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review 2017-06-13 07:11
Book Review For: Stranger by Robin Lovett
Stranger: A Dark Stalker Romance - Robin Lovett
Stranger: A Dark Stalker RomanceStranger: A Dark Stalker Romance by Robin Lovett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'Stranger' by Robin Lovett is book One in the New Series " A Dark Stalker Romance". This is the story of Logan and Penny.
Penny just lost her father just a few months ago which she is finding emotionally upsetting. Although they were not that close he was still her father. Her brother though seems to hate their father and doesn't understand her feelings. One day she happens to see a man on her lunch break just standing their looking at her. Penny does nothing but see him again when she gets off this goes on for almost a week before she confronts him. Logan has been watching Penny and waiting for her to approach him. Logan hated Penny's father and now feels like his revenge on her father would have to come through Penny. When he tries to tell her what her father has done she doesn't listen and walks away. But she slowly comes back to him another day to listen. Although she is reluctant to believe him, she does believe his threats to tell the media.
Their relationship starts with blackmail but it slowly starts to grow into love and for these two lost soles to come together. Although their story has a happy ending her this book does lead you into the second book with a small tease into that second book.
A Dark Stalker Romance:
Stranger, Book 1
Deceiver, Book 2
Keeper, Book 3
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

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Source: www.amazon.com/Stranger-Stalker-Romance-Robin-Lovett-ebook/dp/B06X96TQZL/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1497204599&sr=8-1&keywords=Stranger+Robin+Lovett
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review 2017-05-20 14:19
After a great start...............
Stalker - Lars Kepler

Anyone who has watched The Killing (Danish version) will know that this type of Nordic crime telling has a raw, edgy yet intensive burn. It's almost as if the action is slowed down, and combining this with the bleakness and solitude of the weather and dour intensive characters certainly makes for unmissable viewing. This translates very well into the written word and I have always enjoyed reading the highly addictive prose of Jo Nesbo and Henning Mankell. Having therefore read the positive amazon reviews and noting that the English "Daily Express" has described the book as "Terrifying yet hugely enjoyable" I was eager to make the acquaintance of The Stalker!


The synopsis is simple. The National Crime Investigation Department, based in Stockholm, is receiving tapes/video that purport to show a young lady alone at night in her house plainly unaware that she is the subject of some deranged mind. Soon after the tape is received a badly mutilated, and savaged body is discovered the natural conclusion being that the narcissistic killer is pre warning the police of his intentions and they can do nothing to stop him as he is in total control. Imagine you, the reader, alone at night with the windows and doors hopefully locked and secured when you read the following....."There's a breeze blowing straight through the kitchen. The door to the garden is wide open. The thin curtain of plastic strips is fluttering into the room. She walks slowly forward. It's hard to see anything behind the dancing curtain. There could be someone standing just outside...."........"holds her breath when she hears footsteps outside the cupboard. They move off in the direction of the kitchen, the doors knock against each other the other door slips open a couple of millimetres. She stands in the darkness with her eyes open wide, and hears a kitchen drawer being opened. There's a metallic clattering sound, and she's breathing in short gasps....." These highly memorable and truly frightening descriptions were in all honesty the highlight of what in reality became a ponderous and very average crime thriller.


Detective Margot Silverman is senior officer tasked with bringing the stalker to justice. After a very short period she is instructed to approach and enlist the help of  D I Joona Linna who is on compassionate leave. I thought this was a mistake as the heavily pregnant Margot was a much more interesting and likeable personality and it would have been good to understand how she combined a stressful job with pregnancy and home. Eric Maria Bark, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, hopes that his insight into the psychotic mind can play a positive contribution into the investigation. A bizarre situation develops when Eric decides to commence piano lessons (??) Within a very short time he is sha**ing the piano teacher and making a clumsy attempt at a Chopin Etude. It is this type of random incident that really turned what could have been an excellent frightening thriller into a very mediocre story. (spoiler to follow) A totally unexpected event happens when Katryna, the wife of Margot's assistant Adam Youssef, becomes the next victim of the stalker. Now the hunt for the killer is personal but unfortunately the author barely mentions Adam or Katryna again. How did this traumatic event effect Detective Youssef? This was such an horrific occurrence and yet the author barely makes mention in the remainder of the book.


Apart from a few genuinely brilliant moments the storytelling was very average, lots of time and description wasted on a clueless police force chasing an elusive psychopath throughout the streets and suburbs of Stockholm. What about the killer you may ask? Without wishing to unveil or spoil your entertainment (?) I found the disclosure of the killer preposterous and highly unlikely...of course you may choose to disagree. I realize that Jonna Linna is the main character in The Stalker as it is part of a series. The author missed a good opportunity here to remove an overrated, conceited and unfit Detective Inspector and replace with the womanly charms of the unassuming Margot Silverman.

