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text 2014-10-17 11:26
More P2P WTFckery? ‘After’ Movie: Paramount Acquires Rights To Wattpad Book By Anna Todd



Makes no mention how this is real life Harry Style One Direction fan fiction:


"Paramount Pictures has acquired screen rights to After, a novel by first-time author Anna Todd that has been the breakout hit of Wattpad, the online community of readers and writers where books are published a chapter at a time. Todd’s novel originated as a serialized three-part series that Toronto-based Wattpad says has accumulated more than 1 billion reads.


Todd’s novel is separately booked to be published through the Simon & Schuster imprint Gallery Books, with the first installment going on sale October 21. Will it become a publishing phenomenon like Twilight or Fifty Shades Of Grey, the latter of which E.L. James first began writing as Twilight fan fiction? It is already a phenomenon in its own right and certainly more brand name recognition than a first-time author whose book is about to be published has any right to expect. That is thanks to Wattpad, which boasts 35 million users who dial in to read fiction, usually on mobile devices. Anyone can publish, and the stories are free and available in 50 languages. The latest development allows the author to actually get paid for all this patronage, something made possible in that those who contribute to the 7-year old site retain copyright ownership.


After follows the love story of Tessa and Harry (Funny how they kept Styles' name here, even though it was changed to Hardin), and its plot summary sounds reminiscent of Fifty Shades Of Grey, without all that S&M stuff. A happy, optimistic young girl falls in love with a guy with a dark side that is addictive, and their relationship is a rollercoaster ride. The discussion thread on After regularly trends on social platforms like Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, and readers are so devoted they create fan art, videos and music designed to extend the story experience. The same kinds of things happened on those other female-driven books that became movie franchises, so this UTA-brokered deal is potentially a big one."


One comment left caught my eye: "She stole the book from another girl on Wattpad, so you get your facts straight. She stole quotes, and copied Fifty Shades of grey first sex scene. Her book and movie will destroy Harry Styles."


If true, and there are quotes from movies and other books that might not be taken out of the published release, what does that mean? Also does James care that Todd might have plagiarized Fifty Shades in some way (HA)? Also what about the writer that it's alleged Todd may have stole from?


Inquiring minds want to know.


Also check the rankings on Amazon and elsewhere. Not much movement. Hm.

Source: deadline.com/2014/10/after-movie-rights-wattpad-book-anna-todd-paramount-852926
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url 2014-09-09 19:03
Wikipedia: Julie d'Aubigny

"Julie d'Aubigny (1673 – 1707), better known as Mademoiselle Maupin or La Maupin, was a 17th-century swordswoman and opera singer."


One event from her youth, according to Wikipedia:


"Eventually, she grew bored of Sérannes and became involved with a young woman. When the girl's parents put her away in the Visitandines convent in Avignon, Maupin followed, entering the convent as a postulant. In order to run away with her new love, she stole the body of a dead nun, placed it in the bed of her lover, and set the room on fire to cover their escape. Their affair lasted for three months before the young lady returned to her family. Maupin was charged in absentia—as a male—with kidnapping, body snatching, arson, and failing to appear before the tribunal. The sentence was death by fire."


Wow. If I read that in a fiction book, I would say it's over-the-top and difficult to believe.


Theophile Gautier's Mademoiselle de Maupin is loosely based on her and is available in English via Manybooks.net. I might give it a try.

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review 2014-08-27 20:40
Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

We hope you have enjoyed our presentation of Attachments: A Novel by Rainbow Rowell says the audiobook reader at the end of the book.

No. No, I really haven't. Thank you, though.

Hello, I am the Lone Dissenter.
I am here to say that I know what this book should have done for me and why I should have completely loved it. I know why it appeals to everyone else and their sisters. I get all that. And yet...

See, here's my problem: This book runs parallel to my back-then life; the characters are my age, I lived through Y2K in a very similar fashion, I've done the e-mailing daily conversations to work friends in the late 90's, I've both e-stalked someone and given them all the attributes I wanted them to have and then fallen in love with the creature I created in my head and I've had it done to me (which resulted in real, actual stalking and was scary as hell), I've spent time in Nebraska (waaay too much time), I've stopped my life to live for someone else, someone who didn't love me like I loved him...everything in this story was incredibly relatable when seen through the goggles of my own history.
And I hated it.

I think maybe I'd have liked this had it actually been written in 2000 and had I read it then. Maybe I would have found it sweet and not unhealthy. Had this come out around the same time as Bridget Jones, I'm sure I'd have gobbled it up as a read-alike and been completely delighted.

It's too late for me, though. It's not too late for all of you who have not become cynical, bitter curmudgeons, for those of you who still think someone counter-stalking their stalker is romantic, for those of you who don't need their characters to have self-worth or to be strong or to not be unknowingly beautiful. For those of you who wonder why Beth and Jennifer don't have any other friends.

I thought chapter 88 was going to pull things around, put it all into perspective. (view spoiler)
It didn't work out that way and I was left disappointed.

This wasn't the story for me. It was and is, however, a wonderful story for many other readers and I appreciate that.

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review 2014-02-23 06:43
Life Drawings- Philip Newey


 This is a study of a mix of characters in life's emotional pressure-cooker, the boiling mass of hormones, memories, fears and pains that make us all. We come to know the two main characters very well and to build convincing pictures of many of those around them. We see that we often become far more than we might expect, through the quagmire of interactions we experience with others. Even the meek may learn to kill. Sometimes, we eventually break away from the bonds of our past, to be relatively free agents, and sometimes the past eventually destroys us.
   This is a well written look into the emotional turmoil of a group of intimately and sometimes unavoidably knotted together lives. We actually get some way to actually feeling what it is like to be someone else, to be submerged into the books characters. One can ask little more from such a book. We have all experienced some of this and others have lived lives far closer to this particular emotional mix than we may allow ourselves to admit. Most of you may guess the books direction accurately, but that makes it no less intriguing because this knowledge probably means that to some degree you have actually walked some of the steps.
     I recommend this book for those that enjoy a book where what happens is seen with all its drivers, rather than with just those dictated by the narrow entertainment of vivid plot. These are drawings in which we see so many crossing character lines rather than an easily analysed photograph. I enjoyed this book very much.


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