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text 2020-07-27 06:51
White Sage Essential Oil: Benefits and uses

Original source: https://essentialoilwizardry.blogspot.com/2020/07/white-sage-essential-oil-benefits-and.html



Essential oils have been used by people throughout the world for various purposes. Majorly, they are incorporated for their beauty, calming, healing and other wellness inducing properties. There are ancient texts which prescribe the usage of essential oils for better sleep, appetite, skin, hair, breath and many other lifestyle aspects.


What is White Sage Essential Oil used for?


White Sage essential oil holds a lot of uses. This does not just accounts for superficial uses like skin and hair but it helps to cleanse and heal the aura around. White sage essential oil is said to hold the power to actually cleanse the negative energy present in an area. Thus, it could be used in the living residence, working area and other places. Another major use of white sage essential oil is that it helps to clear out breathing issues especially for people with respiratory problems. White sage essential oil holds the properties of cleansing and protectiveness.


Benefits of White Sage Essential Oil


White sage essential oil is a healing oil which enhances peace, clarity and further cleanses the energy. There is no denial that negative energy could be toxic and it could create confusions. White sage essential oil is said to clear out such thoughts and bring in clarity. Thus, it could be applied on the pulse points or it could be used in a diffuser while meditating. Otherwise, it could be mixed with water or any other mild solvent and could be sprayed around the house for cleansing and healing. Secondly, white sage essential oil is great for respiratory disorders. The smell of the oil is said to heal and ease breathing. Apart from this, it could promote deep sleep, peace, wellness and calmness. In terms of yoga and meditation, the white sage oil could activate the 2nd, 5th and 6th chakras. Apart from these benefits, white sage essential oil could be used to smoothen and strengthen hair. A mixture of white sage oil with other oils like tea tree, lavender, and rosemary could promote strong hair. Also, this mixture smells great.


How to use white sage essential oil


White sage essential oil is potent and should not be used directly without diluting. That being said, the first use of it is to use it in meditation. Applying a mixture of white sage, lavender, lemon, thyme oils could bring in calming and soothing effects. This makes it perfect for meditation.


The second use of white sage essential oil is that it could be used as monster spray. We often hear children or even adults being scared of something or someone. This scared feeling could bring in negative effects. Spraying a diluted mixture of white sage oil will dissolve all the negative thoughts and images.


Thirdly, it could be used for aura cleansing. Possessing a calm, positive, fresh aura will have tremendous effects on relationships, work, family and every other place, using White sage oil while affirming could improve and cleanse the aura.

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