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review 2018-07-03 05:00
Lovely children book on gender
Introducing Teddy: A gentle story about gender and friendship - Dougal MacPherson,Jess Walton

Errol and Thomas the teddy are friend. 

They play together.


Thomas is unhappy. 


Thomas the teddy wants to tell Errol that she is a girl teddy and not a boy teddy. 


The story is about gender identity for little children. Girl teddy being mistaken as boy teddy would make the girl teddy unhappy. It is good to allow the girl teddy to identity herself as girl teddy. 



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review 2018-05-28 21:35
Not bad, not great
The Other Teddy Roosevelts - Mike Resnick

Not bad. If you've read any SFnal anthology since the middle 1980s (earlier, actually, but I'm too lazy to go look up his first appearance in print) you've read some Resnick. I'm no big fan of his pedestrian writing, but I'm a BIG fan of TR.


Red Whitechapel puts TR at the centre (cause it's in Lunnon I misspelled center, see?) of the Jack the Ripper hunt. Resnick even says he wrote this to get some attention for a theory he proposed in a non-fiction article published in the 1970s regarding his (quite plausible and eminently sensible) idea of who and what the real Ripper was. Wasn't much impressed by the fictionalization. 3 stars


Two Hunters in Manhattan was a real eye-roller, TR making the acquaintance of an ancient Greek vampire who, inexplicably, pays no slightest attention to TR's request for assistance in specific ways but instead whimsically decides to do it his own way. Who knows, maybe that comes with having blues eyes, black hair. 2 stars


The Roosevelt Dispatches puts Teddy in Cuba and has has him meet the Martians from Wells' The War of the Worlds. Okay. 3 stars


Bully! got the otherwhen versions of TR rolling in Resnick's creative world. Nominated for the big awards. I enjoyed this one. 3.5 stars


The Bull Moose at Bay is the most intriguing story to me...how TR got to where he is at the beginning of the tale is deeply satisfying, the place where the tale takes off is spot-on, and the ending is also satisfying. My quibble is why be coy about the identities of the birthday party guests? Still, hands-down my favorite. 4 stars


Over There was depressing and unlikely. TR was too full fledged a politician to fall for what happened to him; the ending was inevitable and seen clearly from the beginning. 2 stars


The Light that Blinds, the Claws that Catch is unmemorable and uninteresting. 3 stars because it's competently written.

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review 2018-05-16 00:00
Man of My Dreams: A Steamy Contemporary Romance (The Manly Series Book 3)
Man of My Dreams: A Steamy Contemporary Romance (The Manly Series Book 3) - Teddy Hester A daredevil pilot and a cautiously lonely heiress. Both have their own dramas to work through. For Menuett, she's still that lost little girl, haunted my loneliness and scared of what fate has in store. She has dreams that leave her confused and wary that star a man she has yet to meet and an event that she hopes never happens. Mick is a man on the edge. Danger suits him. He loves being a pilot until the day tragedy strikes and has him questioning his choices. Hester paints a picture of love lost, hearts found and happy endings at stake. Man of My Dreams is many things, but at the center of it all is a sweetly captivating story of hope and healing. Unique and impactive read.

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review 2018-03-14 00:00
Man in Charge: A Steamy Contemporary Romantic Comedy (The Manly Series Book 2)
Man in Charge: A Steamy Contemporary Romantic Comedy (The Manly Series Book 2) - Teddy Hester Teddy Hester will have readers wondering whose the alpha in this relationship? Both want control. Neither knows how to compromise. Man in Charge is a battle of wills that steams up the boardroom and heats up the bedroom. Order is the objective, but chaos is the name of the game. Cleo is a woman existing in a man's world. She knows the score and has no problem with breaking all the rules. Tony is a lone wolf. A player that holds all the cards. The player is about to get played. Hester sexes it up wile delivering a feisty tale of humor and heart that kept me guessing until the last battle.
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review 2018-01-16 00:00
Bearly Departed (A Teddy Bear Mystery)
Bearly Departed (A Teddy Bear Mystery) - Meg Macy I got an ARC of this book from netgalley and Kensington Publishing.

Sasha Silverman is busy running her family owned business the Silver Bear Shop and Factory. The company's sales rep Will Taylor is discussing some major changes at the factory that include some staff cuts, and sending the manufacturing over seas. Tempers are boiling over and Sasha or her sister Maddie can't seem to get in touch with their parents.

When the sisters discover Will's body in the bear factory, everyone becomes a suspect in his murder. The cop's main suspect is the girl's Uncle Ross but Sasha isn't buying that for a minute. No matter how angry Ross gets he would never kill anyone.. When Sasha launche her own investigation into the murder she discovers that Will had quite a number of enemies.

The story has an interesting premise with interesting characters, with a storyline that is intriguing and captivating.
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