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How Physiotherapy can help you Overcome Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a common medical condition that affects a large number of people across the world. Apart from causing severe discomfort, it can cause headache and lightheartedness. It also makes swallowing; a difficult task and restricts free movement of your head. In most cases, neck pain is not a serious health problem and can be relieved with relative ease. However, at times, it can be a symptom of a more serious health issue. If the pain does not subside even after seven days, it is in best interest to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.


Common Causes of Neck Pain


Here are the four most common causes of neck pain-


1.Muscle Tension


The most common cause of neck pain is muscle tension and strain. Maintaining a poor posture while reading or watching TV, working at a desk for long durations without sufficient movement and sleeping in a bad position are some of the other common factors that lead to muscle tension.


2.Neck Injuries


Neck injuries are also a common cause of intense pain. In high intensity sports like Football, a sudden jerk of the head can result in a neck injury. In accidents, the neck bones suffer fracture all too easily due to sudden impact. Such an injury can also cause persistent pain in the neck area.




Neck pain can also be caused by Meningitis. It is a condition in which, the thin tissue surrounding the brain and spinal cord becomes inflamed. It’s a serious health condition that requires immediate medical attention.


4.Heart Attack


In some cases, neck pain can be a symptom of heart attack. If neck pain is accompanied by sweating vomiting and jaw pain, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.


The Role of Physiotherapy in Neck Pain Treatment


Regular pain can have a very negative impact on your overall quality of life. If pain persists for more than a few days, your doctor may recommend physical therapy for neck pain. In physiotherapy, different physical exercises are prescribed to an individual suffering from neck pain. These exercises mostly involve stretching aimed to relieve you of muscular stiffness. It further strengthens neck muscles thus paving your way towards recovery.


Along with the stretching exercise, a physiotherapist may also provide deep tissue massages, traction and ‘cold or heat’ application to reduce neck pain. Physiotherapy exercise for neck pain can be very effective when it comes to helping a person overcome pain. Therapies like these aid in strengthening the muscles that support your neck. These exercises will not just ease pain but also prevent the chances of a recurrence.


One of the most convenient ways to provide physiotherapy treatment to a person is to avail the services of a ‘home healthcare service provider’. You can contact a ‘home medical care service company’ and schedule a home visit with a physiotherapist. A qualified physiotherapist will then visit you and provide physiotherapy sessions for neck pain.

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