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review 2020-06-27 16:00
2 Stories, 1 DNF, and DNS the Rest
Once Upon a Wedding: A Fiction From the Heart Second Chances Anthology - Priscilla Oliveras,Jamie Beck,Falguni Kothari,Sonali Dev,Sally Kilpatrick,Tracy Brogan,K.M. Jackson,Hope Ramsay,Barbara Samuel,Donna Kauffman

Story Title: The Runaway Bride

Book Title: Once Upon a Wedding: A Fiction From the Heart Second-Chances Anthology

Author: Sonali Dev

Publish Date: June 11, 2019

Publisher: Self-Published

Format: Kindle

Source: Own copy

Date Read: June 20, 2020




A sweet story about a bride with concerns/cold feet the night and very early morning of her wedding to her childhood crush. Nisha Raje overhears that her fiancé's ex is back in town and there is talk the ex is invited to the wedding. Nisha is blindsided; she calls up Neel and asks "WTF? Did you know about this?" and Neel is tells her "Well we kinda met up." Nisha is livid, and rightfully so. Neel choose Barbara over Nisha in high school and then gave up his dream college to follow Barbara to her dream college and then on to Oxford. He was the one to break up with Barbara and return to California to seek out Nisha in the hopes of her still having feelings for him. Nisha decides to leave the mansion where the wedding is to take place and runs to the nearest contact; Neel follows her and they wind up at someone's house. After getting some advice by that guy, Neel and Nisha walk about San Francisco and lay it all out - fears, dreams, what they want from the other and what they feel for the other. Grown ups talking - it's a miracle! The wedding at the end sounded amazing (and hella expensive!). 3.5/5 stars.


This story is related to Dev's The Rajes series but can be read as a stand-alone.


Story: Always Yours

Book Title: Once Upon a Wedding: A Fiction From the Heart Second-Chances Anthology

Author: Priscilla Oliveras

Publish Date: June 11, 2019

Publisher: Self-Published

Format: Kindle

Source: Own copy

Date Read: June 22-24, 2020




A very summery feeling romance, complete with a softball game. Lourdes Reyes is the sister of the groom and a recovering drug addict. She really has her act together, being almost two years sober and holding a job with a future, enjoying a renewed relationship with her brother, and just working on herself. And then he shows up - Eduardo Santana, her first and only love. The guy that broke her heart and eventually that darkness led to her taking that first hit. He's back and hoping to make it up to her, even knowing her past. There was a little misunderstanding twist that was easily rectified, then more grown ups talking! This story was aided by the side characters Alex and Frankie; I could've done without younger brother Diego trying to do the protective brother act. I feel like I need an Alex and Frankie story now. 3.5/5 stars.


Overall: I tried to read the first book in this anthology and I had to DNF - less is more and an editor was sorely needed. The two stories I bought the anthology for definitely made the 99 cents I paid worth it. I hope that the authors release these stories as single stories in the future. 



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text 2020-06-26 01:21
Short and Sweet Summertime Reading Master Tracker - First Month Update
Because He's Perfect: Anthology for the Movember Foundation - Danielle Dickson,Anna Blakely,Ally Vance,Alice La Roux,Renee Harless,Sienna Grant,Claire Marta,Lexi C. Foss,Tracie Delaney,Dani René,K. L. Humphreys,Elle Boon,Carrie Ann Ryan,Victoria James,Samantha Lewis,Lexxie Couper,Anne Joseph,Victoria-Maria MacDonal
Once Upon a Wedding: A Fiction From the Heart Second Chances Anthology - Priscilla Oliveras,Jamie Beck,Falguni Kothari,Sonali Dev,Sally Kilpatrick,Tracy Brogan,K.M. Jackson,Hope Ramsay,Barbara Samuel,Donna Kauffman
No Dukes Allowed - Grace Burrowes,Anna Harrington,Kelly Bowen
This Wedding is Doomed! - Stephanie Draven,Jeannie Lin,Shawntelle Madison,Amanda Berry
Hearts Entwined (Ladies of Harper’s Station #2.5) - Mary Connealy,Karen Witemeyer,Regina Jennings,Melissa Jagears
Love By the Letters: A Regency Novella Trio - Kelly Bowen,Vanessa Riley,Grace Burrowes
The Christmas Heirloom: Four Holiday Novellas of Love Through the Generations - Karen Witemeyer,Becky Wade,Sarah Loudin Thomas,Kristi Ann Hunter
Serving Up Love: A Harvey House Brides Collection - Tracie Peterson,Karen Witemeyer,Jen Turano,Regina Jennings

Update #1 (June 25, 2020)

9 novellas read (about 25% of total novellas)

1 anthology finished

1 anthology DNF; read 2 out of 11 stories (18%)


I feel like I should be further ahead than I am. I am going to read more from my NOOK. No need for random number generator since the BL-opoly game is doing the job. 


