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url 2020-12-21 12:44
Who Invented A La Carte?

A la carte meaning ‘on the menu’, with each dish separately priced.

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text 2020-11-26 17:57
15 Weird Hobbies That'll Make You Better At Why Is Language Translation Important

The abundant natural resources and beautiful landscapes grant great futures to the African continent with travel and industry development opportunities. The African resources include oil, gold and other minerals, diamonds and other pressure stones, of which some African countries remain higher growth rates, like Sudan, Angola, Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The economic and trading relationships between African and Canada are reaching some new stages in the past years, and the Canadian government, the public and private businesses are investing and involved in the African Great Lake areas and the South Africa including businesses, minerals, and travels. These inter-continent developments require intensive service supports from language translations and interpretations.

With regarding languages, Africa is considered as the continent with the most languages used and the greatest linguistic diversities, and some of them are known as the most difficult ones. There are more than 2,000 - 3,000 different languages spoken by native Africans, and they belong to mostly two language families as the Afro-Asiatic family and the Nilo-Saharan family, each of the family is spoken by about half of the Africans. Among the thousands of African languages, about one hundred are widely used in the interethnic communications, and several ones of them are spoken by the most populations like Berber, Arabic, Amharic, Oromo, Somali, Hausa, Swahili, Yoruba and Igbo. The highly diverse languages cause vital issues in policy makings and official communications in the continent. Even though the African Union announces that all African languages are official, only a few of them are practically used as official at national levels.

The divers and multiple African language families are the big challenges to the translation services, and expertise and profession are definitely required for the translations either from English or Canadian French. In any case of African translation, the social convention and cultural differences of both languages have to be formalized by the translators, in order to transfer and re-capture or reshape the style, the format, and the exact meanings. The diverse languages and multiple races in make the language formalization very complex, andare expected to be possibly handled bynative English or Canadian French translators with Africanlanguage knowledge to manage the workcorrectly and professionally.

The African Language Translation Teams in YYZ are formed of selective professional translators who have native capacities in English or Canadian French with African language background, and familiar with the use of translation related tools and technologies. Theservices offer multiple choicesfrom human translation, memory management, to glossary and terminology management with affordable pricing; and cover most of the industries and business categories. You may contact us for additional client specific serviceadjustments.

You will often find people saying, "When everything fails, read the instruction manual."There is a tendency is many people to operate or assemble many appliances of their own without reading the manual that comes with the product or knowing properly about the appliance and its operation and assembly procedure. This may be applicable in case of personal small appliances which don't cost much. But when it comes to something big and costly, you should not take the risk of using it without adequate knowledge and to get proper instruction there is no better option than the instruction manual that comes with the product you want to operate or assemble. But what if you buy the product from abroad and the manual is not written in your mother tongue. No one would wish to face a situation like this and I am sure you wouldn't too. Here comes the necessity of technical translation.

Our life is surrounded by technology nowadays and we can't think of a single day without the assistance of technical devices and machines. Millions of companies are out there producing all these products and marketing those in different markets around the world. The end-users of all these products speak different languages and in most case they don't have adequate knowledge of English since there are many people who show kind of aversion to learning English specially the Chinese, Japanese and South Koreans. And these countries have huge population who are great potential customers of the products produced by the business companies. In order to market the products in these places, technical translation is a must. Without translation of the instruction manuals, technical products won't run well in markets where the customers speak a different language.

Today technical translation has become a great marketing tool for the business companies. They are translating their technical documents into the languages their customers speak. If you take a look at the statistics of the translation agencies, you will find the highest performed translation job is how to notarize a document translation the technical translation. This clearly indicates the demand of technical translation around the world. With the passage of time the demand of technical translation is increasing exponentially.

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text 2020-07-23 17:34
Where Will Professional translation services Be 1 Year From Now?

You own a company that does business with internationally renowned clients and whose press statements are published worldwide. Your business may not yet exist, but due to the growing global economy, these dreams have become a reality for many companies like yours.

As the economy and the corporate world remain global, we see that the need for language translation services has become even greater than ever. Writeliff writeliff.com/ recognized it very well and responded efficiently in terms of providing high-level translation services. Translation experts shared their ideas and thoughts about current industry trends and what companies need to be aware of in order to compete successfully. We will discuss this in this article.

Why are companies translating their content?

Companies can have a number of motivations to translate their content to the global audience. It may be to facilitate ventures and commercial partnerships abroad or to expand its market penetration and sell to consumers worldwide. However, for whatever reason, today's companies are becoming more specific as to what content they are dedicated to translating and to which audience.

I found an interview with Dougal Cameron, the Director of Operations for the electronic book publishing platform, called Pubsoft. He shared some great ideas that all global companies should know. He said people are avoiding doing 20 or 30 different quick translations. There is more emphasis on why it is translated for a particular audience. An accurate and simple translation can make a big difference in the way the content is obtained.

