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text 2020-04-03 12:41
Fix Norton Error Message ‘Cannot Connect To Norton Server’

Why keep your system prone to these unwanted bugs and malware when there is the best antivirus system software in the market. Norton by Symantec is surely the most reliable and favored antivirus software that helps you keep your system safe and secured. But despite of its unmatchable features and growing popularity it is quite frequent that get a pop-up stating – ‘Cannot connect to Norton Server’. This usually occurs due to connection issues and prevent you from accessing the software. In case you face this error frequently, it is a matter of concern. In order to overcome this error, you can either follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps. And in case of quick assistance, you can get in touch with the technical experts at the Norton Technical Support Phone Number as they are there to help 24*7. 


Before getting into the best possible solutions let’s find out the reason for the error to appear –

  1. 1. The malicious problem might have infected your system and networks
  2. 2. Due to corrupted Window system files
  3. 3. Frequent changes in the Firewall settings
  4. 4. Incomplete download of the software


Steps to resolve this error message stating – ‘Cannot connect to Norton Server’


Method 1: Check if your browser is set as default – Go to the browser setting and check whether you have firmly activated Norton shield in the browser.


Method 2: Try Norton Activation Repair Tool – From the official website of Norton, download the Norton Activation Repair Tool. It will ask you to reboot your PC, and once it has done, you need to run the QB software once again.


Method 3: Uninstall & Install the Norton Antivirus again – In case even after trying the above steps, you are still facing the same issues; you can choose the best option. Uninstall the software and reinstall it from the official Norton website.


Method 4: Try installing Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool – Being one of the best software, it provides its users with another tool using which they can easily remove and reinstall the software. You have to visit the official Norton website and download the tool. And once the installation is done, you will be ready to sue it.


These methods will surely help you in resolving the error. But, in case you get stuck somewhere you need proper and quick assistance. You can get in touch with the expert professionals at the Norton Customer Care.


Source URL: - Fix Norton Error Message ‘Cannot Connect To Norton Server’

Source: www.askfor-solution.com/fix-norton-error-message-cannot-connect-to-norton-server
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text 2019-11-19 07:27
How to Eliminate Norton Antivirus Error Code 3038?

Through the help of Norton security software, you can easily protect your system from malware, trojans, webroot, any spyware, etc. it also works as a guard. To protect your device you can also purchase it from its official site. But due to its performance, you can’t say it is perfect. It also occurs some common error in front of you. If you are suffering from Norton antivirus error code 3038 then you don’t need to take tension. You can easily remove this error by applying the best troubleshooting solutions The provided solutions will help to eliminate this type of error in less time. To overcome this problem you can take the help of experts. They will guide you properly on how to eliminate Norton antivirus error code 3038. The professionals are available around the clock for your help. To get more information you can contact us via Norton 360 support number anytime. 



Causes of Norton Antivirus error code 3038


Before solving any error, you need to know the actual causes behind this error. If you know the causes of error then you can solve all the errors in less time without any extra efforts. Here, we describe some common causes of Norton antivirus error code 3038. 


  • Norton error code 3038 occurs due to incomplete installation: when the Norton antivirus is not completely installed on your computer, then it can become the fountainhead of this problem.
  • If your windows registry of the operating system becomes corrupted, then it can damage your system file, which can lead to the advent of this issue.
  • The malicious attacks of malware and virus on the operating system can also generate this error code.
  • The deletion of the files and folders even unknowingly can cause this issue.
  • Corrupt downloads on your computer can also cause this error code. 


Solutions to Fix Norton Antivirus Error Code 3038


Norton security software error 3038 is a common error that occurs due to many reasons. If you encounter this error on your system then you need to remove it as soon as possible. To replace this type of error you can apply the given instructions. 


Step 1. Perform Live Update


  • Open Norton antivirus software program.
  • Navigate security and hit the Live update option in the main window.
  • Press Ok after the completion of the Live update.
  • Wait for the message the Norton product has the latest production updates.
  • Exit from the program and restart your computer.


Step 2. Download, reinstall and replace Norton internet security


  • Install Norton remove the tool and reinstall the tool for downloading Norton security software.
  • Save this application on your operating device.
  • Open download windows on your system with shortcut key ctrl +j
  • Double-hit on the NRnR icon after it gets opened and hit on the Agree option. 

We hope the above solutions will help to solve your entire issues as soon as possible. Therefore, you can contact us at any time around the clock. We will provide the best services without any delay. Antivirus Support Number +(1)-888-846-5560 is available around the clock for your help

Source: antivirusnumber.articlesblogger.com/11857307/how-to-eliminate-norton-360-error-code-3039165559
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url 2019-10-14 10:17
Is Antivirus Protection in Smartphone a necessity or just a Bluff?
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text 2019-09-23 13:03
How to Recover Norton Account in a few Simple Steps?

