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review 2018-01-05 00:00
The Bonding
The Bonding - J.C. Owens In this second of J.C. Owens' books we see Gaven settling into his apprenticeship with Vlar, learning how to be a Masarian warrior and how to accept the pleasures of male love. Vlar, a Finnarian, is different from anyone Gaven has ever met and Gaven is still coming to terms with male love having grown up in a homophobic society. As well, Gaven is still on the outs with his father, the warlord, and is unsure of his place in this new world he finds himself living in.

But his passion for Vlar burns bright and when Vlar finally feeds from him as is Finnarian custom, a connection neither expected is forged. But Gaven's past catches up with him just as he thinks he's found happiness and he must survive the consequences, perhaps losing Vlar forever in the process.

I enjoyed the second book of the series as much as the first but, again, the ending happened so darned fast that it left me feeling like it was incomplete. It doesn't mean I won't read the other books in the series, it just means I was left feeling a little unsatisfied with the ending.
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review 2018-01-04 00:00
Gaven - J. C. Owens Guhhhhhhhh,

Okay this book was hot. The plot was interesting, the world J.C. Owens created was easy to fall into, the main character, Gaven, was sympathetic and sweetly naive. His father was/is a first class prick. Vlar, the 'love' or maybe lust interest is suitably intriguing.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only issue I have is that the end seems unfinished somehow. An abrupt ending at an unusual juncture. Off to read book 2 to see if it finishes the story for me.
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review 2017-09-18 05:09
Trouble With Gargoyles
Trouble with Gargoyles: an Urban Fantasy (Moonlight Dragon Book 3) - Tricia Owens

Opens with Anne and Mel facing off against each other eating hot, spicy chicken wings. Anne did this, in part, to get away from her shop which has a curse on it. Her pawn shop is already has its "normal" curse- she has walls that drip blood, a man whose face is being eaten by maggots appears in her bathroom mirror. This particular curse is worse, and quickly taken care of. Someone is stalking Anne and her friends (or are they?).
This installment has Anne's friends too. Both Anne's snarky narration and her friends humor make this a fun book. My favorite is Mel. She made me laugh. More revelations for Anne. She learns the truth about her parent's murder. She finds a journal that her uncle wrote for her that leads to both answers and questions. Vale comes clean about some things he should have shared long ago. Be interesting to see if Anne can continue to trick a certain entity. Looking forward to seeing that entity being taken down.


Halloween Bingo-American Horror Story

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review 2017-08-19 00:00
Tarsus - J.C. Owens Loved it. Seriously had me going through an array of emotions. I loved learning about the world the author created and it's people.
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review 2017-06-28 20:43
good story and characters
King of Clubs (Aces & Eights) - Sandra Owens

Court and Lauren met six years ago they had met during spring break and had six nights together. They had fallen hard in that time. Then Lauren ends things abruptly with just a phone call. It was the hardest thing Lauren had ever done but it was for Court’s safety. What Court doesn’t know is Lauren had been married and just got her divorce from her abusive ex that had already put her in the hospital and her ex Stephan was put in jail. Stephan threatens to kill any guy who Lauren gets involved with. When Lauren returns home from her time with Court Stephan nearly kills her as he believes Lauren is still his and does not accept the divorce.. Six years later Court is asked to watch over his sister in law’s best friend who happens to be Lauren. Court is still hurt and upset over what happened six years ago but he had not known Lauren had been married to a very abusive Russian  hockey player On meeting Lauren again Court is afraid of being abandoned again and Lauren is scared and wants to run. . Court wants to help Lauren but she fears for his life. Her ex and his family are crazy. What Lauren doesn’t know is Court and his brothers are undercover FBI agents. Court and Lauren must now trust each other as well as his brothers to get Court and Lauren out alive. When Stephan is released from prison it takes Court and his brother to keep Lauren safe.

I liked this book and felt it had a good plot. But if the brothers were undercover FBI agents why did they tell so many people as that could easily blow their cover and get them killed. I loved the action and the suspense in this book. This kept my attention from beginning to end. I felt bad when Court is so hurt  and feeling abandoned from Lauren when she really was only trying to protect him. I loved the relationship between Court and his brothers. I loved Lauren and Court together and wanted Court to work through his issues for Lauren. I loved the characters and the twists and turns in this story and I recommend.

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