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review 2017-11-09 23:45
The Alien's Mail-Order Bride by Ruby Dixon Review
The Alien's Mail-Order Bride: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance Novella - Ruby Dixon

Though still carrying the scars of his past as an intergalactic soldier, Emvor doesn’t mind the quiet of his chosen life as a farmer. He doesn’t even mind that most nights are lonely on remote Cassa, but he does need help around his farm. A mail-order bride from his homeworld seems like the perfect solution. She’ll be a tall, sturdy female to help with the chores and bear his children.

Unfortunately, the person that arrives is Nicola. She’s small, delicate…and human. She also knows nothing about farming, and she's lied and deceived her way across the galaxy to get to Cassa so she can hide from those that would capture her. She's a problem, and also the most enticing thing he's ever seen.

Now Emvor has to decide…can he keep the woman who’s nothing like what he asked for but is everything he needs?



A pretty run of the mill mail order space bride with super nice characters but a little stretch for the conflict.


A quick read.

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review 2017-09-16 19:02
Ruby: A Novel - Cynthia Bond

Well, that was quite a ride. Beautifully written -- Bond is a marvel at the sentence level -- and magical in more ways than one... and thank God for that, because the story itself is brutal. Small towns have never been portrayed more unflatteringly, nor has church life (if you can call it that).  I imagine the author might have taken some flack from some members of the Black community, as Alice Walker did with The Color Purple, and Walker's book is a stroll through the rose garden compared to this one. While I'm not sure it's for everyone, since the misogyny and violence is extreme, but it's an important book, less concerned with entertaining you than with forcing you to bear witness. Bond is one hell of a writer. 

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text 2017-09-06 12:50
PocketBook Touch HD Ruby Red – rubinowa wersja PocketBooka z ekranem 300 ppi


PocketBook, jako jedna z niewielu obecnie firm produkujących czytniki, rozpieszcza nas różnymi wersjami kolorystycznymi swojego sprzętu. Większość czytników dostępna jest w wariacjach na temat czerni i bieli. Niedawno pokazał się na rynku PocketBook Touch Lux 3 z matowozłotą obudową, a teraz mamy premierę PocketBooka Touch HD Ruby Red, czyli wersję rubinową. Niektóre sklepy zapowiadały nowy model już kilkanaście dni temu. Teraz Ruby Red z ekranem 300 ppi trafia do sieci sprzedaży. W RFN oferowany jest w cenie 149 EUR (podobnie jak wersja z czarną obudową) a u nas będzie to zapewne 659 PLN. Sugerowana cena detaliczna to 679 PLN.


PocketBook Touch HD Ruby Red (źródło: PocketBook)


Ważnym atutem PocketBooka Touch HD Ruby Red jest oczywiście ekran E-Ink Carta z rozdzielczością 300 ppi (1072х1448). Z wyróżniających go cech warto wskazać także obsługę plików mp3 i TTS. Poza tym posiada przednie podświetlenie, fizyczne przyciski zmiany stron, gniazdo kart microSD. Waży 180g, a rozmiary są identyczne z poprzednikami serii Tocuh Lux, więc można korzystać z wcześniej dostępnych okładek.


PocketBook Touch HD Ruby Red (źródło: PocketBook)


Zeszłoroczna premiera PocketBooka Touch Lux 3 Ruby Red wprowadziła urządzenie nie tylko w innym kolorze ale także ciut lżejsze oraz zbiegła się z premierą usługi Legimi na czytnikach Touch Lux 2 i 3. Wejście PocketBook Touch HD Ruby Red na rynek nie oznacza jednak tym razem zmian wewnątrz urządzenia. W tym roku czeka nas przynajmniej jeszcze jedna nowość PocketBooka, zapowiadana na jesień.


Niemieckie księgarni już w zeszłym tygodniu zapowiadały nowego PocketBooka (źródło: www.buecher-krugg.de)


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review 2017-08-06 03:13
The Beat on Ruby's Street
The Beat on Ruby's Street - Jenna Zark
Eleven-year old Ruby Tabeata is growing up in Greenwich Village in 1958.  She is part of the Beat generation and lives a slightly different kind of life than those around her.  Ruby loves poetry and writes some herself, her biggest dream is to hear Jack Kerouac perform.  However, her parents aren't exactly married, her house isn't the cleanest and she doesn't attend a normal school.  All of this plus being mistaken for stealing from a market stall gets Ruby in trouble and gets the attention of a social worker.  The social worker does not approve of Ruby's home life and takes her to a children's home.  While there, Ruby does whatever she needs in order to return to her mom and home.
The Beat on Ruby's Street was a very interesting look into the life of a child of the Beat generation.  I really don't know much about people who did consider themselves Beatniks, and never thought about the children that they raised.  I was very interested in Ruby's way of life and I adored her poetry.  I thought it was very interesting that they were treated without respect because of their different way of life.  However, I didn't like that the social worker was portrayed as a villain rather than someone who came to understand a different way of living.  I was very happy that Ruby did finally get to meet her poet and perform her poetry.  Overall, an inspiring piece of historical fiction for middle grade readers. 
This book was received for free in return for an honest review. 
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review 2017-07-08 22:37
'Warrick's Hope by Leilani Love
Warrick's Hope (The Dragon Ruby Series Book 4) - Leilani Love,S.L Carpenter

'Warrick's Hope by Leilani Love is book Four in "The Dragon Ruby" Series. This is the story of Warrick and Hope. This can be a standalone book but I truly feel if you want to enjoy this book to the fullest you should read the previous books. This series so far as been really great so that in another reason to read the other books too.
Hope and Warrick are meant to be mates but they are having to mover past some harsh things that were done to Warrick by his twin brother Gabriel. In addition Hope is trying to come to terms with nothing that what she thought Warrick was guilty of all this time it was really his brother. To move forward they have taken to living together...granted they start out in separate rooms. But they slowly start to work things out and deal with the current issues they have.
If you have ever been reading a series were you stalk the author and keep a eye out for the next installment in a series then you will know how I feel about this book, series and author.
I quickly read though Ms. Love's book then I just can't wait for the next one to be published....so now I am doing the waiting and stalking game again!
Loved it!!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

Source: www.amazon.com/Warricks-Hope-Dragon-Ruby-Book-ebook/dp/B0725TX7JW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1499547762&sr=8-1&keywords=Warrick%27s+Hope
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