both safer and more convenient.

6. Wireless systems are much harder for burglars to circumvent.

Wireless camera security systems can give people reliable consistent protection for their homes. They do not have cables or wires which a thief might disconnect. Not only that, homeowners do not need to worry as much about power outages or weather-related damage.

7. Wireless connections are child-proof and pet-proof.

Anyone with kids or pets knows that they can wreak havoc on a home’s systems and appliances. With a wireless home security system, people can keep their two- and four-legged loved ones from hurting themselves or putting homes at risk.

8. Users can keep watch 24/7.

A wireless security camera system can give homeowners 24/7 streaming footage. They can check what is happening at their houses at any time and from almost anywhere.

LiveWatch’s wireless home security systems give users complete peace of mind. The company’s solutions are user-friendly, affordable, customizable and reliable.

About LiveWatch:

LiveWatch keeps customers safe with its innovative wireless security camera system. The company prides itself on delivering devices that are affordable, easy to install, convenient and durable home security solutions.

For additional information, visit Livewatch.com

Original Source: https://goo.gl/iFmeEU

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review 2018-02-06 07:58
All She Ever Wanted
All She Ever Wanted - Lynn Austin

I didn´t get a change to review this when I finished it.  I think the site was down for maintenance or something.  


This book was so good that I have been feeling out of sorts since finishing it.  I miss it.  It is a Christian Fiction that wasn´t a flimsy romance story.  It wasn´t even just ONE story.  It started with one story and then gradually unfolded into several stories that intertwined and slowly revealed a total picture of one family.  No one knew all of the story but when they got together the pieces all fit.  


The story starts out with a mother who is having a very bad day.  She argued with her boss and walked out and now thinks she may be fired for it.  She was sitting in her car when she got the call that her teen daughter had been caught shoplifting at the mall.  Her husband decided to send her daughter to a counselor to see if they can help.  The counselor discovers that the daughter is acting out because she wants a closer relationship with her mother.   She said her mother never talks to her and she knows nothing of her mother´s family.  She wishes she knew her grandparents and aunts and uncles but her mom won´t speak of them.  One day in therapy the counselor wants her mother to join in on the session and the daughter pulls out a birthday invitation that had been crumpled up and tossed in the trash.  It was a party her aunt Annie was throwing for her grandfather.  She asked her mother why she doesn´t know her aunt or her grandfather and why she won´t go.  Finally, in an effort to repair her relationship with her daughter she decides to go.  She and her daughter go on a road trip and as they drive she tells her story, the story of her childhood.  


That is just the beginning though and as they arrive and meet more people they hear more stories and slowly begin to understand why people behaved the way they did.

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review 2018-02-04 00:08
Another visit to the quaint little town of Gilead...
Welcome Home, Soldier - Deanna Wadsworth

and it's Christmas. 


I have to admit I honestly didn't realize this was a Christmas story which kind of shows how observant I am these days given that this was part of Dreamspinner Press's 2017 Advent Calendar Collection, Stocking Stuffers...obviously not one of the ones that I read...color me slightly embarrassed, but really it matters not because I love Christmas stories and this one was no exception.


'Welcome Home Soldier' is set in the quaint little town of Gilead which is the reason that I came to be reading it. I've read 'The Rhubarb Patch' and I knew I'd be reading 'La Famiglia' so when I stumbled across 'Welcome Home Soldier' even though it's not listed as a part of 'The Men of Gilead' series one of the MCs is the mayor of Gilead...so how could I possibly ignore it? Obviously I couldn't especially when you take into account that it's got on of my favorite things in it...older MCs.


Clay and Daniel met 25 years ago when they were both enlisted men and during the days of DADT after three years together things ended on Christmas eve and on a less than amicable tone.


Twenty-five years later thanks to modern technology they reconnect on Facebook. When Clay discovers that Daniel's going to be home alone for Christmas he throws caution to the wind, grabs his overnight bag and heads for Gilead and what he hopes will be a joyful reunion with the love he walked away from and has never been able to forget.


When Clay's car crashes because of a blizzard Clay begins to think that maybe reuniting with Daniel was not meant to be until a mysterious stranger stops and offers help delivering him to Daniel's front door.


As Clay and Daniel finally find themselves face to face and begin to reconnect it becomes clear to both men that while 25 years has taken them down very different roads

it's really done very little to dull the flare of attraction that they shared back when they first met.


This one had a lot going for it as far as I was concerned first there was the 'older MCs' in case I forgot to mention this, plus it's a sweet second chance story and while I would have loved more reunion time what was there I thoroughly enjoyed...making and decorating cookies on Christmas eve so you can have them later with milk...come on how sweet is that? and best of all two men who are willing to take a chance and reclaim what they walked away from 25 years ago...and there's prezzies!!! No, I'm not talking about the smex...well, there was a little of that too but mostly this one was about reconnecting and coming home...you'll have to read the story to learn about the prezzies!!!


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text 2018-01-26 17:34
Shift with packers and movers in Gurgaon at affordable costs

Gurgaon is now officially known as Gurugram which is a city of Haryana with a part of National Capital Region of India. Now it is known for its rapid increase towards leading financial and industrial hub. Planning to shift in Gurgaon and looking for the best packers and movers companies then you can find it here. There are various shifting companies in Gurgaon but there are only few best agencies that are known for its best and affordable service charge. Packers and Movers in Gurgaon involve a team of professionals to look in and handle every task performed while relocating. The experts available with them will perform the whole tasks such as packing, loading, unloading etc to shift with all your belongings and commodities. You can enjoy the safe and reliable shifting after hiring them.



Services offered by shifting companies:


There are a lot of services that is provided by the agencies offering the relocation services in Gurgaon:


  • Local shifting
  • National shifting
  • Commercial shifting
  • Residential shifting
  • Pet and plant moving
  • Bike and car carrier relocation
  • Warehousing facilities


There are also numerous of benefits that can be enjoyed with the hiring of Packers and movers as they work 24 hours without any stop, they are well-versed and known about the routes & roads of Gurgaon which helps the customers to reach the destination timely. Here are the some of the important benefits that can be grabbed through movers and packers in Gurgaon.


Benefits Aspects of relocation services in Gurgaon:


  • You will be ensured about the safe and secure shifting as they will take care of each household item.
  • They will handle the whole shifting and provides the hassle-free and stress free relocation.
  • They have a team of experts who are proficient who requires less time than we need.
  • They also offer the services as per your budget and needs, so you can also save money with hiring them.
  • Some shifting agencies also offer the insurance facilities in which the items get insured and compensation is said if any damage occurs.

The entire process is done by the packers and movers who offer the best and reliable relocating services. They will pack the entire households commodities carefully and ensure about the products that no defect will be caused. So hire them whenever you need.

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review 2018-01-26 00:00
Finding Home
Finding Home - Garett Groves Finding Home - Garett Groves This book started out a bit slow for my tastes, but at about halfway through I realized that it actually worked for this story very well. I loved the interplay between Caleb and John. I also thought that the issues they had with their realtionship felt dead-on and exactly what they should have been. I loved John's Mom and the part she played in this story. I do think that this book is not quite as good as the first in this series; but nonetheless it was still a very good read and one I did not want to put down at all. As usual, there were tears, but just not quite as many as with book one. Definitely a worthwhile and enjoyable read!
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