Original Post

I decided that my summer reading project was to read anthologies and novellas/shorter works (150 pages or less) off my NOOK and Kindle. Short and sweet is the theme for this year, as I wanted space to read longer works at my leisure without feeling unproductive. Also, I want to have short works ready to read so I can structure my days around reading and other hobbies, errands, and such and not the news or social media (BL exception, of course) - I really need to get off my phone more, that screen time tracker is not good for my health.


Dates for this reading project: May 25th (Memorial Day) to Labor Day (Sep 7th) - 106 days. I am aiming for one story from an anthology or novella per day, with the goal of averaging about 100 pages per day. I put a few winter holiday ones on the list for a Christmas-in-July reading week. To kick off the project, I will be starting the longest anthology and use Random Number Generator to pick a novella. After that I will use RNG or go by mood - probably the second method most of the time.



1. No Dukes Allowed by Various Authors 0/3 stories read

2. This Wedding is Doomed! by Various Authors 0/4 stories read

3. Hearts Entwined by Various Authors 0/4 stories read

4. Once Upon a Wedding by Various Authors 2/11 stories read; DNF the rest.

5. Because He's Perfect by Various Authors 20/20 stories read - FINISHED!

6. Love by the Letters by Various Authors 0/3 stories read - Currently reading

7. The Christmas Heirlooms by Various Authors 0/4 stories read

8. Serving Up Love by Various Authors 0/4 stories read




1. Changing Leaves by Edie Bryant

2. The Cost of Hope (The Cost of Love #1) by G.S. Carr

3. Once Upon a Winter's Eve (Spindle Cove #1.5) by Tessa Dare

4. A New Life (West Meets East #1) by Merry Farmer Done!

5. Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell

6. Hollywood Holiday (Hollywood Headlines #2.5) by Gemma Halliday Done!

7. Out of the Storm (Beacon of Hope #0.5) by Jody Hedlund

8. A Lady of Esteem (Hawthorne House #0.5) by Kristi Ann Hunter

9. A Search for Refuge (Haven Manor #0.5) by Kristi Ann Hunter Done!

10. Love by the Letter (Unexpected Brides #0.5) by Melissa Jagears

11. Love on the Prairie (McKinnie Mail Order Brides #1) by Ciara Knight

12. Love in the Rockies (McKinnie Mail Order Brides #2) by Ciara Knight

13. Mrs. Sartin's Secretary (Lords of Chance #2.5) by Wendy LaCapra

14. That Healing Touch (Cutter's Creek #1) by Kit Morgan

15. The Christmas Mail Order Bride by Kit Morgan

16. What Lies Behind Us (World War II Sisters) by Sierra Rose

17. A Little Light Mischief (The Turner Series #3.5) by Cat Sebastian

18. Tycoon (The Knickerbocker Club #0.5) by Joanna Shupe

19. A Hero's Promise (Culpepper's Ring Novella) by Roseanna M. White

20. Fairchild's Lady (Culpepper's Ring Novella) by Roseanna M. White

21. Mail Order Cowboy (Gold Valley #1.5) by Maisey Yates

22. Hometown Heartbreaker (Copper Ridge #3.5) by Maisey Yates

23. Claim Me, Cowboy (Copper Ridge #4) by Maisey Yates



24. Proper English (England #0) by KJ Charles Done!

25. Dance All Night (Dance Off #2.5) by Alexa Daria Done!

26. Willow: Bride of Pennsylvania by Merry Farmer

27. Engaging the Competition (With This Ring? Novella) by Melissa Jagears

28. Mrs. Martin's Incomparable Adventure (Worth Saga #2.75) by Courtney Milan Done!

29. Dueling the Desperado (Brides of Blessings #4) by Mimi Milan Done!

30. Where Snowy Owl Sleeps (Brides of Blessings #9) by Mimi Milan Done!

31. Birth of the Butterfly (Brides of Blessings #11) by Mimi Milan Done!

32. Miracle on Ladies' Mile by Joanna Shupe

33. After a Fashion (A Class of Their Own #0.5) by Jen Turano

34. The Husband Maneuver (A Worthy Pursuit #0.5) by Karen Witemeyer

35. Worth the Wait (Ladies of Harper's Station Novella) by Karen Witemeyer





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text 2020-06-12 17:43
#FridayReads - June 12, 2020
Where Snowy Owl Sleeps - Mimi Milan
Birth of the Butterfly - Mimi Milan
Proper English - K.J. Charles
Once Upon a Wedding: A Fiction From the Heart Second Chances Anthology - Priscilla Oliveras,Jamie Beck,Falguni Kothari,Sonali Dev,Sally Kilpatrick,Tracy Brogan,K.M. Jackson,Hope Ramsay,Barbara Samuel,Donna Kauffman
