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text 2020-08-05 11:50
Take Advantage of Sage 50 Accounting Software- It’s so Famous

I utilize Sage 50 software for the accounting and money offices in the organizations I support. Sage works very well on a terminal server style facilitated arrangement, the manner in which most organization's IT is organized nowadays. With a few client get to and a decent security framework to control who can see and alter which modules, it functions admirably with an organization with different divisions.


Sage Accounting Software:

Sage 50 software, in the same way as other accounting programming, is important to appropriately and precisely record business movement. Sage 50 has an announcing project and business insight module that can deal with each flavor or report required for business exercises from the little, moderate sized to even a genuinely huge substance.



Sage 50 Products including:

☐  Sage 50 Desktop Accounting

☐  Sage 50 Quantum Accounting

☐  Sage 50 Premium Accounting

☐  Sage 50 Pro Accounting

☐  Sage Payroll



Top Most Famous Features of SAGE Accounting:


Deals and buy records

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Make and Print Invoice the board

Bank records and compromises


Time and Project Management

Check printing

Tank the executives

Stock and Warehouse Management

Undertaking costing


Tank the board

Online business Integration



Some Error and Issue in SAGE Software while Running:


▶  Sage Runtime Error 13

▶  Sage Payroll Tax Calculation Errors

 ▶  Sage 50 Payroll FPS Error

▶  Sage 50 Error 7806

▶  Sage Error 1308 while downloading an update

▶  Sage 50 2020 Won't Run After Upgrade

▶  Sage 50 Cannot be Started subsequent to Upgrading to Version

▶  Sage Integration Error 14101

▶  Sage 300 Error 49153 Cannot Access Database

▶  Sage Server Busy Error

▶  Sage Error Failed to Switch Terminal Server

▶  Sage Bankcards Errors and Decline Codes

▶  Sage E-Banking Error

▶  Sage 50 Error Loading Current Company File

▶  Sage 50 Activation Error

▶  Sage 50 Unable to Backup

▶  Sage 50 Quantum Freezing

▶  Sage 50 Accounting Cannot be Started

▶  Sage 50 Not Opening

▶  Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database

▶  Step by step instructions to Protect Sage 50 Data:

Information security alludes to defensive computerized protection quantifies that are applied to forestall un-approved access to PCs, databases, and sites. Information security additionally shields information from defilement. Information security is a basic part of IT for associations of each size and type.'

Peruse: Protect SAGE 50 Data from Cyber-Attack



The Most Effective Method to Get Support and Help from SAGE:

✒  Sage Call Support:

The element of our Sage 50 guide phone number organizations is that we are reachable throughout the day, consistently for all days for every annum. So you could profit capable guide to rebuilding your Sage 50 misstep at whatever point of the day. Essentially dial our complementary Sage 50 specialized assistance number 1800-986-6931 by and by to benefit top-top notch help to help. Research all the errors you face while making an attempt at your Sage 50 application.


✒  Sage Chat Support:

All the above issues are commonly standard thusly, it must be responsible for our tech/supporter manage. For help from experts of Sage 50 Live Chat help and moreover for downloading, reviving, updating, bugs, and for all difficulties. Relating to the working of Sage you may name our sage 50 assistance phone assortment.

The group is so happy to get you out by giving the best help. Individuals from the group are taught, master, prepared, and proficient so they see better about your inquiries and circumstance.


✒  Email help

Source: www.onlinechat247.org
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text 2019-06-19 13:01
The Benefits of Sage Payroll for SMBs

Automation and cloud-based software continue to make managing a business easier for small to medium-sized companies. From ensuring process quality control to better connect with customers and employees, automation software can help all businesses work smarter.


This can apply particularly to small businesses. SMBs make up a good number of thriving businesses and the right software in the right places can help empower them towards continued success. Sage is a payroll software solution that caters to small and medium-sized businesses, but there’s nothing small about their power to assist companies in handling their important HR responsibilities.


Sage’s roll in helping manage your payroll


Sage focuses on solving several business problems by offering several solutions, including:

  • Accounting
  • Startup
  • Cloud accounting software
  • Payments
  • Business management
  • HR solutions

They’ve also worked with many different industries, such as:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Chemicals
  • Food and beverage
  • Professional services
  • Nonprofit

It’s this breadth of experience that makes Sage a popular solution for SMBs to use to manage payroll and solve for other HR issues. So how can Sage help your business?


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The benefits of Sage payroll


How Sage Payroll help SMBs to Manage their Payroll Operations? The benefits of using Sage payroll for small businesses.


1. Flexibility

In regards to payroll, Sage allows users to pay their employees through direct deposit, pay cards, or company-generated checks, which gives your business the flexibility to pay employees in a way that works for you and them. They also offer tailored solutions for businesses of different sizes. For companies with up to 20 employees, they offer tools to help take control of company finances including accounting software to help manage receivable and payable accounts, as well as inventory and payment management tool. Medium-size businesses with up to employees can utilize the same options and have the ability to invest in additional tools for finance managers and human resource tools including manufacturing and distribution tools that tie into the inventory capabilities, the Sage300 operations management tool that can take the place of a full ERP, and also people management performance capabilities.


2. Connectivity

Sage integrates with over 100 apps to help you streamline solutions, including Stripe, Veryfi, Expensify, Quickbooks, and DocLink. From CRM and e-commerce apps to debt tracking, time tracking, and expense and receipt software, Sage offers a level of connectivity that can solve for many small business problems and help create more efficiency.

3. Scalability


The cloud-based nature of this software means that it’s easy to scale over time as your business grows. If your business is experience rapid growth, you can add additional features and capabilities as your business needs them, but you never get stuck paying for solutions that your business isn’t using or can’t use. They also offer free trials so you can assure their platform is a good fit for your needs, as well as affordable, straight-forward pricing.


4. Reliability and accuracy

Payroll is one of those parts of the business where you can’t afford mistakes – literally. Payroll mistakes can be costly and include potential legal fees for not being compliant with various deduction policies or loss of employees and productivity due to missed, late, or incorrect payments. Sage makes it easy to get and keep your payroll organized and running smoothly. With easy integration into accounting tools, you can manage everything related to your small business finance from one place.


5. Time savings

The gift of automation is time. Whether it’s being able to access tools on the go from a mobile app or being able to reduce administrative efforts and manual input through automated processes, businesses who use automation products like Sage, complete with the ability to automatically update other business apps to keep everything current and accurate, have the time to focus on other areas of their business.


6. Expert support

Not everyone who has a business or is part of running a business is an HR expert or a payroll guru. Being a business owner or business-minded often means being innovative, creative, fact-oriented, connected, and good with people; being HR savvy or even having the time to learn about payroll management isn’t always in the cards. While they are necessary parts of a business (and important to get right), payroll and HR are complicated. In fact, the laws and codes surrounding payroll and employment can vary from state to state and change regularly. Having a software solution that not only can automatically manage things like employee deductions and taxes as well as update automatically based on any code changes but also has customer support available is an invaluable tool for most SMBs and small business owners.


The best businesses are built on smart systems by smart people and the most successful businesses put effort into taking care of their employees – Sage payroll and other software can help you do this. They’ve received a number of industry awards, including The SAAS Award, Temkin Group Customer Experience Award, PC Magazine Choice Award, and many other software accolades. If you’re looking for an online HR software and payroll management tool that can scale to include accounting, people management, and payment options, consider Sage to help you meet the needs of your SMB.


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EZ Accounting Pte Ltd is established in Singapore since 1999. We are a professional accounting software developer, creator of EZ Accounting Software. Grant!

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