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text 2020-02-24 12:00
Why Odoo ERP Fit for Your Business Perfectly

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is implemented in a company to make the everyday process of a company easy to plan, execute, and track. An ERP is that piece of software that once implemented, would be used by almost every employee in every day-to-day activity. Hence, it is of critical importance to choose the correct ERP for your company such as Odoo ERP.


Odoo has been gaining a lot of popularity lately because of the huge benefits it provides to an organization. Odoo ERP has grown to become the most used OpenERP across the globe which gave rise to a lot of Odoo Development Company. There are tons of reasons why Odoo ERP might be a perfect fit for your business and here are just a few of them.


Odoo ERP is Open Source


The greatest strength that Odoo has over other ERPs is that it is Open-Source. Being Open-Source allows Odoo to be fully customized and edited without needing to hire an Odoo Service Provider. You can create custom functionalities and add, remove, modify any feature that is specific to your business.


Despite being open-source, Odoo ERP has a large community and hence you can find support any time you need. Thanks to the large Odoo community: 


New features are constantly added

ERP is made easy-to-use

Application is made robust and bug-free




The second factor that creates a lot of Odoo fans is that it is cost-effective. Whether you are an Entrepreneur, an SME, or a fully-grown company, you won’t have to worry about paying the recurring monthly charge of an ERP. There are no hidden costs or restrictions when it comes to using the ERP.


Odoo is free to use and implement, the only cost that you will incur is the cost of the server on that you would require run Odoo company wide. If you require custom features developed, the only additional cost would be to hire an Odoo Development Company and get your customized features designed and developed.


Modular Structure


The structure of Odoo is very powerful as it supports the plug-and-play feature. This means that Odoo doesn’t come pre-built with tons of functionalities that you are never going to use. Every functionality is divided into smaller parts known as a module that you can use as per your needs.


The Core Modules of Odoo ERP are: -


  • Accounting and Finance
  • CRM
  • Order Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Management
  • HR Management
  • POS
  • Website and E-Commerce
  • Project Management


Of course, there are many other modules to choose from. The no. of modules for Odoo is more than 3000 in the App Store. Not only are there various modules, but there are also many apps and plugins as well that you can integrate into the modules.


Simply select a module that you want to implement, edit it according to your needs and integrate it into the existing workflow seamlessly. This is why it is very easy to scale your business by implementing Odoo ERP. If you don’t know which processes might be best for your business, you can always get help from an Odoo Consultant.


Fully Customizable


Odoo ERP is open-source, which means that you are free to modify the source code in any way that you wish. You can customize the look-and-feel of the ERP, create custom modules and functionalities which are specific to your company.


The reason why everyone loves Odoo is that you can customize Odoo to the needs of your company, instead of customizing your company to the needs of Odoo ERP. Any Odoo Service Provider would tell you that their clients love it how Odoo just fits right into the existing company processes. If you don’t like the colors of the ERP, or the flow of the modules or even the way modules are arranged, you are free to edit everything!




Odoo ERP is a very powerful ERP for your business. It fully adapts to the existing company workflow and can enhance and automate most of the business processes. If you are looking for an ERP to implement in your company, Odoo is an option that you should check first.


To summarize, the 4 things that make Odoo ERP a perfect fit for your business are: -


  1. OpenERP - Provides a large community, reliable and robust code.
  2. Cost-Effective - Implement at zero cost
  3. Modular - Plug-and-plug structure. Don’t need unnecessary workflows
  4. Fully Customizable - Edit the code and make it adapt to your company


If you are interested in getting a customized Odoo solution developed for your company, you can reach out to us at - sales@kanakinfosystems.com

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text 2020-02-13 14:51
Vtiger CRM Requirements and specifications

 If an individual or an organization wants to install a CRM and they are facing a greater level of difficulty in performing their tasks. They should work on the following four areas to perform their task to perfection. These tasks can be termed as Vtiger CRM requirements in one way or the other.

  •      They have to work on database positions.
  •      They have to work on the positions of the file.
  •      They have to work on the PHP background.
  •      They have to work on vtiger surroundings.

Database and files positions

There are some settings in the database which are highly recommendable to operate and there are some settings in the database which are not recommendable. Users should work on highly recommendable settings. There are different default storage engines and servers that are recommendable.

  • The setting of the files contains the two types of settings. These two types of settings are named as
  • Owner settings
  • Permission settings

There are also different folders in the positions of the files which require certain different commands to execute itself properly in an utmost manner.


PHP background and vtiger surroundings

There are different combinations of the PHP variables which if used in their desired and accurate time can greatly enhance the working of vtiger surrounding. The basic reason is that the PHP background and the vtiger surrounding are interlinked with each other in one way or the other.