On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century - Timothy Snyder

Man this site is running slower than a turtle walking through peanut butter this morning. 


Anyway, happy Friday everyone. My goal today and tomorrow is to finish the COYER Diverse RAT and then on Sunday start the next big anthology. I discovered the world of flosstube, so part of my time was spent going down the rabbit hole of fellow cross stitchers' vlogs. Through flosstube, I found my mojo to stitch again - since moving last summer I haven't felt the urge to pick up my needle and it has been almost a year. So I sit and half-watch the videos while I stitch. Reading has been done mostly when the sun starts to set and the light isn't good enough to continue stitching. With stitching, reading, and just focusing on not being on social media so much - I am feeling more light. Granted the pandemic news here in the US is getting worse and I am worried about this autumn and another looming shutdown/stay at home orders. I've insisted both the kids and I have our masks on whenever we go anywhere. My husband's work provided fabric masks to use in the offices (they have to wear specialty masks when working on the aircraft due to the chemicals) and he doesn't go anywhere but home, grocery shopping, or work. 


Speaking of the kids, they finished the first goal (read for 200 minutes) of our library's virtual Summer Reading Program and earned a free book each. Joshua picked up I Survived True Stories: Five Epic Disasters by Lauren Tarshis and Sophia picked Whatever After #7: Beauty Queen by Sarah Mlynowski. For those not into MG fiction, the I Survive series is a fictional series about real historical disasters (the fictional part comes from the MC) and it is HELLA POPULAR with the 3rd-5th graders. The Whatever After series is about two siblings who visit different fairy tales and help out before returning to our world/time. Another series my kids are really digging is the Owl Diaries by Rebecca Elliott - we have read seven of these books in the course of 12 days. I'm just happy Sophia is out of the Junie B. Jones phase. 


Here's what I'm reading this weekend/week:


The Diverse RAT reading has Where Snowy Owl Sleeps (also for BL-opoly) and Birth of the Butterfly by Mimi Milan and Proper English by KJ Charles.


The next anthology is the one with the second most amount of stories - Once Upon a Wedding


For the adult SRP requirements, I will try to get to On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder.

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review 2020-06-10 01:00
He May Be Perfect Even With His Condition, But She Needs a Personality Transplant
Because He's Perfect: Anthology for the Movember Foundation - Danielle Dickson,Anna Blakely,Ally Vance,Alice La Roux,Renee Harless,Sienna Grant,Claire Marta,Lexi C. Foss,Tracie Delaney,Dani René,K. L. Humphreys,Elle Boon,Carrie Ann Ryan,Victoria James,Samantha Lewis,Lexxie Couper,Anne Joseph,Victoria-Maria MacDonal

Title: Because He's Perfect: An Anthology for the Movember Foundation

Authors: Carrie Ann Ryan, Renee Harless, Tracie Delaney, Dani Rene, Jo-Anne Joseph, Danielle Dickson, Maria Macdonald, Samantha Lewis, Murphy Wallace, Anna Edwards, Lexi C. Floss, Ally Vance, Claire Marta, Anna Blakely, Victoria L. James, K.L. Humphreys, Alice La Roux, K A Sands, Lexxie Couper, Morgan Campbell, and Ellie Boon. 

Publish Date: April 30, 2019

Publisher: Self-Published

Format: E-Book

Page Count: 903 pages

Source: Own Copy

Date Read: 5/25-6/9, 2020



Overall: Few M/M romances, but for the most part very white, very hetero, very typical of indie contemporary romances. Some authors really need to work on their heroines - some of the stories suffered from the heroines' reactions or personality traits. I felt that the M/M romances had more equal footing in terms of characterization. A short story should have a beginning, middle, and end - instead, some authors decided to use this anthology to market their other works or to workshop some ideas about future books. Yeah, I am not your critique partner and I am not a beta reader - give me the product I paid for and let me read. 


