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review 2020-05-24 21:46
Hot and Sexy (Some Like it Hot) by: Erika Wilde
Hot and Sexy (Some Like it Hot) - Erika Wilde





Hot and Sexy by Erika Wilde

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

She's stronger than she looks and so much more fragile than she seems. He's on the hunt for adventure and has no idea what fate has in store. Hot and Sexy is a collision course of contradictions. Wilde pulls at the heart with a captivating tale of temptation. Joelle and Dean are not afraid to be bold, but it's their vulnerabilities that turn out to be the most intriguing. Sexy, sassy and sensitive becomes a five alarm fire.

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review 2020-04-26 21:16
Book Review for Red by London Miller The Den Series
Red. - London Miller



The story has amazing characters as they were all so love-able and intriguing and the plot was filled with tons of drama,romance and suspense.One thing we love about a story like this is all its moving parts and all the complications that arise from Mafia Crime Families warring between the families fighting for power right down to the assassins needing to do their jobs all among the craziness.

Regan and Red had amazing chemistry and we loved seeing a glimpse of what was below the surface of Red's armor when he sparingly chose to let us see it.We loved that Red was a completely different person around Regan and she him.

Regan we found her to be a care taker, one who puts family first, one who puts her own dreams on hold all because circumstances change, she was smart and clever,sexy and one who cares and forgives because she has such a big and generous heart.

I love Red and all his broken-ness not that we love anything that he has endured but, even though on the surface he seems unfeeling,distant,hard,scary he is capable of love and feelings because you just have to see him with his brother's son Sasha to see that there is hope that one day he will let go of the pain, bitterness,resentment and finally be free of his demons and fully open his heart up and allow himself to be happy once again and to be loved. My heart broke for this character for all that he endure at the hands of others.We also have to say that we first met Red/aka Nicklaus in Mischa & Laurens story and having done so we loved him even more this time around because we got to know what he was truly capable of and even though he will never forget what happened to him and those that played a part he was still able to carve out some sort of friendship/forgiveness with Luca and Mischa.

Luca is still one bad*as and we just loved him in this story and of course we loved seeing Mishca and Lauren once again as they are one of our favorite couples.

This was an awesome story for us and we can't wait to read the rest of the series.This author is still fairly new to us and we have to say we are so loving all her works.

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review 2020-04-19 21:43
Before by Bethany Kris - Bethany-Kris

This a was a great novella getting a little bit of an insight into Lev's life before he became Andino Marcello's enforcer.This story was heartfelt as Lev's life was not and easy one which lead him to do unconventional things in order to survive but, for just a blimp in time one women fired his blood and made him smile.Gigi was a sweetheart and she is more than just a beautiful face because we found her to be funny ,sweet,kind and one who owns her sexuality and in future books we think she will be a force to be reckoned with.We loved getting to know these characters down right to the old lady as the were all quite love-able already and we can't wait to read what comes next from then."Loved it !"

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review 2020-04-12 22:56
Book Review for He Hates Me by Isabella Starling and Rina Kent
He Hates Me (Hate & Love Duet, #1) - Isabella Starling,Rina Kent


Omg ! this was one intense read.The story drew you right in from the very first chapters and kept you glued to the pages the entire time.I have to say that reading this story made me feel edgy and uncomfortable and if I am being honest scared out of my whits most of the time because Jasper scared the hell out of me right from the onset of meeting him.I could not help but, be drawn to the dark and dangerous man and I can see why Georgina is being drawn to the man as he's a bit of a mystery but,  mostly she craves his dominance and the darkness that housed within him.
Georgina is in a rut in her life every day is the same old boring thing but, after meeting Jasper her life is anything but, because Jasper is  utter chaos and the sexy as sin man has gotten under her skin.I loved Georgina she at first seems tamed and timid but, in reality she is a she-cat with claws.
Jasper is dark ,dangerous and killer for the mob but, now you can add stalker to his resume. Georgina aka Petal has gotten under his skin as well and now he is playing a very dangerous of cat and mouse with his prey Petal but, at this point it is anybody's guess who will come out on top as he is obsessed and protective of her all the while toying with his prey and at the same time plans to take her life at some point when he is done with her but, will he ever be able to be done with her? .That is the million dollar question....
The story was suspenseful and intriguing and had a cast of great characters that we thoroughly enjoyed.This story got off to a wonderful start and I can't wait to see what happens next.Omg ! Omg ! We just loved it !I loved this duo as they did a amazing job drawing us into their web of darkness !
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text 2020-04-11 18:51
10 Things Most People Don't Know About songbirdbabe

The web is flooded with the myriad of sex and singles websites of the Songbirdbabe classification. With the ever increasing appeal of this sex and singles website, more people have actually tried it out. The actually difficult concern though remains, if you are going to be a Songbirdbabe then which site is best for you?

The answer to this question needs to do a lot with the persona that you want to represent as a Songbirdbabe or Web Cam Woman. Here are some easy guidelines to guide you in picking the ideal website to register with.

If you desire a serious relationship with your male partner then you need to consider other websites. The Songbirdbabe who is severe about getting into a serious relationship must look for websites like the 5Cams network.

While it might not be obligatory for any Songbirdbabe to have severe relationships with their male partners, it will definitely assist to your search as a Songbirdbabe to ensure that the male that you intend on having sex with is likewise a serious guy. If he is a conventional type of guy and he doesn't understand the principle of online dating then you will absolutely not get a great deal of dates from him.

You must make certain that all of the other sites that you register at will be good singles websites. A well known network can be advantageous for your dating experience.

The Songbirdbabe should also think about looking at the webcam lady profiles at each of the websites that they register with. Sometimes, a site might provide to compare the webcam girl with a specific male who has an interest in her but this is a chance that you need to experiment with.

At other times, it may be possible that you just do not get along with the other males on the website who are trying to strike up a sexual relationship with you. If this is the case, you can merely choose another website. However, if you are going to utilize the opportunity of the site matching you up with one of the males who is interested in a sexual relationship, you may want to make sure that this particular website likewise provides a category for those who are interested in a sexual relationship but do not have one with the opposite sex.

The Songbirdbabe ought to also think about looking at the dating websites that will allow you to chat with other Singles. While it may be true that you do not have to have a severe relationship with a particular male, you might wish to utilize this chance to make new good friends. At other times, you might want to utilize the Chat to talk to somebody you like so this can be a great opportunity to establish friendships with other Singles.

songbirdbabe chaturbate

You should also avoid utilizing the video clips that lots of sites use on them. You need to rather look for sites that offer soundless camming as this will have the ability to give you the freedom to chat with among the males without disrupting his relationship with his partner.

The Songbirdbabe needs to also not be terrified of addressing concerns https://stripcamfun.com/blog/cum-sing-with-songbirdbabe/ as they can actually make you feel excellent as a Songbirdbabe or Cam Lady. They are readily available for you to respond to any concerns that you might have so do not be afraid to inquire about anything.

Lastly, it needs to be kept in mind that even if you use the very best websites you still should be able to discover some websites that you can register with and start to build up your profile. You need to always attempt to go to as numerous sites as you can before you register with sex and singles website.

Remember that you must always set up a sexual relationship with your male partner as the number one priority when you begin with the camming. After you have built up a great profile and also gained a lot of online good friends then you can start looking for sites that can offer you the perfect male for you.

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