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text 2017-05-08 08:00
Stalker on the Fens by Joy Ellis
STALKER ON THE FENS a gripping crime thr... STALKER ON THE FENS a gripping crime thriller full of twists - JOY ELLIS Stalker on the Fens by Joy Ellis is a mystery/thriller that is filled with twists and turns. I gave it five stars because it kept my full attention from start to finish and was an enjoyable suspense-filled story. DI Nikki Galena and Joseph Easter are back attempting to protect their friend Helen Brooks. Can they find the stalker before she's killed? "She was taller than Nikki by almost a foot, an aging Amazon. Even if Dr. Chambers was pushing sixty, she was exactly the sort of person she would want with her when she interviewed Oliver Kirton. She exuded strength, but not in the physical sense. What flowed from the doctor was the fortitude of a wise woman or high priestess." The author has come up with another winning book. I received a complimentary Kindle copy from Joffe Books and NetGalley. That did not change my opinion for this review. Link to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/STALKER-gripping-crime-thriller-twists-ebook/dp/B01M6Z0YPZ
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review 2016-12-05 14:26
The Night Stalker - Robert Bryndza

The 2nd book featuring feisty Erika Foster as she races around trying to catch The Night Stalker who has a list of people who need to die and this person is determined that they will. Once again Erika rubs people up the wrong way and only her closest colleagues get a glimpse of the real woman hiding beneath her armour. Despite the fact that she's a bit of a fag ash Lil and a maverick I did warm to her. This was a great way to pass the time, racing through the pages to discover the outcome. A good thriller which attention grabbed from the start. Hope Erika will be back soon!

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review 2016-10-19 06:26
The Vampire Stalker: A Book Boyfriend Fantasy
The Vampire Stalker - Allison van Diepen

Amy is in love with the brooding fictional hero of a book series called Otherworld. Alex is a vampire hunter who accidentally finds himself in Amy’s world. Can the two figure out why their world met, and can Alex stop the vampire he’s hunting before Amy’s world is turned as dark as his own?

I really liked the plot of The Vampire Stalker because it involved what the author called ‘literary physics’, the theory that some authors don’t make up a fictional world but somehow tap into another dimension and write about that one instead. I like it because I had the same theory when I was a teenager. I was really pleased to see someone actually make a story of this theory, even if it did involve a vampire hunter with a fan following akin to Twilight or Harry Potter. I mean, vampires are so last year, amiright? But it worked in this book.
I liked how Alex was as well-rounded a character as a real person, and even took offence to ‘his’ Chicago being referred to as ‘Otherworld’. He had a purpose and didn’t really have time for a romance to distract him. The only part of the plot that I didn’t really buy was the curfew enforced on Amy’s city when the police ‘realised’ the serial killer was a ‘real vampire’. I mean, it just seemed so fake. Even this current terrifying clown epidemic hasn’t caused any curfews, and no one is actually going to believe a real vampire is murdering people.

Another thing I found unrealistic was Amy’s close and personal friendship with her school librarian. I’m a book nerd but I would never visit my librarian’s house for dinner after ‘working late’ or whatever it is she was doing, or consider her a friend. It seems pretty inappropriate for a member of staff to be interacting with pupils that way, especially out of hours. Also it seemed that Amy wasn’t that close to the librarian to begin with, then all of a sudden they have this history together and she trusts her with Alex’s secret. And this librarian is OK with this weird teenager just coming to live with her.
And of course Amy was the kind of mousy-haired, non-makeup-wearing, book-loving YA heroine every brooding bad boy goes nuts for. And her book boyfriend just happened to be the less popular of the two male leads in the book series – because the more popular one is already in a relationship with a female vampire. But the thing I missed most was any kind of chemistry between the two – here was more chemistry when Alex was yelling at her and saving her life rather than any sweet, romantic moments between the two. I still don’t see what Alex saw in Amy – she’s your paint-by-numbers typical YA heroine, bland as beige and designed to appeal to the masses.

Mind you, there was nothing particularly memorable about the writing. The best thing about this book was the literary physics theory – oh yeah, did I mention that ‘helpful, friendly high school librarian’ who is more than happy to run around two teenagers to book events also used to be a physicist who came up with the theory? That’s why she recognises Alex. I did find the reaction of the poor author who thought she imagined this world quite realistic – once she recognises her own villain is out to get her, she can only call her hero for help. But really, the whole point of this book is to bring some teen girls’ fantasy to life and see what it might actually be like if your book boyfriend stepped into your world and got to know you.

With a bland heroine and no spark between the two romantic interests, the positive is that if you don’t take it too seriously the book is a cute, fluffy, quick read and the other characters all seem well-rounded. I thought the somewhat original premise was given a great boost by the literary physics theory but unfortunately the writing itself lacked punch as well.



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