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text 2020-04-21 10:23
Hire an experienced translation and transcription company for a better outcome

A business has to deal with a diverse audience. Leads belonging to different cultures and origins need to be addressed in a customized way. How can this be achieved? By hiring a translation agency, you can access a diverse set of skills to get your content translated or transcribed. 


Irrespective of volume, any business can now go global and approach a local market. Due to the advancement in technology, a business can easily target a particular audience after learning more about their demography. Due to this, the business will need professional support from a translation company to get the marketing content and resources translated. Using a native dialect and cultural aspect, a message can be made more understandable and engaging.



Understanding an audience first


The world offers limitless opportunities to your business if you are prepared enough to grab them. You can approach any market in any country if your brand has the potential to deliver excellent solutions to an audience. For this, you will have to study a particular audience to understand its demography. After studying it, you will understand that the marketing message, product information or a legal document needs to be properly translated to convey the message.


This is called the localization of a website or a business. Every business, irrespective of its genre, needs localization services from the most experienced agencies so that you can avail of error-free translation of your marketing resources, documents, and electronic files.



Transcription made easier


Agencies offering e-books, audio files, online tutorials, etc will need the service of a transcription company. Transcribing files is done to make them storable and easily usable. Hiring a Transcription Company will enable you to convert the audio files into shareable electronic documents.


An accurate transcription will only lead to the perfect formulation of electronic files from the audio ones. There is no place for any error. For this, hiring an experienced company is a must. In this way, your business can target users with diverse demography. 


One-stop solution


Devnagri is an experienced company in the translation and transcription industry. As per its experts, hiring a company for both the requirements will be ideal. Understanding the business, products, and propositions will make it easier for a company to handle the transcription and translation requirements.


Always check the experience and expertise of a translation company before hiring. In this way, you can assure a brilliant outcome of your requisitions.

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text 2020-04-21 10:05
How a professional translation service can make a difference?

Are you willing to take your business to the next level? Do you want to reach out to diverse audiences with your excellent products/services? The only way to market your propositions is by choosing a translation agency to convert your marketing content into a native format.


For this, you will need the assistance of Devnagri, the ideal online portal for translation services to get your documents, promotional resources, and e-books translated. 


Bilingual certified translators


Translation service is not an easy task. You will get certified translators who are adept at handling any project at ease. The main intention is to preserve the inner meaning of the message a client wants to send to a receiver. This cannot be done with a mechanical translation. It’s only possible when you hire certified bilingual translators.



The meaning changes when it is mechanically converted into a native language without considering the local dialect. The contextual meaning will only be grabbed by an audience when the description is done right.


Accuracy cannot be compromised


Let us consider an example. If you are looking for an audio transcription agency for converting sensitive audio files into documents, you cannot look for an amateur one. All you need is accuracy so that the audio files can be transcribed into electronic files. It helps a client to store, share, and transform them for easy use.


Only experienced translation services can handle a diverse genre of requirements. A professional agency will deploy its resources accordingly to ensure the best outcome for every project. Even if the volume of a project is high, it can be still be executed without compromising the quality by deploying certified translators and transcribers maintaining the highest accuracy.



Polished translation is a must


The main motive to hire a professional and reputed translation company is to avail of a polished outcome. Communication is the key. Only an experienced team of translators and proofreaders will be able to retain the context of an intended message by translating it into a native language. A polished and translated content will be delivered to communicate with a target audience without any misunderstanding.


In a nutshell


Whether you need an Audio transcription or a translation service, you will have to rely on a company that has immense experience in the industry your business belongs to. Make sure you have chosen the best company as a translation partner for easy fulfillment of business requirements.


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text 2020-04-20 12:45
Get Expert Translators To Translate Your Business Documents

In this business world that is ever-changing, a certified translator is what you need to let your business scale new heights. The certified translation service providers offer speedy, accurate and professional transcription services of any business document.


Grow your business with certified professionals


To be successful in operating your online business, it is crucial that your brand is visible to as many people as possible. Your brand should reach the target audience and offer the right message to them. This is why it is vital that businesses hire certified translation service providers who help the brand to reach widespread globally.


How translation services can help your business grow


Hiring certified transcription services will let your business overcome any linguist challenges that you may be facing. Your clients are spread across the globe and they speak different languages. Thus eliminating the linguist barrier is the key to achieving success.



Why do you need a certified service provider?


The certified companies have certified linguist professionals who know how to deliver the content so that the prospective clients can be well communicated about your brand and the products on offer. The certified companies can help you with the marketing materials, website content, and the training manual for every geographical market that you plan to enter into.


A certified company will offer unlimited editing


You may want to hire any transcription service company but take care to understand that this hampers the quality of work delivered. And you would definitely not want to take a chance with the way your prospective clients receive your brand. A certified translator takes care to check that the document is translated perfectly with respect to your target market. Most of the translators would be native speakers of the language so they would know the local idioms, the grammar and the expression used which makes it easier for the locals to relate to the content.


Professionals offer fast delivery


In this age of cut-throat competition if you delay then your competitor may take the first step to enter the foreign market that you may have been targeting for years. The resultant is that he may get the majority of market share and you would be left behind. To not fall into this situation it is crucial that you hurry with the translation work. 




The certified translators can do a huge volume of work without extending the deadline and with complete accuracy. They work with dedication taking care to maintain quality. 

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text 2020-04-20 11:29
Let Language Not Be A Barrier For Your Business To Attain Success

Businesses are going global and this has created immense demand for business translation services. Manual translation has become important for any business that is looking to expand its operations abroad.


Business translation lets the company boost sales and aid communication. It is also what lets the business operate smoothly across the borders therefore companies are now using the manual translation services of professionals as an integral part of their business operations.


Translation services help to improve the credibility of the business


Hiring a professional translator can help to boost the credibility of your business. The translator will take care to ensure that the corporate message and your branding do not get lost. Using these services you can navigate the foreign marketplace and this, in turn, lets you keep one leg over your peers.



In order to strengthen the image of your brand, it is vital that you make use of translation services. When your prospective clients come across the content on your business site in the language that they prefer then this will make them feel valued. This is turn makes you a reliable business.


Expansion is possible only through translations services


When you opt for a business translation company, then it opens doors for you to tap some of the untapped markets across the world. You have surpassed the barriers caused because of language and this makes it easy for you to attract international clientele. Thus business expansion becomes seamless for you.


Business documents that need a translation


The document translation services will translate a wide range of business documents for you. These include:


  • Financial documents
  • Business plans
  • Business reports
  • Agreements and contracts
  • Income statements
  • Annual reports
  • Balance sheet
  • Public and private offerings
  • Insurance documents
  • Brochures
  • Human resource documents
  • Ad campaign



Corporate websites understand that translations of their business documents are critical. This is the way their client will view the brand. Thus it is crucial that a professional translator is hired for the same.


How to select the best agency to translate your business document


Your business documents are important and it contains lots of confidential information that you want to stay protected. This is why make sure to hire a professional to translate your business documents. Here is what you need to check about them:


  • Speed
  • Expertise
  • Product quality
  • Confidentiality
  • Customer service
  • Quality vs price
  • Technical capability




It can be challenging to choose the best translation company to give you the output that you desire. So make sure to do an in-depth analysis of the agency before you hire them to translate your important business documents.

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