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review 2015-06-30 21:19
A Quick Review of Long Hidden
Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History - 'Christi, 'Kima Jones', 'Benjamin Parzybok', 'Michael Janairo', 'Jamey Hatley', 'Robert William Iveniuk', 'L.S. Johnson', 'Claire Humphrey', 'Meg Jayanth', 'Rion Amilcar Scott', 'Sunny Moraine', 'S Lynn', 'Tananarive Due', 'Thoraiya Dyer','Sofia Samatar'

A strong collection of hidden histories, full of magic and myth that doesn't always get seen. Not every story was pleasing or easy to read but the collection was more worth the time to read.

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review 2013-10-13 00:00
Serve Me
Serve Me - Anna Hedley,Gabriel Belthir,Lor Rose,Fox Lee The first three stories were kind of blah. The last one, Takashima's Pet, was quite delightful.

I'm off to see what else Fox Lee has written..
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review 2013-09-29 00:00
Serve Me
Serve Me - Anna Hedley,Gabriel Belthir,Lor Rose,Fox Lee Reviewed by: Vivian
Genre: M/M Anthology
Rated: 3.5 hearts

Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews
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review 2013-09-21 00:00
Serve Me
Serve Me - Anna Hedley,Gabriel Belthir,Lor Rose,Fox Lee
Forced servitude is the common theme in this anthology about slave fantasies. If non-con, multiple partners, slave pets, bondage, and humiliation are triggers, stay away. If not, you may find something here to titillate. Overall rating = 3.0 stars

The Spoils by Anna Hedley (paranormal/fantasy, warrior & pleasure slaves, violence and gore; 3.0 stars)

Idris’ berserker skills make him a formidable combatant in the arena where he fights for the entertainment and gain of his Master. Problem is, Idris can’t control when he “whites out” and goes crazy on his opponents’ asses, and he remains invincible. That is, until he meets the snarky demon Kage, who kicks his butt; until he starts hallucinating the ghosts of all those he’s killed in the arena.

Idris is going through the motions, he’s had enough of carnage and chewing on his opponent’s guts. Theo, a maenad (confusing as they are feminine; or maybe this is a playful poke at girly guys?) pleasure slave with magic healing skills, is given to Idris. He and Theo take a pretty quick cottoning to each other… or maybe Idris just appreciates healing massages… and Theo just wants his freedom. Anyway, I’m not really feeling it.

Kage, however, is fun. He’s a sexy, wise-cracking ninja master with a wicked toothed whip, and he knows how to take control. We don’t get nearly enough of this demon match-maker.

The debauchery a la ancient Rome, is chock-a-block with lusty pleasure slave rapey-ness, multiple partners, oily wrestling, public sex and humiliation, and even a double penetration. So, lots of fluid swapping excess swamping the action.

As You Wish by Gabriel Belthir (historical/slave auction, role play; 3.0 stars)

Set in a pseudo Victorian-era England, a young working stiff gets his fondest wish when he is invited to hobnob with the ton. It’s never clear just what Samuel’s allure is to Viscount Edmund Kaylock, why he’s been invited to his private slave auction at the mansion-- I was eager for information about that.

Samuel can’t believe his good fortune as he surveys the tall and massive, ebony skinned, Apollo, up for bid. This slave spells danger, is rumored to have murdered, but that doesn’t stop Samuel from taking him home.

There is some initial awkward racial “Mandingo” stereotyping that had me worried. But a nice role twist develops and Apollo eventually shows insight and ingenuity. I found this mostly pedestrian though, and there’s not a lot of world-building. But, there is a hot role-play scene and the relationship works sweetly in the end.

Life is Unforgiving by Lor Rose (paranormal/vamps; 3.5 stars)

In this paranormal vamp story the slaves are called ‘blood bags’. Vamps, or Daeva, are out in the world but feared by all. And they are allowed to take slaves.

Aidan is discarded by his old Master, he’s sold to Ryce who is quite gentle and indulgent with him. So things start looking up for the horribly abused Aidan. There is a very hot menage scene-- Aidan is in the middle of a vamp sandwich with Ryce and vamp friend, Levant. They work very well together, in concert and synchronized… oh hell, the whole thing is sexy. Let’s just say that Aidan’s luck has changed when he discovers vamp sex. He may even find vamp love. This is my favorite of the anthology, I like Ryce’s treatment of Aidan throughout and his promising him a happy ever after is sweetly romantic.

