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url 2021-02-24 11:22
Benefits of Property Data Collection for Real Estate Owner

How real estate business owner can watch and analysis property data using data scraping services that is best way to collect required property data from popular listings like zillow, craigslist and more.

Source: www.worthwebscraping.com/services
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text 2021-02-19 07:22

Every time we talk about technology, there is always the unmistakable thought of how rapid the advancements have been. The world has gone digital, which is a big reason for the rise of mobile and web app development services.

For sound web development, frameworks form the backbone of how web applications get created. Because technology makes things complicated due to its sheer pace of evolving, the benchmarks of web applications too are constantly rising.


Web app frameworks keep things in check.

What is a Web App Framework?

In simplest terms, a web application framework is a software framework that facilitates the development of different types of web apps including services, resources, and even APIs for that matter.

Frameworks can also be considered as libraries that allow for quicker and better development of apps. Presently, the number of web app frameworks has gone up drastically, and there are a lot of options to choose from. And making the right choice is pretty important if you actually want to create an interactive web app.

The Best Web App Frameworks for You to Choose From

Any kind of web app has two sides to it- Front-end as well as Back-end. While the front-end is visible to the client or end-user, the back-end is supposed to the business-end of the web app development spectrum.

Because both the ‘ends’ are dependent on each other, we will try to tell you the best frameworks for both cases-

Back-end Frameworks

1- Rails

Rails is a relatively modern framework that’s actually loved by a pretty healthy chunk of developers. It is considered to be a great framework for beginners and allows them to quickly begin their journey into the world of web development.

The community of Rails is robust too, with a large number of tutorials and resources that prove to be assistive in becoming a Rails expert in a pretty quick time.

2- Express

Node.js is now a dominant constituent of a number of companies that offer custom software development services, which is a big reason why Express is also proving to be a trending web development framework.

The biggest takeaway of Express is its minimal and highly no-nonsense approach. With the basic framework functionalities intact, it does not compromise on the features of Node and further harnesses the already efficient performance of Node.js.

3- Spring

Spring is a framework that makes use of Java, a programming language that needs no introduction. The framework has a number of smaller projects that call for markedly better performance and allow for a quicker scaling of businesses.

The simple fact that it uses Java is enough reason for a huge number of developers to make use of this framework. The only thing that can pose a little problem is that for someone who is not too familiar with Java, the learning process can be tricky.

Front-end Frameworks

1- Angular

Angular is a very popular framework that creates amazing single-page apps. Because it is entirely dedicated to the client-side of things, the scope of learning is pretty limited. The basic nature of Angular does not show a lot of support for SEO but can be tuned to become SEO-friendly.

2- Vue

Vue.js is another framework that is gaining rapid popularity as a novel JS option. Vue is pretty dynamic, where you can make use of it for one part of a particular project, without actually hampering the overall other parts of the same project.

Also, the ecosystem is something that brings the flexibility of allowing you to build entire front-end applications. While there are giants like Google that don’t include support for Vue, the future is pretty bright for this web app development framework.

3- React

Developers are aware of what a component-based architecture is, and that’s mostly because React was the first to bring in use, later on, to be adopted by Angular and a number of other frameworks later brought into use.

While it’s actually a front-end library, it’s referred to as a framework and provides the ability to work on both, the server-side as well as the client-side.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the top web app development frameworks that will surely make your lives easier. Here’s hoping that making a choice for one is a little easier now. If you have a web development project, make sure that you reach out to Consagous Technologies, a leading and development company with just the right set of people to take care of your project perfectly.

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text 2021-02-17 07:08

Any kind of software goes through a series of different changes during, and after the software development process. To ensure that only the best is made available for users, every software undergoes several tests to make it as seamless in its first profile as possible.

Thanks to the increased use of Agile methodology in Quality Assurance, different tools are coming up to further streamline the software testing procedures. For software quality assurance service providers, it’s essential to choose the right QA tool that suits their teams as well as the software that you will put in the process.

It might sound a little funny, but a testing tool will have to be tested and evaluated to best serve the purpose before you go ahead. While there is no way to ensure 100% automated testing, the right tool can help in maximizing the degree of automation to a large extent.


Categories of QA Testing Tools

QA testing tools consist of the following categories-

Automation Testing

Automation testing tools refer to those tools that are responsible for setting up objectives and then analyzing the outcome based on what was expected in the first place. It’s best suited in situations when the tasks are pretty mundane and highly repetitive.

