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review 2019-06-26 02:38
Mitch being put on trial
Extreme Measures - Vince Flynn

Mitch is going after terrorists. Senators are going after Mitch for his method of gaining information from terrorists. 


Mitch goal is clear. He  based on solid intel and go after terrorists so he and his team could stop terrorist attack.


The goal of the senator Lonsdale is go after Mitch and Nash for treating captured terrorists badly. Senators seems to missed the point why Mitch did what he did and his goal.


So the story played this out. Two cells of terrorists were intercepted and there is a third cell at large. 


As Mitch is the good guy in the story, the story seems more right leaning. if there is no oversight, CIA operative would only rely on their ethic to keep themselves in check for not abusing power.


Mitch got a lot of empathy as his motivation is simple. To protect lives.  Terrorists who have no problem killing children are not someone that could persuade through dialogue. 


Nash story is good too. He is a diaper changing modern man who make sure diaper is change with the same effectiveness as he change ammunition for gun. He still have his family he sorries about, while running into danger. 


The story is also told from the perspective of the terrorists. The selfishness of leadership and how little they value human lives. 


A bit more political story. Yet it is good to raise this to allow readers to think it through where they stand on this issue and why. As a more left leaning reader, it is good to read what the other side thing and how there could be compromise in time of crisis.


4 stars.


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review 2019-06-23 08:57
Mitch has to do hostage rescue
Protect and Defend - Vince Flynn

The twist and turn is interesting. 


The story is about Iran and how the power struggle in Iran and the disagreement on how to deal with the US. 


So the Iran way forward is to kidnap a key figure of the US to hold the country foreign policy as ransom. 


Really stupid move. It is not the right thing to kidnap and think they are still in the right. 


The plan works only half way, and it pissed off Mitch to the point that he would disregard even more orders from politicians. 


Anyway, the setup is okay. The action part is really good. 


Enjoy reading this as a distraction. 



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review 2019-06-18 07:56
Mitch found out who killed the new president's wife
Act of Treason - Vince Flynn

Mark Ross is an asshole. He could be friendly and charming but he is also arrogant and only like power. 


Mark Ross has no integrity, a quality that holds a person in a standard that is acceptable to modern society. His value is closer to a sociopath who would harm and kill as long as it helps to get what he wants. 


Of course, now that he is in power and going to be the vice president, he wants to get rid of Mitch Rapp and Irene Kennedy. 


Irene is thinking of leaving too. 


Why not. It is not really an easy game. 


Ross leaked to the newspaper that Mitch captured the wrong guy. It would be potentially embarrassed to the CIA if Mitch was wrong. 


Mitch seems certain that it is fine. Well, it is his confident and having good working relationship with Irene that make the job bearable. As there is too much back stabbing going on in politic. 


Still a good read.  

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review 2019-06-12 08:31
Someone put out a contract to kill Mitch
Consent to Kill - Vince Flynn

This is such a sad story. 


Mitch life is interrupted by violence again. 


This is such a bad thing that a very good contract killer was paid a whole lot of money to kill Mitch.


It is terrible. What's is even more terrible is the the Ross, his new boss is out to get him. And has no idea how to keep his mouth shut on secret that would get someone else killed. 


This is a frustrating story. Why would someone kill him when he is the good guy to kill the bad guys? 


Anyway, an emotional story and not such a great one because of the characters who are not acting human enough. 


4 stars for being a more than okay story.  


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review 2019-06-05 08:31
Mitch would use violence to stop terrorists
Memorial Day - Vince Flynn

The good guys and the bad guys have different rules.

While the bad guys, the religious zealots who would kill women and children, in their way insult a country. The good guys have civil rights and lawyers. 


Could violence be justified if one could save lives?


In the fantasy world like the one Mitch Rapp lives in, yes. Torture might gain result if the religious persons are shock into telling the truth. 


The better thing to do is to get the necessary information without using violence. 


The publicists are the bad guys also in this book.


So far, a really good one. It put the readers in the mind of the terrorists who are convinced that their god asked for sacrifice of the lives of the non believers, the infidels. 


Religious mind is sick mind in the story. 


Nuclear bomb is being smuggled into the country and used for killing many people including the president. Mitch nature is to protect so he hunted the bad guys and try to stop them from execute their terrorist plan.


Really nice reading. Interesting character developments. Mitch is very angry at the terrorists and he is also angry that he didn't get the support he needed to deal with the terrorists. 


Interested to know what he would do next. And how we would learn that his lesson.


4.5 stars. 

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