Foreword by Carrie Ann Ryan


Screw Up by Renee Harless (Speech Impairment) - Sofie is a hotel heiress but working for her college friends' company, Carter is the CEO of his own company. I really liked these two and thought their HFN ending was believable. One reason I tend to shy away from work place romances is the money imbalance between H/h; here there wasn't a problem as both MCs were wealthy in their own right. 3 stars.


Worth the Risk by Tracie Delaney (HIV) - This story was a second chance romance between Jess and Wade. I loved the side character Margaret. I had a apprehensions before reading this story considering the subject matter, but the author executed the storyline beautifully. 4 stars.


Inhibition by Dani Rene (Erectile Dysfunction) - This was a bad story, or the combination of scenes that the author will use in her upcoming book, as there wasn't much to the story to begin with. Adrian has his first appointment with a licensed sex therapist, Scarlett. YEP, the H/h are patient/doctor - I find these types of couplings gross and completely unprofessional. But wait - during their first session, they finger/rub each other to orgasm. Scarlett decides she would rather be his fuck toy than his doctor, so she says she can't see him anymore as a patient. She also discovers his kink is her kink - PAIN, bordering abuse. The sex is very raw to the point that is not sexy in the least. Turns out, Scarlett is the daughter of murdered president of biker gang; Adrian is in a competing biker gang. Scarlett's brother (in the rival gang) kills two of Adrian's "colleagues" and Adrian takes a knife to Scarlett, cutting her but not too deeply it will scar before throwing her out after sexy times. Fuck no to all of this - 0 stars.


The Cure by Jo-Anne Joseph (ADHD) - this was NOT a Romance genre story. This was barely three months of one guy's year in the life. Kace has ADHD for sure, yet it went undiagnosed until late in the story. Kenzie was a twice a night stand, but the author didn't bother to at least hint at a Happy For Now ending. No, instead I was treated to finding Kace finding Kenzie's ex-boyfriend in her apartment while she showered. Kace left and then drove away to sit on the river bank and decide to give therapy and meds a solid try. The abrupt ending and shitty side characters made it a slog to get through. 1 star.


Nap King by Danielle Dickson (Narcolepsy) - a perfect summer time story with great characters. Felicity and Jack were adorable together and their friends were great supports to the story. This was a well done short story. 4 stars.


Suck & Sweet by Maria Macdonald (Male Infertility) - toxic masculinity combined with amateurish writing makes a bad story a slog to get through. Also, having the word fuck come out of the hero's mouth in every sentence of dialog is really trying too hard. Noah needs a therapist and Gracie needs to stop being so damn fidgety and impatient. 1 star.


Diary of a Teenage Queen by Samantha Lewis (Tourette's) - I LOVED Zac! He was such a fun character to read about. Although the story is only told from Zac's POV (via Bob, Zac's diary- yes he named his diary Bob), we could see the romance brewing between Zac and Callum. Both were smart to keep things simple until after their exams, but that meant the ending was all the more sweeter. I could see Zac winning Drag Race in the future via his alter ego, Coco Beaverhousen. 3.5 stars.


Order. Control. Deceit. by Murphy Wallace (OCD) - This story started out a little dark, but the actual romance was sweet. I was digging Kevin and Mia (who also suffers from OCD) until the story abruptly stops with the couple confronted by the stalker/possible killer. Then we get "the end (for now)" and it comes out that this is not a fully fleshed out story but rather the author's loose combination of scenes for a longer work. Look, I am not your beta reader or your street team reviewer - give me the goods I paid for and what you are advertising is a full short story. GRRRRR that is not what an anthology is for - pull this shit into your newsletter or something. So a promising 3-4 star story is now rated as a 1 star. 


Don't Sugarcoat It by Anna Edwards (Diabetes) - Alex was a great character; Chiara was a hot mess of a heroine. The fact that she was a biology teacher and studied biology in university yet couldn't fathom a single reason why someone would need to use a needle other than for hard drugs was a little too stupid to be believable. 2 stars.


Chase by Lexi C. Floss (Heavy Scarring) - this was yet another long prologue that introduces the world building and the MCs of the first book in a series and not a fully fleshed out short story. It was fine for what it was and I am kind of interested to read the first book, but once again if you can't write a short story - then don't be included in an anthology of short stories! This is getting really annoying and now I feel like I'm on the losing end of a bait-and-switch scheme. 2.5 stars.


