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review 2017-09-19 14:53
The Princess and the Pizza Man (Destined for Love: Mansions) by Cassie Mae
The Princess and the Pizza Man - Cassie Mae


The title is less than auspicious, but the story more than makes up for that. Ms. Mae takes every stereotypical thought that love entails and comes up with a fascinating buffet of heart, humor and hope. William is a realist. Winter is an optimist. So what is a man with no clue how to dream, doing in a matchmaking haunted house with the queen of dreamers? Finding his own fairy tale and winning hearts along the way. Irresistible just found a new face.

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text 2017-07-31 09:11
10 of the Best UK Food Boxes for Foodies

Food is the basic needs of everyone, without food, nobody can survive. It is a fact that a human is nothing without the food. For the purpose of food supplier, the box packaging comes at the top level. You can also order food subscription boxes in which different kinds of food can be found in one box. It is important to concentrate on the food packaging first before delivering the food. In the making of food different procedure is available, for some food the need of boxes is important because of delivery the food items. Basically, in the UK people prefer to eat the fast food. If you are calories conscious you need to eat only vegetables and meat instead of fast food. People finding the opportunity to eat something fresh and special, if the food pack in boxes, then it must be fresh and healthy, that is the main reason for subscription boxes.



Custom Food Boxes


Now a day meal subscription box UK can provide the basic access to food. Every food product tells their story through their packaging style. By visiting in a market you can assume that every brand is famous by the way of their food packaging. Some snacks are included in party snacks and some are included in casual snacks. Different kinds of food have different kinds of food packaging boxes. In the UK the most widely 10 foods are given below.


  1. Chips boxes: there are different types of chips packets that are large and small. Every brand of chips comes in different shapes or in different colors. For the purpose of food care, the chips come in a perfect box. When the huge amount of chips was dispatched in the market a big cardboard box is used for delivering the chips in the market. If you are buying the French fries then you can also see that it has also a different shape of box. The idea of boxes has arisen when a manufacturer wanted to increase the demand for their product.


  1. Corn flexes box: it is a kind of breakfast which comes in a perfect size of a box. Every brand of corn flexes chooses the same size of a box, but the designing of a box is different. Corn flexes made from corn that’s why the name of corn flexes was created. From children to young generation everybody has different types of corn flexes boxes according to their age. The image in boxes tells about the generation. For dogs, there are different corn flexes available. Today the famous brand of corn flexes in the UK is Kellogg’s, frosting, Nestle.



  1. Milk box: for the purpose of milk protection, it comes in boxes. This is the safest thing through box packaging it can safe from dust and also safe from germs. Small and large boxes are available in milk packaging. The cow image is the logo in the milk boxes. This is the fastest way to keep the milk safe. Today a lot of brands only prefer box packaging to send milk in the market 


  1. Meat boxes: in the meat boxes it is included chicken, seafood, and beef. Monthly and weekly meat boxes are offered by the company. They loved to deliver the meat in boxes. You can find fresh and healthy food in boxes. Probably you never heard about the meat boxes, but today many people will adopt this business and for the purpose of good feedback they are selling the meat in boxes at your door step. You can also order the recipe boxes UK.



  1. Burger and sandwich boxes: there are three types of material used for the burger and sandwich boxes that are cardboard boxes, paper boxes, and the plastic boxes. In UK disposable boxes are used in every restaurant for the purpose of consumer delivery. The burger dimension size is different from the sandwich dimension size.


  1. Bakery item boxes: bakery items can be dispatched in boxes like the cake, pastry, cooked bread and so on. There are two types of cake boxes that are a cupcake and normal cake boxes. Basically, in the bakery, there are plenty of sweets available and for the purpose of self-protection, it can deliver to a consumer with secure packaging. Through perfect packaging, your treatment looks great. Pasta, Lausanne, and spagaties are also included in the list of the bakery, but these products are packed in separate boxes there is no need to pack again in boxes.



  1. Vegetable boxes: now this thing comes with the trends that vegetable can be delivered in boxes. A large cardboard size boxes are used to deliver vegetable in a market or in consumer homes. In this box, you can include different vegetables. This is really an impressive way to attract the consumer. The vegetable boxes are the best food boxes in the UK.


  1. Cream box: basically, a cream is a dairy product because it is made up of milk that’s why it needs protection just like milk. There are two types of cream that is source and cheddar. It depends on the company that what kind of boxes they are choosing to deliver the cream, but the best way to deliver in cardboard material boxes because they are solid and hard from inside and outside.



  1. Popcorn boxes: total three kinds of popcorn boxes are available that is paper boxes, cardboard boxes, and plastic boxes. Most companies are choosing the cardboard boxes. Not only children but young generation also likes the popcorn as a snack.



  1. Pizza boxes: the basic shape of the pizza box is square. Pizza love can’t express in words. The need for box arises when the consumer wanted to deliver pizza with their best situation. You can buy pizza boxes at a wholesale price. As we all knew that pizza is an instant eating food, so it is important that the box must be powerful that the pizza must be hot at the time of delivering.
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review 2017-04-12 16:19
Pizza Camp Was a Bust
Pizza Camp: Recipes from Pizzeria Beddia - Joe Beddia

Pizza Camp
The publisher sent me a revised copy with recipes so I've been working on the them. I started with the crust, if you don't have a good crust the whole pie is "blech". I make pizza from scratch every week I have a crust that I am very happy with but I know could be better, someday. This crust recipe the ingredients, the flour is different it uses bread flour, where I use unbleached all purpose. That is the only real difference ingredient wise, the other difference was the time. Mr. Beddia's crust slow rises over night in the fridge, mine sits on the counter for 2-4 hours. I made my recipe and his recipe and tested them on my regular pizza party friends. I added fresh rosemary to the dough, it's what I like. So the results were divided, 4 liked his better 3 liked mine better. His crust was a bit tougher, chewier.mine was lighter with a crunchier edge. I liked his slightly better but I am not sure it's worth taking up the fridge space over night. Below is my photo, the toppings were fresh Bella mushrooms, soyriso, onions and fresh mozzarella

I am working my way through the sauces, so far they are all very yums (technical term). I am not sold on anchovies no matter what he says about the taste. NOPE. I think this is a good basic pizza book for the home cook, it gives you all you need to go explore the flavors that work for you.

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text 2017-04-11 22:50
Reading progress update: I've read 66 out of 224 pages.
Pizza Camp: Recipes from Pizzeria Beddia - Joe Beddia

I am in pizza nirvana - Roasted mushroom white sauce on my spinach pizza- YES YES YES This recipe will be a well used many times

I love how his recipe is an add to taste type not exact measurements, this is how I cook

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text 2017-03-30 17:11
Reading progress update: I've read 25 out of 224 pages.
Pizza Camp: Recipes from Pizzeria Beddia - Joe Beddia

I'm off to pizza camp !

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