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text 2018-03-06 13:17
Tie-in to Damnation
Doctor Strange (2015-) #386 - Donny Cates,Niko Henrichon

Nick Spencer is co-heading Damnation.   


Still mad at Nick Spencer.  This is also written by the dude who's co-writing Damnation.   So... yeah, not a huge fan of his on a personal level, despite loving this title.   It's clever, it's fun, and if only the author hadn't thrown in with Spencer...

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text 2018-03-04 13:07
Go big or go home?

I've not been able to read for a month or so, but I just read a short poetry book, so that felt nice. :D I have a really hard time focusing and also can't seem to just pick up the book and go. That's executive dysfunction for you.


However, I really want to find my groove again. I get better when I get into a routine of some sort. I've started Salem's Lot by Stephen King, but I also think I want to tackle a bigger book after Salem's Lot, as the bigger books are the ones I've always put off because of my lack of focus. Les Miserables and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. (Both over 1000 pages) are both on my list to read.


I've actually put them off for over a decade, despite really wanting to read them. Should I ease myself back into reading with a bunch of small books or slowly chip off chunks of a big book?


Any other chunkers worth reading? I'm also on the lookout for more Gothic literature, so if you have any recommendations, that would be great.

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review 2018-03-01 15:27
Loki storyline ends
Doctor Strange (2015-) #385 Kindle & comiXology - Mike Del Mundo,Donny Coates,Gabriel Walta

I'll miss it.   It was confusing, and weird, but funny as hell, too.   Also, a lot of what happens - like why Loki does this - is unexpected, but kinda makes sense, too.   Zelma's decision at the end?  I didn't see it coming, but, yes, it makes sense, too. 



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review 2018-03-01 15:18
Dr. Strange vs. Loki
Doctor Strange (2015-) #384 Kindle & comiXology - Mike Del Mundo,Donny Coates,Gabriel Walta

So, yeah, that's still happening.   Loki as the Sorcerer Supreme is the weirdest thing ever.  Love.   

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review 2018-02-25 20:36
Beautiful and lyrical
Travelling in a Strange Land - David Park

Sometimes you read a book and the affect it has on you is one of sheer astonishment...astonishment that the written word can be so powerful, so all consuming. David Park is one of the few authors who has the ability to retain my 100 percent attention and to transport me to a time and location that is profoundly sad but yet so lyrical. Tom is on a journey from Belfast to Sunderland to collect his unwell son Luke, and return him home to the family nest for Christmas. The weather is bad, airports are closed, and the journey involves Tom treacherously navigating a frozen landscape. In this desolate setting there is much time to reflect on family life, decisions taken, regrets examined and a haunted memory..."Something brushes a branch further up the slope and snow falls almost in slow motion. I know its Daniel even though I can't see him"....... It soon becomes clear that tragedy has befallen a family member and in the passing of those lonely snowbound hours the full extent and heart break of Daniel's story is laid bare.


What follows is a brilliant wretched story, that demands the reader's attention and sympathy, a sadness and situation that a family must accept and are powerless to change the inevitable ending. Let the words of David Park overwhelm you with their sparse and translucent prose...."The city looks like one of its sleeping homeless, huddled against the cold and layered in borrowed clothes"....."so I have to think things out on this journey but I don't know if the monochrome world I'm travelling through makes it easier or harder"....."life now ebbs and flows only as an inescapable welter of thought and image."....."Strange to be nursed by your child but I guess that reversal of roles is one that probably awaits us all down the road."....


A truly wonderful novel by an exceptional author, many thanks to the good people at netgalley and publisher Bloomsbury for a gratis copy in exchange for an honest review and that is what I have written.

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