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url 2020-06-03 11:07
Get Responsive Web Design Solutions By The Best Web Development Company In USA

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We are the best web development company in the USA that utilizes cutting-edge technologies to provide desired outcomes and our clients can attract and engage their customers.
For further queries call or drop a mail.

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text 2020-04-21 15:33
Secure SD-WAN Services - Ticvic Secure Software-defined WAN Company India

Software Defined – Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN)

SD-WAN is the latest WAN Technology that is used to connect the SMB and Enterprise Network to the Remote Branch Offices through Broadband Internet rather than using the expensive legacy WAN Connections or traditional MPLS connections.
Out team at Ticvic has been designing, implementing, and providing 24/7 support from the past 4+ years on the SD-WAN technology. The SD-WAN vendors that we’ve been working are from “Versa Networks, Cisco Viptela, and Dispersive Technologies”.
SD-WAN leverages the flexibility of Cloud for its Centralized management of all the SD-WAN infrastructure

Return on Investment (ROI)

SD-WAN provide ROI in many ways and few of them are listed below. To know your ROI in detail please Contact us.

CapEx & OpEx

SD-WAN has got the technology to replace many of the Hardware based Core and Edge Networking components which includes “Edge Router, Firewall, Load balancer, WAN Optimizer, and ADC” with the inbuilt Virtualized Software based solutions (NFV). This greatly reduces the CapEx & OpEx that are being spent to avail the listed services.

Enhanced End User Experience

The Agile and Scalable nature of SD-WAN is directly coupled with the end user’s experience of using an application by meeting the on-demand resource requirement of business critical application.

Space and Power: As many of the Networking services has become a software based solution, SDWAN can drastically reduce the usage of power and space in the DC.

Key Benefits of SD-WAN

Reduced Turn-up time & High Speed Data Transfer:

The time required to turn-up a WAN service using SDWAN would be less than hours instead of weeks’ time when we go for MPLS service.

The time required to turn-up a WAN service using SDWAN would be less than hours instead of weeks’ time when we go for MPLS service.


Is Internet Secured? Definitely Not, but Secure SDWAN can make it highly secure Network and highly impossible to Man-In-The-Middle attack (MITM) and Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack.

Encrypts each path with a different, ephemeral AES-256-GCM cryptographic key

Uses multipath, split-traffic networking to thwart man-in-the-middle threats


Rolls away from network problems to ensure more reliable connections

Works with any available Internet connection (Broadband, Cellular, Satellite)

Aggregates multiple physical connections into one logical connection for improved reliability





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review 2020-03-11 12:58
6 Most Relevant Types of Web Application Development

You already know what a web application is and how it differs from other types of applications for mobile devices. The development of web applications is not exactly exclusive for smartphones or tablets, but it is intended to be executed in any browser, either on desktops or laptops or mobile devices. But this time we will look into the classification of the types of web applications.


The classification is done based on the function of how the web application is presented with the content they display.


Based on the above criteria, We distinguish web applications in six types:



Static web application


If we choose to create a static web app, the first thing we should know is that this type of web app shows little information, and does not usually change much.


As a rule, they are usually developed in HTML and CSS using the web development IDE. Although they can also show moving objects such as banners, animated GIFs, videos, etc. somewhere in the web application. You can also talk about web application development with jQuery and Ajax.


In addition, modifying the contents of static apps is not easy. To do this, you would have to download the HTML, modify it and upload it again to the server. And those changes can only be made by the webmaster or web development company that programmed and designed the web app. Or you need to find a professional to replace that team.


Some examples of static web applications are professional portfolios or a digital curriculum. Similarly, a company presentation page could also have this type of web application to display your contact information, etc.



Dynamic web application


The dynamic web applications are much more complex technically. They use databases to upload information, and these contents are updated every time the user accesses the web app. They generally have an administration panel (called CMS) from which one can correct or modify the contents, be they texts or images.


There are many programming languages ​​for the development of dynamic web applications. PHP and ASP languages ​​are the most common because they allow good content structuring.


The update process is very simple and you don't even need to enter the server to modify it. In addition to allowing you to implement many features such as forums or databases. The design and content can be modified to suit the requirements. If you’re not familiar with web development then always look for professional web development services from a reputed company.