Takashima’s Pet by Fox Lee (contemporary, yakuza/crime, pet slave; 2.0 stars)

Yuta has the misfortune of getting caught when his gang attempts to rob Takashima’s warehouse; they take off running, leaving him behind. Fortunately, the well-known yakuza likes the look of Yuta and gives him the choice of death or becoming his sex slave.

The first day Takashima keeps Yuta he leaves him alone bound, ball-gagged and catheterized on his bed. For the whole day. Alone. This was completely unappealing. It doesn’t matter what Takeshima thinks of Yuta, it’s just plain dangerous. The blurb says that Takashima tenderly teaches Yuta the meaning of family. It’s all relative, I suppose as Yuta hasn’t known much tender love in his life. He quickly falls into his new life as a pet and seemingly in love with his Master. Not surprising since he doesn’t have anywhere else to go. I didn’t find this particularly romantic or erotic, I couldn’t get past the initial abuse.

For this review, give-aways, author interviews, and much more:

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review 2013-08-26 00:00
Serve Me - Anna Hedley,Gabriel Belthir,Lor Rose,Fox Lee Anthology rating as a whole: 3.5 StarsA collection of four stories that addresses slavery and issues of forced submission and dub-con. Yes, there are non-con elements, but they are periphery. I liked all the stories with some quibbles here and there. None were out-of-the-ballpark amazing, but one I really enjoyed and the others were entertaining. Definitely no duds in the lot. While there are the hardcore elements, these are romances and therefore fulfill certain expectations.Spoils of War by Anna Hedley, 3.5 starsIntriguing mix of Graeco-Roman culture and mythology to create a fantasy setting for this bloodthirsty story. Idris is a gladiator and beserker and yes, the matches are appropriately gruesome to reflect it. He's brutal and careless until he finally comes to care for another. The story has dubcon elements without a doubt and references noncon. It is a harsh world and when Idris meets his match in Kage it leads to some radical changes in his life. The games masters play with their slaves is for entertainment and Idris is a slave. When a slave can no longer fulfill their function the alternative is not pleasant and it is illustrated several times through out the story. And laugh if you will, but I found the use of the term "maenad" for a young male pleasure slave such a gendered disjunction that my brain rebelled every single time they used it. As You Wish by Gabriel Belthir, 3 stars A fun twist on Victorian morality with a slave auction that goes a bit differently than you expect. Samuel is a repressed and unsatisfied bank accountant until he finally gets a invitation to and exclusive party. Assured that his life and standing will be catapulted by having made such connections, but Samuel has no idea how much his life will be changed. I'm always a bit uneasy when race is a substantial emphasis of a story. Here it succeeds by unsettling the traditional paradigm. This is definitely a softer story compared to others though the submission required is done firmly.Life Is Unforgivingby Lor Rose, 3 starsThe dichotomy of vampires explored in this futuristic tale of slavery. Aiden's brutal existence takes a change that he never expected when he's sold to a new master. Ryce and Levent, daevas of a high class welcome Aiden into his new home. And though his new life is amazing, Aiden still morns for the love he left behind. I liked the twist in the story, but Ryce's behavior wasn't explained very well, mostly due to the first person narrative from Aiden's perspective. In addition, the resolution seemed rushed and very sweet. Takashima's Pet by Fox Lee, 4 starsRomantic yakuza story that starts dubious, but ends with devotion.Yuta is the patsy of his gang. Not that he particularly wanted to be in a gang, and what they wanted him to do is not what he's any good for. He ends up taking the fall when his brothers abandon him on a failed robbery attempt and he finds himself on knees in front of a rival gang leader. Takashima issues an ultimatum. Yuta can give up his pride or his life. The interactions between Takashima and Yuta are pretty hot. There's some aggressive TPE at the beginning that morphs as they get to know each other. It's short, but steamy and messy fun. My favorite of the collection.Recommended to readers who like a rougher edge to sex with some tolerance for violence.~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews
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