Deep Breaths by Ally Vance (Asthma) - love thy neighbor indeed! This story was charming and beautiful in an understated way. Got to love a low-angst emergency to get MCs together after the meet cute. I loved Will and Drew together and that first kiss was a definite payoff! 4 stars.


Love in the Dark by Claire Marta (Blindness) - this was an erotica version of Beauty and the Beast, except Beauty (Kara) was TSTL and a sniveling little weak sad sack of a character and the Beast (Darius) blackmailed Kara into sex/living with him for six months. On top of the semi-abusive nature of the romance, there was on the page violence toward Kara from members of her family. Seems like tragedy porn turned up to 11. The first sex scene was dub-con - something I am not into at all and where I chose to DNF. 


Unexpected Risk by Anna Blakely (Multiple Sclerosis) - this is a little bit of me reading this story at the very wrong time and a whole lot of "geez, this is why I don't read contemporary romance with military/security heroes". Kole (yes, the author went with THAT SPELLING) is a former USAF pararescuemen now working as a medic for a private security team that handles a lot of Homeland stuff. Sarah is a lawyer that works for a law firm that share the office building with Kole's employer. And not one, not two, BUT THREE different characters describe Sarah as "not like other girls" - including Sarah herself. Also, there are a lot of characters thrown into this story that do not need to be involved at all. There is a lot of everyday ho-hum stuff that pads the first 3/4ths of the story, then Kole gets his diagnosis. He needs time to adjust, but Sarah is pushing him to keep his job and go on field missions - she done her "research" and his MS diagnosis isn't really "that bad...and probably won't be for years." I got the feeling Sarah wanted him to keep his Alphahole job because it was a status symbol for her. And of course someone is stalking Sarah because she won't dump Kole for him because she is hot. What-the-fuck-ever. 1 star.


Faith No More by Victoria L. James (PTSD) - after reading this story, I can't believe how talented Boris Johnson is: mayor and then PM all the while having a writing career. Because only BJ could have written this story - and because of the premise of the hero being "flawed" in some way, BJ totally wrote himself into the totally hot, over confident to the point of being obnoxious, sexually aggressive heroine. Because to think someone else could write this makes me sad. The title refers to a little girl on the same carriage the hero was on when the explosion happened; her name was Faith and she died in the blast - so maybe I am being overly sensitive or nit picky, but this is a shit title for the story.


Sonny was hurt in the July 7, 2005 terrorist attack but survived; he isn't dealing with his PTSD at all. There were attempts made by a side character to talk him into seeing a therapist, but at no time was therapy seen as an option by Sonny. Kellie is a gym bunny who has been waiting SIX WHOLE MONTHS for Sonny to notice her and have sex with her. She is done waiting to get a piece of Sonny's ass -  so when Sonny has a PTSD panic attack/flashback in the gym corridor, she decides to use that moment to flirt aggressively with Sonny. Then later she calls Sonny demanding that he ask her out on a date already - it's later the same day as Sonny's attack. She is constantly smiling and laughing and dry humping Sonny until he is worn down and makes a meal for her. Turns out Kellie's dad was on a different Tube train that fateful day and she ran to the scene to find him. She did, then she went into superhero mode and started chucking injured people onto ambulances....yeah, I don't even know and by then I had given up on this story. They have sex and Kellie seems to have a magic hoo-ha that heals Sonny so he didn't even need a therapist. Chapter three is five years later and the couple are sickly sweet at the memorial, with Sonny pointed out he is nervous about going inside King Cross station for the service even though he had sex with Kellie just that morning. *SIGH* 1 star. 


The Missing Piece by K.L. Humphreys (Amputee) - bore, boring, bored. Lots of inspirational quotes that came out sounding more like clichés then character driven change. Heidi seemed desperate to be in a relationship with Tyler for some unknown reason; Macy (Tyler's sister) was either sobbing her heart out or pushing Tyler to be with Heidi so he can be "healed". I skimmed through the dialog and the last chapter was just a sappy mess. 2 stars because this story may be someone else's good time.


Broken Reflection by Alice La Roux (Body Dysmorphia) - this was a mercifully short look at the beginnings of a romance. The beginning first act with Andrei and the sex worker really didn't connect at all with the ending, seem more like an excuse to throw some BDSM into the story. Andrei and Olivia shared the scars and the reasons why in a funhouse was a good starting off point to a relationship. 2 stars.


