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review 2019-07-19 14:34
Ghosted - Rosie Walsh

Sarah and Eddy spend one week together, but despite all his promises doesn’t call her. She is bewildered and upset by this and refuses to let matters be. From that point on she becomes a bit of a pest, acting more like a woman half her age. In fact neither of the main characters behaved in an adult way! Also there were too many characters who could have quite easily have been omitted - the story didn’t need extra padding. I very much enjoyed the book despite the above niggles and didn’t want to put it down. Lovely descriptions of the Cotswolds and the palpable misery of Eddie and Sarah just oozed from the pages. The cover was enchanting and the novel beautifully written.

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review 2019-04-08 22:35
#2 is good too
Code Runner (The Amy Lane Mysteries) - Rosie Claverton

The second installment in the Amy Lane series moves the timeline forward a bit and, of course, complicates Jason’s life a bit more. It isn’t just Amy, who finds her world opening just a bit more than she thought.

It’s nice to see both Amy and Jason develop as characters and to see Amy’s world expand just a little.

It’s also funny and sad to see drugged Amy. She drugged herself so it’s not a creepy drugging.

What I particularly enjoyed about this installment is the increase in communication that Amy has with other women, which to a degree was a weak point in the first novel. Amy hasn’t just accepted Jason; she has taken too his mother and his sister. Jason’s sister also grows in this novel and we find out more about the detective’s duo. What is also important is that the foursome’s trust in each other is tested.

The speed of development between Amy and Jason’s relationship is well done. While Claverton plays with the “will they get together”, she keeps it real. Both Amy and Jason have problems, and Amy’s mental and emotional issues are factored into her reactions/actions towards Jason. This is also complicated by the arrival of her sister.

The pacing is a bit faster than the first novel, though the plot could have been a bit tighter. There are times when it feels like you it is one thing too many. The ending, however, is great.

My kindle edition included a short story where everyone gets together to celebrate Jason’s birthday. Amy’s present and Jason’s reaction to are good, but I loved the interaction between Amy and Jason’s mum.

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review 2019-03-31 02:21
Binary Witness (The Amy Lane Mysteries) - Rosie Claverton

I picked this up when the series was offered free on Amazon. Thanks to whoever posted about it.

Claverton writes a woman who has issues but is strong quite well. She is a shut-in with a mysterious past. Jason is hired to clean her house.

It's really dirty.

But she has a couple friends, so while Jason is a bit different, he also isn't totally unique.

The book was quite a nice gripping read.

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text 2019-03-28 19:30
Thank you
Binary Witness (The Amy Lane Mysteries) - Rosie Claverton

So a few months ago when the books in this series were offered for free, someone here posted about the series.  I've forgotten who, but




Just read the first one and loved it.  And I still have 3 to go.

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review 2019-01-26 16:56
LGBTIA Magical Realism in Early 20th century Manchester.
The Night Brother - Rosie Garland
Sometimes you are lucky enough to read exactly the right book at the right time. This was the case with "The Night Brother" and me. It was the perfect piece of fiction to read after "Caliban and the Witch". While the beautiful prose and rich characters would have been enjoyable at any time, the poignancy of the subtext was enriched when read with knowledge of the history of women's struggles.
It is set in the late 19th - early 20th century, Manchester, England. A time of suffragists and a blossoming underground queer culture, both of which were violently opposed by state and police. Set in this time, place and atmosphere is the story of Edie and Gnome. The first chapter shows them in perfect, natural harmony with each other. But as Edie grows up her intersex nature (given a gloriously magical bent by Garland) is repressed and made a cause of shame by the abuse by their mother. Without full expression and acceptance, Edie/Gnome's relationship becomes destructive and toxic. This journey of acceptance and balance is woven into a wider narrative about feminine roles in society and the struggle to transcend them.
It is a dazzling book, bleak at times, uplifting at others. It does not shy away from women's struggles or the resistance to them by reactive traditional figures. It is a lover's kiss of a book, communicating deep and hidden truths while giving intense pleasure. It is among my favourite reads of all time.
5/5 stars.
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