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review 2018-03-14 00:00
Her Russian Mobster (The Volkov Brothers Series Book 3)
Her Russian Mobster (The Volkov Brothers Series Book 3) - Leslie North With an iron first and a hard heart, Kaz has the power to cause fear. Allie is a firecracker. She loves with her whole heart and is determined to make a success of her business. When a dark shadow sets about engulfing her world, can she protect the people she cherishes most without risking her heart in the fight. Allie and Kaz meet under less than honorable circumstances. He's collecting a debt. She's guarding her own. Yet, their highway to love is anything but cut and dried. Her Russian Mobster is complex, dangerous and more often than not dark, but love is about taking risks and weathering storms. Ms. North takes readers through an abundance of storm clouds, before the rainbow appears. Never a dull moment in this bumpy thrill ride.
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review 2018-03-08 15:15
Her Russian Rescuer (The Volkov Brothers Series Book 2) by Leslie North
Her Russian Rescuer - Leslie North


When the wrong guy proves to be the right fit, Daphne lands herself in a world of trouble. Leslie North does it again, with her sensuous brand of narrative. Nikolai and Daphne bring out the feels as they amp up the thrills and bring on the chills. Daphne is caught in a no win situation. Witness to a crime, danger stalks her every step. Enter Nikolai. A sheep in wolf's clothing. He knows the score, wants revenge and will stop at nothing to keep her safe. Could this cat and mouse game be the saving grace they both need. Love, lust, excitement and danger. Their's is a rocky road but the rewards are an unbeatable payoff.


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review 2018-02-28 21:41
Her Russian Fixer (The Volkov Brothers Series Book 1) by Leslie North
Her Russian Fixer - Leslie North


A bad boy trying to make good. A good girl in over her head. The one man that has the answers they seek and the task that could get them both killed. Lucy and Ben had me teetering on the edge. Leslie North taps into the bad boy fantasy and lets her imagination run wild. We dream them up and she delivers the goods. Ben is a man with much to lose and not a lot to give. Lucy is the woman who can save his soul. If she can survive the fall. Get the fire extinguisher, because Her Russian Fixer is a five alarm special.

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review 2018-01-15 01:22
Love's Crash Landing by Amylea Lyn
Love's Crash Landing - Amylea Lyn

"Prince Mi'Kel is now Mikinna Petrovik, formerly of Moscow... My contact said there wouldn't be a problem (with false documents - mrella) even if those Feds get it into their heads to look.”


I laughed and I laughed and I laughed!... And then I giggled on top of it =) Maybe local, american, feds are fine with it, but Mikinna Petrovik is not a Russian name and population there is not that diverse not to draw attention to a strange name *snort* Might as well have kep Mi'kel.

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text 2018-01-14 05:26
Эклипсис (Эклипсис #1) by Tiamat
Эклипсис - Тиамат,Tiamat

К сожалению, развитие дел в книге перестало для меня работать.

Даб-кон в сопровождении насильного оргазма - нэ моэ. Впрочем, это я еще смогла бы читать, и даже получать удовольствие, если бы один из тройничка, толкая эльфа в объятия его бывшего насильника, при этом не клялся жертве в вечной любви. Кавалер Альва меня сильно разочаровал. Предательством тут попахивает, дорогие мои, сеньк ю вери мач, предательством и извращенством не самого приятного образа. Лечение ПТСД методом "клин-клином вышибают", только усиливает травму. 

Сваливать похоть и вину на жертву изнасилования, простите, опять не мое - был там, делал это, получил, как говорится, рубашенцию (для утерения соков страстно-мордастного совокупления).

Хоу-эва, до этой главы история была замечательна и трогательна и читала и читала бы я ее дальше, но мои заморочки, извините, не позволяют. 

Поэтому оставляю днф-ом и без оценки. Что, на самом деле, есть очень, очень жаль :(

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