Online store or electronic commerce


If the web application is a store or digital commerce, we can say that the development will tend to resemble that of m-commerce or e-commerce. The development is more complicated because you must allow electronic payments through credit card, PayPal, or other payment methods. In these, the developer must also create a management panel for the administrator. From it, you will upload the products, update or delete them, as well as manage orders and payments.


Some examples of stores that have a commercial web application could be that of any large company.  In this case, the web app fits the mobile device as a mobile application, allowing it to interact with it as if it were a native app.



Web portal application


With the portal, we refer to a type of application in which the main page allows access to various sections, categories or sections. There may be everything: forums, chats, email, search engine, access area with registration, most recent content, etc.



Animated web application


When talking about animation, we associate it with FLASH technology. This type of programming allows you to present content with animated effects. It also allows for more creative and modern designs. It is one of the most used technologies by designers and creatives. The drawback of the development of animated web applications is that for web positioning and SEO optimization issues. This type of technology is not the most appropriate since search engines cannot read the information correctly.



Web application with the content manager


In the case of web applications in which the content must be continuously updated. You will need to install a content manager (CMS) through which the administrator can make the changes and updates himself.


These managers are intuitive and very simple to manage. Some examples of content managers are:


WordPress: It is undoubtedly the most widespread content manager. There is a lot of information on the net, tutorials, and guides to personalize it, and is also free.


Joomla: It is the second in the top CMS after WordPress. It does have a powerful community.


Drupal: It is a free CMS software. It is very adaptable and especially recommended to generate communities.


This type of web application is very common for content pages: personal blogs, corporate blogs, professional blogs, news pages, articles, media, etc.

Other considerations when creating web applications


Each type of web application will have its strengths and weaknesses, but we remind you that ultimately it is still a web application, not a native app. You should also consider following the upcoming web development trends to keep yourself updated with the latest things happening in the web development field.

Source: www.infigic.com
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text 2019-11-25 06:02



Everybody buys their requirements using online shopping. Ecommerce is the Emerging thing in the current world. Competition increases for the online stores. Each Ecommerce store will be unique to increase their business revenue. Various Ecommerce Development Company is available to build your online presence for achieving the goal.

Must Use Strategies in Ecommerce Development Company

Developing an e-commerce website in the essence of SEO-friendly is the simple solution to increase your online presence in a Search Engine. Some Strategies are as follows:

Category Segregation – Classify your products based on the categories, it will increase better user experience and rank position in the search engine.

Additional Information – Give extra informative about the products elaborately, it improves the user interface.

Resource Section – Get backlinks from other sites for the reference of the products. ERP Solution Providers helps to offer solutions for managing the business. As well as, Link Building Strategy is a useful thing to the other site.

Coupon Codes – To grab new consumers, offer coupon codes with many features. Providing coupon codes brings new customers and increases revenue.

Free Products – Offering free products related to the same brand. It helps to promote a single brand or product. The sale will increase when using customer trusted brands and Products.

ChatBots – Utilize Artificial Intelligence Solutions, to act on all-time to interact with the customers.

Otherwise, Elysian Intelligence Business Solution is one of the Best Website Development Company in India to offer Ecommerce Websites to your business.


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text 2019-11-17 09:07
Dos and Don’ts of Website Designing

A well-designed website is an asset for you as well as a valuable investment that can generate revenue for your business. About 38% of people say that they don’t find some website attractive and reason possibly could be web designing and its services.





Optimize for search


Websites that don’t have a better ranking on Google means that they are not doing well in SEO. They have problems in their content or SEO guidelines. Your professional web development services company takes care of it and work for your increased Google ranking and business.


Create a focal point


It depends on the purpose of your website where your visitors go. E-commerce site visitors come for buying and Saas site drive the visitors for a demo or free trial. Your web development services company can help you in sorting this. You should create a focal point of your homepage as per your business.


Use colour combos that enhance your content


Your website colour should go according to the brand and should compel the content. It should delight your viewers. You can avoid random colour selection and focus on the colours that suit your brand and logo. Professional web development services have experts in their teams to match the right colours as per your brand.




Ignore the users


Always keep your target audience in your mind and See everything from a visitor’s point of view. See what your users like about your website and where you need web development Services Company help to delight your users. Once you win your users, the ball is in your court.


Use all the colours


Using too many colours for your website will make design clash for your website. Colours have a strong psychological impact and affect the opinion of viewers. As per the experts, you should not use more than 3 colours. If you are using more as per brand palette, you should know how to manage it well.

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