Take another expert's opinion into consideration. Ian Henderson, Chief Technology Officer at one of the technology companies, says that both poor-quality translation and very sophisticated translation cause a bad impression of the business on the target audience. It also negatively affects the brand, as the content is the first thing people read to learn more about you and your company.

So, what should you know?

If any company wants to translate its content, there are usually three main options, they are automatic translation, professional translator, and crowdsourcing. Each has its own pros and cons and specific purposes.

Which should you look for?

The translation modules that apply to certain content are based on their nature and priorities. You can use high-level translation services for your creative versions or advertising campaign, automatic translation for internal purposes, and crowdsourcing for user-generated content. The trend is becoming smarter about your content and selecting the right quality properly.

Writeliff offers highly professional translation services that not only allow you to present your content to the audience in the desired way but also to deliver the brand's message most positively and accurately.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/search?q=translation and localization

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text 2020-06-25 11:26
Get a reliable partner for the ebook translation

It was only a few decades ago that just a few people could get their work translated into more than one language. However, now the times have changed, and we can have so many books in multiple languages. The internet has made all this a big success through ebook services. One need not travel the world to get a variety of books that, too, in the desired language. He gets it all online. So, if you have also published a book that has a limited reach so far, you can take the help of a reliable ebook translation service and take it to the world. 


Earn higher profits with ebook translation


Ebook is just like every other saleable product or service. Thus, the more comprehensive your market is, the more are the chances of profits. No doubt the ebook authors who want to earn a considerable amount from their literary works can be hugely benefited from the ebook translation services. With their literary works translated into multiple languages, they can present their work across the world and get an audience that they have always dreamt of.


Find some reliable services provider


Translation services are to ease your work as you can not sit down to learn all the language by yourself and then translate the work. It will take too long, and it may not be possible to learn all those languages. Thus, translation services are the best option. You only need to explore various translation service providers in the vicinity and check their services. 


Consider the following ‘to-dos’ while selecting the suitable ebook translation services-


  • Make a list of some preferred service providers in the desired location.
  • Check their portfolio of services online. Go through their website to check their services and the primary objective.
  • Reach out to them one by one and ask about their expertise.
  • Check what kind of reputation they have?
  • Go through their previous work, one to assess the quality of their work.


Ask yourself a few questions like “Do they seem to be the right people for the translation’? “Are the charges fair”? “ Is the quality of work satisfying”? If you are still not satisfied and are confused, contact any of your friends who have already used these services and also ask them about the companies on your list.


The points mentioned above will surely assist you in choosing an appropriate company for the task. Together with this, always remember that you may get various software to perform the translation task, but it cannot meet the perfection of manual translation. Therefore you should get a manual translation company to do the job.

So, let your ebook be read by hungry readers worldwide with the right ebook translation services.

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text 2020-06-25 10:45
Have boundless business with media translation services

Media content covers all the documents that the company uses to spread information about their business on the social media platform or simply on the internet. The papers may range from the press releases to the promotional content. They may be texts, images, videos, etc.


Now, this media content needs to be understood by all, which is not possible by adhering to the use of a single language. To take the material to people in different regions following various cultures, it needs to be translated. You can easily find some experienced media translation services for the same.



What is media translation?


Media translation is the process of translating the media content of a company so that it can reach the target audience in various locations. The translation process can be done for several types of content, like news items, videos, and much more.


In this era of globalization, this service has emerged to be the one-stop solution to overcome the barriers in business expansion. It has become a blessing for the companies who want to sell their products and services in multiple countries.


Following are the benefits of using media translation services:


Increased range of clients- When you manage the media according to the demands of the audience, you have higher chances to grab their attention. Moreover, dealing in multiple languages makes you limitless. You can trade in any country and any region when you have the translation services.


Enhanced Responsive attitude- With the media translation option, you become responsive to the audience. Thus, answering every private and public message regarding the business surely has a positive impact on the reputation of the company.


Building a sharp, professional image- With media translation, the company trades beyond the borders, and such reach has a significant impact on the user’s mind and your professional image.



Legal translation: an essential part


No doubt, media translation is an essential requirement to work beyond international borders, but there is also another vital service- legal translation. The  Legal translations consist of translating the legal documents from one language to the other native one. The materials include contracts, statutes, patents, and various other legal documents. 


Thus, it makes an inevitable part of any foreign deal and business. Legal translation is a complex process and needs a lot of expertise in terms of language as well as law. Hence, you got to look for trusted and reputed legal translation services to avoid errors.


So, when performed with utmost sincerity and dedication, these translation services show unprecedented results. However, minute mistakes sometimes can even invite the devastating unwanted ridicule and anger.


Therefore, it is imperative that you choose the services wisely as per your budget and make the best of it.



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