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review 2018-07-15 06:25
On the Other Hand, Death (Donald Strachey #2)
On the Other Hand, Death - Richard Stevenson

Don Strachey uses his powers of snark and observation to help a pair of old women being targeted for hate crimes. Wrapped up in the mystery are some eccentric neighbors, a shopping mall tycoon, one of Don's old lovers and a gay advocate trying to put together a national gay strike. Part-time helper/part-time foil Detective Bowman, who drops homophobic slurs like they're going out of style (hey, it's the 80s and it's New York) but somehow still manages to do his job and take Don seriously.


I thought I had this figured out at one point, but I was so wrong, lol. There are plenty of potential suspects to go around. The snark was off the charts, the characters were fun and well-written, and even Bowman got some ironic chuckles out of me. 


Timmy and Don are, well... Don's not the best boyfriend in the world. (These books are NOT romance.) Timmy finally puts his foot down but the conclusion of that was kind of confusing to me. It was left somewhat up in the air. 


The formatting is again terrible. There are no page breaks between chapters. It goes into italics for pages or chapters at a time for absolutely no reason, and at one point even switched to a smaller font size. I'm not sure if that's because I got these first few books at Kobo and so they're not Kindle-formated, or if that's just how the books are no matter where you get them from. But it was annoying.


Oh, and the author does that thing where he constantly shoehorned the title into the dialogued and text, which is a pet peeve of mine.

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review 2018-07-08 15:37
GIVE ME YOUR HAND by Megan Abbott
Give Me Your Hand - Megan Abbott

At 1:30 Saturday morning, I finished reading GIVE ME YOUR HAND. It was worth every one of those late minutes!


Kit Owens and Diane Fleming are not your normal teen girls. (I'm not sure if Megan Abbott has written any stories about normal teen girls, come to think of it.) They are good students and they both jog. They push each other to be better runners and they both come to realize that they want to be scientists. Every since the beautiful and mysterious Dr. Severin came to their school to talk about her lab work and what it meant to perform studies and to do research, they both dedicate themselves to their goal. Then Diane shares a dark secret with Kit, one that Kit can't get out of her mind-one that's eating her alive. But eventually Kit gets past it and they both graduate and move on with their separate lives.


Fast forward a number of years and Kit has achieved her goal. She works in Dr. Severin's lab and is vying for an important spot on a team studying PMDD, a horrible offshoot of PMS that causes all kinds of problems for women. She's almost certain to obtain that rare position-that is until she's told that Diane Fleming is also vying for the same spot. How will Diane's return affect Kit? Who will get those valuable positions on Dr. Severin's team? What about the secret they both share, how will it affect them now that they are together again? You'll have to read this to find out!


Megan Abbott's writing is pure gold and this book is no different. Inside the warped minds of teenage girls and then again inside their heads as women, she nails it. Not only that, she unflinchingly depicts what it's like for women in the mostly man's world of scientific academia. With fierce competition at hand these men are respectful...until they're not. As a woman in a mostly man's world, (just cars, nothing hoity toity like science), I could identify with these women and what they went through. In the end though, a scientific world and some chauvinistic attitudes are only a small part of this twisted tale.


I felt that the pacing of this story was fast and I had a difficult time pulling away from it. Just when I thought I'd read one more chapter something else would happen and I was compelled to read on. This is my favorite Megan Abbott book so far, (though I still have a few to read yet), and it was partially because I'm a super fan of the THEN and NOW format and it worked beautifully here. It helped build the tension and suspense and just kept me going on. And on. And on...until the stunning denouement that floored me. Floored me, I say!


GIVE ME YOUR HAND was an excellent mystery/thriller/suspense novel full of interesting and mysterious characters and it was a BLAST! I highly recommend it!


Available everywhere on July 17th, but you can pre-order your copy here: GIVE ME YOUR HAND


*Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the e-ARC of this book in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it!*

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text 2018-07-06 14:30
#Friday Reads! July 6, 2018
Give Me Your Hand - Megan Abbott
Hysteria: A Collection of Madness - Stephanie M. Wytovich,Michael A. Arnzen,Steven Archer
Lucifer Book Two - DEAN ORMSTROM,Various Authors,Peter Gross,Mike Carey
The Shining - Stephen King
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review 2018-07-03 14:51
The Small Hand-Not Scary
The Small Hand - Susan Hill

Honestly I am annoyed that I didn't just wait for this via the library, but since my house is empty of furniture and my bookshelves are wrapped up, I don't want to have a pile of books just sitting around from the library. "The Small Hand" starts off very well and then flounders from there to a very disappointing and confusing ending. I was left with way more questions than answers and kept trying to see if any reviewers had any insight into this book. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any explanations out there regarding the ending, so maybe I will post on Goodreads and see what people say.


An antiquarian book seller named Adam Snow ends up getting lost and finds an abandoned home. Once called the White House, it was famous far and wide for the gardens that the owner had installed. Adam stumbles around and realizes as he is there, that a small cold hand takes his own. Only problem is that there is no one there.  After taking hold of the small hand, Adam is in essence haunted. He starts to find out drips and drabs about the White House and a tragic accident that takes place there. 


I don't know. Adam was intriguing, but Hill doesn't do enough to develop him. I was most disappointed that Hill spends time on Adam looking into a rare book that a friend of his tells him about. We spend way too much time on that than on Adam having a panic attack that almost leads to him drowning himself. 


I felt the most frustrated though when Adam realizes a slim connection to White House and doesn't pursue it. 

When we get to the ending and the reveal it just fell flat. I had a lot of questions and wanted to know the why behind some things. 


If you really want to read this, suggest getting it at a library, not worth buying it via Kindle or Nook. 

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review 2018-06-17 02:37
Great Contemporary Romance
Getting Out of Hand: Sapphire Falls book one - Erin Nicholas

Getting Out Of Hand by Erin Nicholas is a fantastic read.  Ms. Nicholas has delivered a well-written book and packed it full of amazing, lovable characters.  Adrianne moved to Sapphire Falls after having a heart attack from her high-stress life.  Mason returns to Sapphire Falls when his best friend insists.  Adrianne and Mason's story is full of drama, humor and sizzle.  I enjoyed reading Getting Out Of Hand, it was a fun read and I look forward to my next book by Erin Nicholas.  Getting Out Of Hand is book 1 of the Sapphire Falls Series but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

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