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review 2017-12-29 00:00
The Ghost Studies: New Perspectives on the Origins of Paranormal Experiences
The Ghost Studies: New Perspectives on t... The Ghost Studies: New Perspectives on the Origins of Paranormal Experiences - Brandon Massullo The Ghost Studies was an interesting read. One that I definitely scribbled in, ear-marked pages, and all that stuff you do when you want to cross-reference and remember things. The author makes a lot of salient points, and a lot of times I found myself sitting back and just reconsidering things I had previously brushed off.

It was also, truth be told, a difficult book for me to read. Not because it was bad, but because it oftentimes required more concentration than I was capable of. This is not a book you want to skim. You want to sit down with it when you have the time to truly pay attention to it, and the ability to concentrate on what the author is saying.

I think my favorite topic was that of quantum entanglement. I hadn't heard of it before I started this book, and, funnily enough, right before I got to the section in The Ghost Studies, I read a book involving it for the first time. (I read multiple books at once, if that sentence confused anyone.) The section on EMF was very interesting as well.

Now, I won't say that this has influenced my belief (or lack thereof) in ghosts one way or another, but I definitely enjoyed the way it made me think. I do wish the author had spent a little bit more time on the Not Everything is Paranormal section, though. I felt like that one skimmed a bit.

Overall, a good read but not a quick one. Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, I think you'll find something interesting about paranormal experiences in The Ghost Studies.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review consideration.
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review 2017-06-03 15:51
Their Life As They Live It: (Perspectives #4) - A.C. Arthur

I did not expect any more books in the Perspectives series, so this one was a surprise. And a nice one too.

I don't normally read stories that take place largely in the past, but having met Bear and Richard in the previous books, I loved going back and follow these two amazing men finding their way to each other. It was a tough ride for them and I did not entirely agree with Bear's choices, but once acknowledged, the love they shared was dripping from every page.
This turned out to be my favorite book in the series.

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review 2017-05-28 00:00
Their Life As They Live It: (Perspectives #4)
Their Life As They Live It: (Perspectives #4) - A.C. Arthur Review originally posted at Sinfully.

4.5 stars

This fourth book in the Perspectives series focuses on Bear and Richard, Gabriel’s dads and the owners of Big Dick’s club, and is now my favorite in the series. We’ve seen Bear and Richard as supporting characters, especially in Gabe and Tristan’s story [b:The World As He Sees It|34597979|The World As He Sees It (Perspectives #2)|A.M. Arthur|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1489536065s/34597979.jpg|44854278] and while you could read this as a standalone or the first in the series, I think you would get so much more out of it if you at least read that one first.

The story starts out in the present day with Richard being hospitalized. Living with HIV for 30 years, the fear over his illness is very real and as Bear stays with Richard in the hospital we are treated to his memories of the important moments in their lives together. Bear and Richard have known each other since they became roommates their junior year in college in 1986, when Bear was dating Gabriel’s mother Debbie. If you’ve read the prior books, you already know a bit of what the three went through from Gabriel’s POV, but here we get to see Bear and Richard falling in love as Bear’s relationship with Debbie crumbles and her alcoholism consumes her. Since this is A.M. Arthur a lot of the times are difficult (there is a warning for scenes of cheating and spousal abuse), but all of them helped build the amazing relationship the men have together and with their son.

Bear and Richard are both amazingly loving and generous men, but here we get to see that they are not perfect. Bear has some regrets over the way his relationship with Debbie played out and the suffering inflicted on Gabriel that he was unable to prevent and he owns his part in it. It packs an emotional punch to read about Bear’s anguish at not being able to give Richard the relationship he deserved and as a father just trying to do the best thing for his child, but not being able to shield him from everything that happens. This protective streak is evident when we first see him taking care of Richard in college before he even realized how much he loved the man. The romance is also a huge part of the story, with a heavier focus on the emotional bond than the physical.

I thought the story moved smoothly between past and present and did a good job of dealing with the heavy issues without ever losing sight of the fact that this is first and foremost a love story. Of course Gabriel and Tristan also play a part in this book. I absolutely adore them and if you’re a fan too you’re going to want to see what they have going on in their lives as well.

I want to take a moment to point out the details on the cover, with the photographs depicting the characters it really sets the tone for the story. This is an emotional tale with a focus on finding unexpected love and working to keep it strong and on family – the good and the bad. Bear and Richard’s story is guaranteed to tug at your heart. For those who haven’t read A.M. Arthur’s stories before, this would be a perfect place to start and if you’re a fan of this series you are definitely going to want to read it.

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review 2017-05-02 22:46
Awesome Quick Read
The Omega Team: Changing Perspectives (K... The Omega Team: Changing Perspectives (Kindle Worlds Novella) (A Montgomery Family Novel Book 2) - Tamara Hoffa

Omega Team: Changing Perspectives by Tamara Hoffa is a fairly quick read, a great choice for those with limited reading time.  Ms Hoffa has once again delivered a well-written book.  I adore the characters in this story.  Luiz and Angelina's tale is full of suspense, humor, a bit of action and and of course, smokin' hot sexy bits.  I enjoyed reading Changing Perspectives and look forward to my next Tamara Hoffa book.  Changing Perspectives is part of the Omega Team Kindle World but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

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review 2017-03-08 03:33
Good Night, Firefly
Good Night, Firefly - Gabriel Alborozo,Gabriel Alborozo

Good Night, Firefly is a sweet story about a young girl who is afraid of the dark, and the firefly she catches as a nightlight. It is a story about understanding and doing what is best for others.

This book scored a 2.4 on the Automated Readability Index, making it ideal for 2nd grade and above. This book can be used to teach empathy to students. Classes can discuss how the characters might have felt throughout the story, and whether or not the main character did the right thing in the end. 

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