Agile Testing

Through Agile methodology, a product gets systematically organized into defined, progressive steps. Similarly, Agile testing also runs the testing process in similar steps, where the testing simultaneously happens with the development of features.

Functional Testing

As far as functional testing tools go, they are responsible for identifying issues just before a product is released in the market.

Through functional testing, the first batch of users can check out the compatibility with every browser, hardware, and operating system imaginable.  

Non-Functional Testing

The tools falling into non-functional testing involve taking care of the installation processes, issues with security, or any other weak point in the product, apart from the overall capability.

The Best QA Automation Tools!

Software testing and Quality Assurance services can be taken to the next level with the right use of these great QA tools without a doubt. Have a look at some of them-

1- Selenium

Selenium is a top-notch tool that streamlines various web browsers to automate the created web apps for the purpose of testing. It is a focal point through which multiple ecosystems can be managed without too much trouble.

The support for multiple programming languages like Python, Ruby, Groovy, and Java also adds to the positive attributes of Selenium.

2- Mabl

Mabl is a highly efficient automation tool that is suited for swift delivery cycles. The tool integrates itself into the entire software development life cycle, bringing end-to-end automation to the entire testing process.

What’s more, every single team member can play a part in the process of testing, as Mabl is also capable of putting teams together on a cloud-based platform.

3- Appsurify

Appsurify is another handy tool that empowers QA developers to increase the frequency of their testing, identify problems pretty early, and boost cycle times. Appsurify is so simple that it can be prepared to work in less than 30 minutes, as it can be clubbed with any existing testing ecosystem.

Missed issues, release delays, and reworks for developers are just a few of the issues that are easily taken care of through Appsurify.

4- TestingWhiz

With TestingWhiz, the automation testing process does not need any kind of coding background, as everything is done without any manual coding. The tool offers more than 300 commands, test management tools, server integration, and data comparison among a number of others.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance become pretty effortless with TestingWhiz.

5- Testim

Testim is a QA automation tool that establishes a base for personalized testing, that can involve the use of code or no code as well. This tool depends on Artificial Intelligence to make the tests authentic, parallelly run tests on different browsers, and also publish reports with the mention of defects and bugs.

Testim is suited to both beginners and advanced developers as there is no need for prior knowledge related to coding.

For an effective QA testing process, these are some of the best tools that are available at the moment. For professional software testing and quality assurance services, Consagous Technologies has been a leading name for more than a decade! You can surely reach out.
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text 2021-02-16 09:13
11 Reasons why outsourcing accounting to India will benefit UK accounting firms

To generate greater revenue in 2021, UK accounting firms are exploring alternatives in which they could cope with extra clients through retaining the quality client experience and additionally save the value with inside the whole workflow. Outsourced accounting services India is bridging that gap through turning in sustainable growth & profitability. Accounting outsourcing firms make certain that they help UK accounting firms in outsourcing the compliance work so the firm can work in more sales-generating activities. With improved competition to benefit the belief of any client, it's miles essential to apprehend how accounting firms can take the entire leverage of outsourcing services for their profit.



Learn about 11 main benefits by choosing any bookkeeping outsourcing company:


Avoid tax penalties: Minor mistakes when managing your books can lead to inaccuracy results and can cost any accounting firm and its clients a great waste of money. By entrusting your accounting needs to experts in India you can avoid these problems and penalties to a considerable extent.


Focus on your core: back office operations can cost any company a lot of time that does not allow them to manage clients' needs in accounting outsourcing firms help solve problems by outsourcing compliance work so the UK accounting firm can focus on consulting and advice while spending more time with their valued clients and saving on costs which enrich their experience. of the customer.


Expert accountants: If you search for outsourcing to Google, you may find that India is number one when it comes to providing the best accounting services. The reason is simple. The pool of skilled talent is excessively available. According to your business needs, thus saving your huge recruiting costs.


Time zone advantage: with at t services at any time of the day. The time zone of India is proving to be a great advantage that will improve delivery services to customers.


Planning a partnership with a senior responsible for rm Accounting Outsourcing India. Try AcoBloom International AcoBloom International is an accounting and tax outsourcing company in India, delivering sustainable growth and profitability to accounting firms in UK and US.


Source: https://www.acobloom.com/2021/02/11-reasons-why-outsourcing-accounting-work-to-india-will-benefit-uk-accounting-firms/

Source: www.acobloom.com/2021/02/11-reasons-why-outsourcing-accounting-work-to-india-will-benefit-uk-accounting-firms
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