Penciled Hearts by K A Sands (Autism) - I think that the author missed the premise of the anthology. Lewis has a son (Olivier) with moderate autism and non-verbal. But the story was supposed to be about one of the heroes with the disability or illness, not adjacent to it. The story was just okay, I thought the romance between Lewis and Jack was fine if needing a little more time to season. I did like the author's choice to have Lewis be bisexual and Jack being gay without the story turning into a "gay for you" situation. Lewis knew he was bi and owned it and Jack wasn't afraid Lewis would dump him for a woman - throwing a healthy dose of water on that stupid and pointless stereotype. 2.5 stars.


Tremble by Lexxie Couper (Parkinson's) - Sami and Ben's coming to terms with his diagnosis was great but it came after too much sex for a less than 30 page story. It was nice to read a story taking place somewhere other than the UK or the USA. 3 stars.


The Heart of the Matter by Morgan Campbell (Heart Defect) - Colin was a great hero but Laurel was definitely one of those heroines that was "how does his condition affect me? how can I make his coma about me? I need to be centered in all things including my boyfriend almost dying". She cried so much and then had a mental breakdown while Colin fought for his life in the hospital - all anyone could do was coddle her. Meanwhile Colin just went through heart transplant surgery...yeah, good luck with Laurel the Bridezilla. 2 stars.


Royally Twisted by Ellie Boon (Breast Cancer/Suicide) - so I'm not one for tattoo romances or biker gang romances, but I liked this story. TW: suicide on the page...in the prologue. The hero, Tymber (seriously what the hell is with these character names), is a breast cancer survivor and a regular at a cancer support meeting; he meets Ivy who is trying to get up the courage to go to a suicide support meeting. Ivy's BFF committed suicide right in front of her and she is not handling it well - on top of the grief is the fact that BFF was the younger brother of the President and VP of the local biker gang and they are faulting her for their brother's death. Tymber is a former military veteran and tattoo artist/owner of the shop the biker gang frequents. I skimmed through the sex scenes (one of the reasons I don't typically read these kinds of stories is that the sex is very crude) but I loved how Tymber and Ivy were open about their past struggles and how they were helping each other. 3 stars.



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text 2020-05-22 19:49
#FridayReads - May 22, 2020 Last Day of School Edition
1666: Plague, War, and Hellfire - Rebecca Rideal
Dance All Night - Alexis Daria
Love by the Letter - Melissa Jagears
Proper English - K.J. Charles
Mail Order Cowboy - Maisey Yates
The Cost of Hope (The Cost of Love Series #1) - G. S. Carr
Because He's Perfect: Anthology for the Movember Foundation - Danielle Dickson,Anna Blakely,Ally Vance,Alice La Roux,Renee Harless,Sienna Grant,Claire Marta,Lexi C. Foss,Tracie Delaney,Dani René,K. L. Humphreys,Elle Boon,Carrie Ann Ryan,Victoria James,Samantha Lewis,Lexxie Couper,Anne Joseph,Victoria-Maria MacDonal

Last night I registered myself and the kids for our local public library's Summer Reading Program, which starts June 1st. I already received my first "badge" which was "Coffee and Books" - very fitting Beanstack, even if I drink tea not coffee. The program for the kids will be done via two ways: FB Live for story time, and then parents go the library and pick up materials for the hands on part of the program to do at home. Honestly, this works for me and the kids - who knew the social distancing methods would work so well with mine and the kids temperaments?


Today the kids and I participated in the "reverse parade" where parents drive their kids to school to caravan along the sidewalk and say goodbye to the teachers and staff (the last two social distances parades had the teachers caravan through the different neighborhoods that feed into our school). I received a succulent from Sophia's teacher as a thank you gift for helping out in the classroom this year.  After, we went to Starbucks for apple juice and cake pops to celebrate - Joshua is now a 4th grader and Sophia is now a 2nd grader! 


Looking towards this holiday weekend, I am working my way through 1666, which will be my prime reading choice so I can officially finish Snakes and Ladders 2020. Then on Monday, I start my summer reading project with daily reading in the anthology Because He's Perfect. The novellas Random Number Generator picked for me this upcoming week are Dance All Night, Love By the Letter, Proper English, Mail Order Cowboy, and The Cost of Hope. So that is what I'm reading this weekend/week. 


Happy Reading and if you are in the US, Happy Memorial Day!

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