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url 2020-02-01 09:33
How Data Science made Twitter a Top Social Media Channel - DataFlair

How data science is used at twitter, responsibilities of a data scientist in Twitter. Twitter hires specialized Data Scientists who are able to analyze data

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text 2019-12-02 13:52
How to make your content or posts go viral in social media and networks




Today  there are plenty of rich ways to connect people or audience easily but there should be a successful reach to people unless there will be no much profit that can be gained if your business is not much known to people. Here are  some of the useful ideas or ways that you can benefit to grow your audience base more:


Have a human or common man approach towards audience while building up your content


   In other words When something that you are sharing is personal to someone, they will pass it on to others or their acquaintances. If audience can relate to and apply it to their own lives, they are much more likely to share. For instance Maybe you want to share some of traits of boss  that you hate, you can use it as your main content or stuff it suitably to reach out.


If you need to spend something to look clever make it!


    When people need smart things or need to look smart make them by your suitable ways found. But don’t overproduce anything, praise  them or make them clever by encouraging out. Also  see that you make the content or post genuine otherwise it may return a bad impression.


Go interactive with people and learn the ways or techniques to interact more.


        Encourage your audience or people to do something better or share their materials or photos that will be useful for everyone to indulge on your platform of market.  For instance have a series of hashtags #Online gaming software provider , #Bestgaming etc. that visitors can use could involve them to take pictures or shares easily which should be shareworthy. 


Suggest Best hacks and tips trending


           As trends changes,  people may  look for hacking techniques that will workout to achieve or  complete their tasks  easily or successfully in short ways.  Otherwise suggest your hacks  which are ethical or safe to workout and even suggesting tips would be enough and best at most times.


Ensure your posts have appropriate contents and even short


               Your posts should throw clear ideas on people so that more traffic is acquired in order you may require suitable contents matching your topic or post. Search  niche blogs or articles posted on popular sites from Medium, wordpress etc. More precisely Ensure what forms of media you need for your post and  most needed is Compelling Headlines which would be good enough to add enough traffic.


Use Best Visuals or graphics and images

             As Everyone knows attractive visuals or animated images would draw more attention for any type of ad or post, it’s more needed to plan for best visuals with suitable graphics or animation to gain sight of anyone who comes across your post or article. Specially use three types of contents that tends to involve any individual more into your niche, first the content that educates, 2. content that entertains, thirdly the content helps your audience do certain things and make the right decisions. be anything you post it should throw a clear call to action to your audience. 

Source: usefulservicesforall.blogspot.com
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url 2019-11-10 14:52
New Social Media Platform like of 2019

Now, new Social Media Platform has been launched that is free with own self hosting space. Open platform for speech like other social sites.

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url 2019-11-10 14:31
New Launch of Social Networking Site Before End of 2019

A new Social Networking free self hosted  Site has been launched named Mastodon that is trending so fast. Know more, Just click over the link and check its latest features that makes it more interesting than other sites.

Source: www.jiostreet.com
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text 2019-11-08 08:42

Hiring a Digital Marketing agency has its own advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest challenge is sharing DATA and ACCESS to the agency. With Leverage we will help you succeed in your own premises with your own team and empower you with valuable content learning of over 42 tools, implement them and get the ball rolling to help you GROW on SOCIAL MEDIA.


Never before in the history has technology been a driving force to define the way we do business. Today's customer is more educated than every before and he is not looking at informer he's looking at informal friend.


Your buyer is socially connected, mobile and real time informed. Digital marketing has collided the divide between Sales, Marketing, Branding, Business Development.

You can only adapt or stay alive. Roles played by Sales and Marketing professionals are still the same but platforms and tools are different. Social selling is about leveraging your social network to nurturing lasting relationships amplifying trust to build sales pipeline and grow revenue. Social selling is change in approach to customer acquisition, retention, marketing strategy and sales funnel.

Cold calling, emailing, brochures in mail are things of past and need to be blended with social selling approach.Traditional marketing's blend with digital is 'happy hour offer' effect.


Source: www.amitjadhav.com
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