Vtiger settings contains the files and folders which are created automatically after the installation process is over but the user also needs to be extremely cautious about using them too.

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url 2020-01-09 09:44
Why is it The Best Time to buy WhatsApp Clone App


Everything began in 2009 when Jan Koum and Brian Acton quit their comfortable employments at Yahoo to build up their very own visiting application. No one could've anticipated that their delivery person would before long turn into the quickest developing application ever.


Starting at 2018, WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion month to month dynamic clients, each sending by and large 40 messages per day.


WhatsApp is presently an inescapable piece of our every day schedule and has just supplanted SMS as the numero uno method of talk based correspondence. Since the accomplishment of WhatsApp, WhatsApp clone has began to rise.


Utilizing bleeding edge innovation, WhatsApp like apps can be utilized on various stages and in addition for an assortment of uses, for example, in-house correspondence, in-application talk, medicinal discussion, item advertising and so forth.


WhatsApp clone open source are not constrained to simply being a talk application for clients to communicate with their loved ones. It can be helpful for clients to specifically interface with various organizations like Uber,  offering applications, installments application and so forth.


A business visionary who hoping to begin the business to give on-request benefit, at that point it is the best time to buy clone script as a component of the business. It is the right time to set possess mark application for the business and set up the web application for the clients' advantageous open. It has the comparable highlights of the WhatsApp and has the rundown of extra highlights grew extraordinarily for clients. This application has coordinated with the Google guide to share the area of the clients. Introduced with an effective administrator dashboard and influenced the free set to up on the cloud server. The application can alter the brand Logo, incorporate. The customers basically need to approach Ncrypted with the business application proposition.

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text 2019-12-24 10:38
Why you should choose Rover Clone for your online pet care services?

Numerous people are searching for an online medium that will offer multiple numbers of pet care services along with pet sitting and pet cleaning services. So, there arises a need for the development of online pet care services or mobile applications which will offer the combine pet care as well as pet cleaning services through the use of the centralized online platform globally. So, if you are an entrepreneur and want to grab this unique opportunity to connect with multiple numbers of clients globally with a means of your startup, then you can use the best Rover Clone which will turn out to be the perfect solution for you to get started your niche business at the international level. As an entrepreneur, you can utilize Rover Clone Open Source in your startup and offer a variety of pet care services to the customers across the globe.



With the help of this advanced digital web development tools, it becomes easier to build an online digital presence of your niche business at the international level. So, in this context, online pet care services gained popularity nowadays, because of the frequent and increasing usage of multiple numbers of online services by millions of people globally. So, nowadays, the craze of using pet services and pet caring services are in huge demand across the globe.


So, in this manner, you can allow your global users or individuals to share their profiles for pet care services through proper utilization of the best Rover script for your online pet care startup. In this regard, if you are a sitter, then your profile gets promoted to a dog as well as cat owners in your vicinity area with the help of Rover PHP Clone. At last, we will conclude our discussion stating that our article will act as useful resources to the entrepreneurs and use all the multiple reasons to choose the Rover clone script for their online pet care services.

Source: ondemandapps.weebly.com/blog/why-you-should-choose-rover-clone-for-your-online-pet-care-services
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text 2019-06-12 08:45
Invest in Open Source Lead Management System that Works Best for You
Do you want to streamline your business operations and take the growth to newer heights? With the help of technological tools, any organization can do wonders in terms of gaining success or increasing sales. An open-source lead management system will help you to manage your business in a more efficient manner. It has worked best in terms of maximizing profits in lesser time. You can now take advantage of customized, feature-rich, highly functional and result-oriented lead distribution software open source program at a competitive price due to availability of some reputable web development services which have turned up with feasible and scalable solutions to manage leads.
Such solutions save ample time to manage daily customers as well as maintain crucial information. In terms of security, the software certainly leaves no stone unturned to store useful information; there is no point in data leakage.
A quick glance at the benefits of lead tracking software for small business:
1. It helps to increase business growth and take leaps for expansion. One can easily and efficiently complete the work at the right time.
2. It is possible for you to quickly check the status of each lead and manage it appropriately for multiple follow-ups. This could help you to have a positive effect on sales.
3. Lead management software for small business has been built in such a way that can help you to have a proper track on the performance of every vertical which you have been dealing with. So, analyzing the goal of monthly targets is easier.
4. This open source software gives you precise insight into lead vertical and its performance in a better manner. One can focus accordingly in order to secure some actionable data to make an informed decision.
Thus, there are so many benefits of investing in a quality-oriented lead management system that really works. All you need to do is to go online and find the best lead management software service which you can rely on.
Visit here for the MarketableLLC demo.


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