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review 2013-05-06 08:25
Sleep Stalkers by Jackie O' Dierno
Finally finished this book. At first, it was not a page turner for me because on the first chapter I kinda got a little confused on who is telling the story because the author was trying to introduce the 3 main characters Deliverance, Luke and Dave. As I worked my way out of the first few chapters I just admired how the plot was excellently constructed, and suddenly got into the book that I just didn't want to put it down. Obviously I had to get on with my own life so I finished this book by reading a few chapters a day. The ending was unexpected but it was romantic in a twisted way. The author did a great job in inserting humor and romance into this disturbing dystopian world. It was evident that a lot of research went in to the story especially when Dee was trying to help the minions understand the situation at hand and the solution that she came up with. This book deserves more attention and maybe a movie too xD
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review 2012-07-18 00:00
Sleep Stalkers
Sleep Stalkers - Jacki O'Dierno Three unique individuals walk the planet all with the same motive in mind. They want to rid of the cities of the demons that have now escaped and are entering the world in record numbers. Together they must lead and together they have the ability to overcome the chaos that has swallowed the innocent citizens while they sleep. The cities are being torn apart and the citizens have no idea what is causing the turmoil, they only want it to stop and the government is no help as they discourage any supreme faith so all “hell” breaks lose. The minions, who have psychic ability, can escape the grasp of the demons but they must join together to fight the devastation that these demons have caused and they need their leaders for guidance. There were some intense moments while reading and how the duo met was interesting. It was not some big production but it was a matter of fact …..like the aliment of the stars. I also liked how the minions referred to Dee as Xena, I visualized this super hero with the flowing hair, chest plate, wrist bands and some fantastic shoes or ankle bands. All through the book, I saw her like this. Great job in the details of the characters and the scenes as I felt I was a part of the book. The author did not throw everything out on the table at the beginning of the book but rather they fed you details just as you needed them as you read along and I enjoyed that. As the story progressed you learned the story of Dee and author fed you that information bit by bit – not giving you too much information but stringing you along, just like a mystery so the pieces uncovered just a bit about the mystery of her life. The same is true about the rest of the main characters and the plot of the story. The story just built as you were reading so you just could not put it down. I was given this book by the author for my honest opinion, I received nothing for my opinion but I did get a fantastic book out of the deal.
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review 2012-04-27 00:00
Sleep Stalkers - Jacki O'Dierno I received this book from Sleep Stalkers Ebook Giveaway.
Türkçe yorumuma Buradan ulaşabilirsiniz

I loved it, totally worth reading!
So romantic, so full of action, sacrifice and badassness i can't believe it ends there.

In the beginning i liked book but could not make what is the story. there are three narrator, narration was turning and it a bit distracted me. After i get what happens, story captivated me, Luke and Dee's love,adoration, tender touch to each other, was really amazing.

One of the narrator was Luke. According to Dave "He has the look of a man who was drowning, slowly being dragged down into the murky depths hopelessness no matter how hard he struggled to reach surface" Luke is in a bad situation. But then he meets Dave and he places him after his lost uncle, he gains an innocence he lost long time ago.

Dave is the older narrator, lost his daugher, he needs company too. Luke and Dave helps each other, fight their own demons. Every one in this book is hurt.

"He turned away from the gruesome scene and stared out at the lake, breathing deeply through his mouth. The lake was the same as before, no different even though death was currently parading along its shores. Cold hearted bitch, Luke thought again to himself."

Last narrator enters the picture, lead by her physic powers like Dave and Luke. She knows she is the only hope the world has and she fight for humanity. From the first moment Luke and Dee see each other, they feel an atraction, it is more then that, it is in soul.

After this point they have just one target, destroy demons and save world, they call other minions to where war is to happen and make a plan. in the end we can say, love wins but sacrifices are a necessity.

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