Norton products are often recognized as the front-runner in the anti-malware market today. Norton has earned a legacy of being the trusted antivirus brand in the world. The availability of a dedicated online store has made easier for the users to buy Norton products. Now users can easily go to Norton’s official website and buy the relevant software through a registered email ID.  Your Norton account gives you access for product status, recent activities, and subscription information.



However, once you lose one of the account details i.e. either the user ID or password, the access to the Norton account become literally impossible. For those who are confronting this issue can recover their account with the help of the following instructions or Norton support platform.


  • Launch the web browser and open Norton’s official page.
  • Click on the Forget password link.
  • On the subsequent window i.e. Having Trouble Signing In? Page, fill out your account ID i.e. email address and tap on the Continue button.
  • Now, you will receive a confirmation email which consolidates all the information regarding password resetting.
  • If you failed to recover the confirmation email in the inbox folder then check the junk or spam folders. (Note: If your email address is not registered with the Norton account, you will not able to receive any sort of emails from its server).
  • If you still face the same problem then try to take advantage of other email ID that is registered with your Norton account. Don’t use ID other than Norton’s register username.
  • Now explore the email and select the Reset Password option.
  • On the password reset window, fill the relevant field with a new password and click Reset password option to continue.
  • Make sure to click on the continue tab in order to get the access of Norton account.


We often recognized the brand Norton as the synonym of the word antivirus. There is no doubt that Norton is still considered one of the finest security suites. All the information regarding your subscription, last purchase, and renew date can be easily managed through a registered account. Norton account keeps the track of your latest account activity and provides the necessary details so that users can take the relevant action. Anyway, with the help of these instructions, you can recover your Norton account quite easily. Remember a team of experts is always here to help you. The instant chat platform on our customer help desk remains activated 24x7, so feel free to contact with us anytime.


Norton products are versatile and quite subtle as far as their performance and virus detection capabilities are a concern. You have to create an account on the Norton website in order to buy any product or subscription. If by any chance, some of you lost the account details and want to recover them quickly then visit the Forget password link and follow the on-screen guidelines. Also, don’t hesitate to drop your query on Norton Support platform for quick assistance.

Source: www.supportforusa.com/norton-customer-support
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text 2019-04-08 13:00
Exploring New Technologies of Norton Antivirus Safeguarding your Device

Wondering how to carryout all your computer works flawlessly? It’s good to install a Norton antivirus and thus you can get rid of all confusions. You can easily get in touch with Norton support that aids you to clear all your doubts and you continue using the software at your ease. You can opt for an e-mail support or a remote support and you get the best solutions irrespective of where you are located.


Purchasing the Antivirus


First, you have to purchase the genuine version of Norton antivirus ensuring that it works well on your device. In this regards, you can consult with a technical expert who helps you to know which version is the best for your system. Make sure that the software supports your operating system and you can use all the features as you need. Nowadays, you can also get Norton internet security support that helps you to access the web free from any worries.


And while you are purchasing make sure that you are paying the right price getting the ideal software. If you want you can also run a trial version comprehending how the antivirus works that helps you to make the best choice. Finally, you get the one that fulfills all your specifications making you feel happier. You can purchase Norton antivirus from online Norton store or you get it from a service provider ensuring that you get a valid one, which supports your system.


Exploring All New Form of Technologies


Presently, Norton antivirus brings in all modern form of technologies due to which you can use the facets in your way protecting your system from all malicious files. These technologies help you to scan your system thoroughly and you can thus eliminate all bad things keeping your device clean. Norton tech support helps you to clarify all your confusions related to technology ensuring that you can use the technologies in a proper way.


Making a Subscription to Norton Account


Now, if you are looking to create a Norton account you need to make a subscription that allows you to get access to all useful options. Norton mobile security is also gaining good popularity nowadays and you find it easy to handle your account comprehending the beneficial solutions. And you must know the detailed terms and conditions that help you to get a refund if you want.


Also, there is option to renew your Norton subscription that enables you to enjoy uninterrupted services as you want. Bought a new device? You can get the option to transfer your Norton service to new device that makes it easy to use the facets in your way on your preferred device.




Using Norton antivirus you can continue using your smart gadget and even you can browse the web services without any issues. Simply, make sure that you antivirus is activated and it gives your system full protection. It’s time to get the antivirus installed and you get good assistance from the support center that makes the process easier.

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