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video 2018-06-10 14:29

This is a voice-over video with a slideshow of photos, some might seem random. The important thing is the story and I am feeling more like doing voice-overs right now. I was given unsolicited advice on how to change my appearance by photoshopping my face!


Storytime of how my mom jumped to my defense and I witnessed her and a 70+-year-old man have a virtual catfight.

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review 2017-04-08 03:07
The Giver - Lois Lowry,Ron Rifkin

I’ve read this book several times, but each time it still hooks me in. I love that it explores the concept of a society so different than ours. Everything in the community changes when Jonas becomes the receiver of memories; he has the ability to feel, see, and know things that no one else knows about. In order to help the community, Jonas plans to escape so that the truth will be revealed to everyone. His bravery and selflessness is admirable throughout the book.



In the classroom, this book is perfect for discussing themes and having older students compose opinion pieces.



  • Lexile Measure: 760L
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text 2016-12-01 11:51
Reading progress update: I've read 275 out of 429 pages.
Nevernight - Jay Kristoff

A few are bound to end up dead soon - no everyone else would die except the main few, it is an assassin book after all. I think Hush & Jess will survive. Hush obviously because there's something secretive going on with him & Jess cause she's the only 'villain'.

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review 2016-11-27 04:55
The Diabolical Miss Hyde - Final thoughts
The Diabolical Miss Hyde: An Electric Empire Novel (Electric Empire Novels) - Viola Carr

The Diabolical Miss Hyde was a fun read, if a little out there. My only strong complaints are that Lizzie's character was more unformed than I prefer <spoiler>her personality had a tendency to flip-flop depending on the moment & what was convenient</spoiler> and Eliza was occasionally stupid for such an intelligent women, in addition to being ridiculously suspicious of EVERYONE, except for those she should be of course. *bangs head on the desk*

Otherwise an intriguing enough book, the split in personality and love interest was certainly interesting <spoiler> especially with that psycho Mr Todd, boy is he insane! can't see how Eliza could possibly feel anything positive for him, though I do fancy the red hair</spoiler>. Wouldn't mind seeing where that went, and I did so enjoy the struggle between Lizze & Eliza & there odd affection for each other. So I might pick up the other books in the series at some time, but not for a while I don't think.

Oh and for some odd reason I couldn't get the idea of Hippocrates being bug shaped out of my head, they constantly referred to him as a dog, but based on the descriptions but brain kept referring to him as a bug, maybe a lady beetle? sadly we saw less and less of him as the book went on. Hopefully he'll be in the next one.

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