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text 2017-06-25 11:00
COYER Summer Reading List | June Readathon!
COYER is a reading challenge hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading, Berls @ Fantasy is more fun, and Stormi @ Books, Movies, Reviews Oh My!
COYER stands for "Clean out your e-reads."  And typically the goal is to read from all the freebies or low priced books you've collected in the past on your e-readers.

But for this summer duration of June 17th to September 8th, our hosts are throwing out the normal rules!

Click on this link to sign up or read about COYER Summer 2017.
My COYER Summer Reading List summary page.

For those of us participating in the Summer Reading List part of this summer's COYER Challenge, our hosts have announced three different readathons for each month of the challenge:


  • Read-a-thon Dates are
    • June 25th – July 2nd ~ read only ebooks
    • July 23rd to July 30th ~ read only physical books
    • August 20th to August 27th ~ read only audio and ebooks

So today kicks off the first COYER readathon this summer!

For this week of June 25th through to July 2nd, we are to read only e-books, and only e-books from our pre-made lists as well.

Of course, as a person who is a pretty big mood reader (and also with other reading challenges still going on), I obviously am not going to be restricting myself to only the e-books on my Summer Reading List.  But I will definitely try.

I'm simply going to make sure that I only count the books that I read, the e-books, from my Summer Reading List, towards this readathon, and obviously towards COYER Challenge.

Below is my finalized, official Reading List.  And if I happen to finish up to five books in this week, I suppose I'll add to it with five more to read!



Ani's COYER Summer Reading List

See Also: COYER Summer Reading List @ GR


  1. Going Rogue by Robin Benway
  2. Secret Agent Secretary by Melissa Cutler
  3. Hot on the Hunt by Melissa Cutler
  4. Behind the Scenes by Natalie J. Damschroder
  5. Secrets by Cynthia Eden
  6. Suspicions by Cynthia Eden
  7. The Manhattan Encounter by Addison Fox
  8. Hot Mess by Lynn Raye Harris
  9. Hot Package by Lynn Raye Harris
  10. SEAL's Honor by Elle James
  11. On the Loose by Tara Janzen
  12. Cutting Loose by Tara Janzen
  13. The Mysterious Twin by Leona Karr -- 6/23/2017
  14. Cold Memory by Leslie A. Kelly
  15. Pushing the Lines by Kimberly Kincaid
  16. Skin Deep by Kimberly Kincaid
  17. Midnight Exposure by Melinda Leigh
  18. Night Diver by Elizabeth Lowell
  19. The First Victim by J.B. Lynn
  20. Thicker Than Water by Maggie Shayne
  21. The Littlest Cowboy by Maggie Shayne
  22. The Law of Attraction by N.M. Silber
  23. Her Fierce Warrior by Paige Tyler
  24. Heat Wave anthology - Stephanie Bond, Heidi Betts, Leslie Kelly
  25. That's Amore anthology - Janelle Denison, Tori Carrington, Leslie Kelly
  26. Bare Essentials duo-story anthology - Jill Shalvis, Leslie Kelly
  27. Night Driving by Lori Wilde
  28. Smooth Sailing by Lori Wilde
  29. Crash Landing by Lori Wilde
  30. Part Time Cowboy by Maisey Yates

Well... Happy Reading, everyone!!



Source: anicheungbookabyss.blogspot.com/2017/06/coyer-summer-reading-list-june-readathon.html
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text 2017-06-25 04:29
Read-a-thon: 24 in 48! July 2017 | Ani's Plans!

So here is the basic gist of this read-a-thon as copied from the 24 in 48 Readathon site:


Beginning at 12:01am on Saturday morning and running through 11:59pm on Sunday night, readers read for 24 hours out of that 48 hour period.  You can split that up however you’d like: 20 hours on Saturday, 4 hours on Sunday; 12 hours each day; six 4 hour sessions with 4 hour breaks in between; whatever you’d like.

After checking my weekend rotation schedule, it looks like I will be off the weekend that this July 2017 24in48 Readathon is to take place!  The thon will be July 22nd and 23rd, and well, look at that!  We're still cruising along with Booklikes-opoly as well!

I'm not entirely sure what books I will be reading for the thon, as, for some reason, I decided to do an early announcement this time.  The past two thons I had always forgotten about them until about a week or two prior to the readathon weekend, so I usually had an idea of what I'd like to read.

But being that BLopoly is sort of dictating my reads for the most part, I'm just going to wing it this time and just create a simple goal to at least finish one and a half to two books.  Why such a funky goal?  Because I typically only end up finishing two books, if the past two 24in48s I participated in are any indication... but usually at least one of those books I had already started reading prior to the thon.

And to top it off, I will also usually start read at least one or two more books... for whatever reason.

Though, I will admit that lately, I haven't really been reading too many books simultaneously.


If I were to make a list of all the books I hope to read, or a list of possible books I would like to be able to read, it would look a little like this:


It's pretty much wide open, my possible choices, and those aren't even all the books I glanced over within the past week and thought: "Hmm, I want to read this next."  So... I think I probably shouldn't speculate on what I'm planning on reading...  Because I want to read ALL THE BOOKS!  But I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen in 48 hours of time, barring time loops and time freezes, or magical speed reading glasses...

Ooh, or time turners!


How many times are we turning this thing, Hermione?  I need at least six or seven (hundred) of these 48 hour thon weekends to complete ALL THE BOOKS.  And remember, NO ONE is sleeping until we're done!

Let's go!




Source: anicheungbookabyss.blogspot.com/2017/06/read-thon-24-in-48-july-2017-anis-plans.html
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url 2017-06-22 19:23
Sign Ups are Live!

Sign ups for the summer edition of the #24in48 read-a-thon is now live. I have already signed up, and will be posting updates here and on my IG account.

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text 2017-05-14 02:12
Reading progress: 5%.
Blackveil - Kristen Britain



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text 2017-05-14 00:27
Reading progress update: I've read 3%.
Blackveil - Kristen Britain

*grumble* glad to finally remember to get around to reading this one.  I love this series but with 3-4 years between books ... *ack*


I'm lucky to remember heroine's name.  I made myself wait until either more were published or author announced the series was finished.  Then kind of forgot about it until fictfact.com's next in series list reminded me I meant to read it.


Not really on topic for anything but his cover in thumbnail always looks like the old covers of Little Fuzzy and Fuzzy Sapiens to me.  I think it's the tree roots and "blonde" bipeds.

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