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text 2022-05-21 21:26
What are Diamond Drawing Dies?

Most often, it is referring to molds used to draw metal wires and drawing dies that draw optical fibers. The central part of all drawing tools has particular shapes of holes that is round, square and octagonal, or any other unique designs. If the steel is pulled out of the hole, it becomes smaller, and the shape shifts. Steel molds are suitable for creating soft metallic (such such as silver and gold). The molds made of steel can be equipped with several holes of different diameters.


Drawn steel wire (steel wire) typically uses the cemented carbide mold (Tungsten carbide nib). The basic shape of the mold is a circular (or slight tapering) cemented carbide center that is set in a square steel sleeves. Inside the (case) the case, the internal hole in the core contains the bell radius and an entry angle, an approach angle as well as a bearing. the back relief. To draw non-ferrous metal wires like aluminum and copper, Diamond Drawing Dies that are similar to wire dies are also employed. The design of the inner holes is slightly distinct. Fine wires can be utilized for polycrystalline dies (man-made diamonds) as well as for natural diamonds.


A few of the soldiers from the earlier Chinese horse and terracotta warriors of Qin Shihuang were able to see wires of metal on the armor of stone, so it is believed that someone could draw in the early days. The Ming Dynasty book of Tiangong Kaiwu, we can observe the process of making needles and the drawing tool is employed.


First, let us define drawing die


Most often, it is referring to molds to draw wires made of metal and drawing dies to draw optical fibers. The central part of all drawing dies have particular shapes of holes that is round, square and octagonal, or any other unique designs. When metal pulls through hole, its size gets smaller, and even the shape shifts.


Then, the kind of drawing die


1. Steel molds - They are suitable for drawing soft metals (such such as silver and gold). There could be several holes that have different apertures in the steel mold.


2. Cemented carbide mold - tungsten carbide nibs are generally used to draw steel wire (steel wire). The most common design of the mold is a circular (or slight tapered) cemented carbide core. The ground is embedded within the form of a round steel casing (Bell radius) and entrance angel (Entrance angel) as well as Deformation angle (approach angle) as well as a the sizing belt (bearing) and Exit angle (back relief).


3. Wire molds are used to draw non-ferrous metal wires like aluminum and copper Wire drawing dies that are like wire dies are also utilized. The design of the inner hole is a bit different.


4. Polycrystalline mold - Polycrystalline mold (man-made diamonds) is a great tool to draw thin wires and molds for drawing wires using natural diamonds.


Thirdly, the use of drawing dies


Wire drawing dies are an important consumable tool for drawing wires made by various manufacturers of metal wire (such as cable and wire factories as well as steel wire factories welding wire factories, etc.). The application scope of a wire drawing dies is vast. It is mostly employed to draw linear and hard-to-machine items like wires, bars and pipes and so on. It is suitable for drawing the processing of alloy and metal materials like copper, steel molybdenum and many more.


The cost for the wire drawing tool makes up more than half of the wire drawing costs and how can you lower costs of the drawing tool and extend its life is a pressing concern for production units of metal wire.


To improve the efficiency of the foreign metal product industries More and more focus is given to improving how the draw die as well as production process. Beginning with the improvement of the lifespan of the drawing tool, the structure, material manufacturing process production equipment, as well as the testing equipment for the drawing die are being investigated. Research has led to the development of composite drawing tools, novel drawing die materials, innovative technologies for surface coatings, as well as new methods of designing holes for drawing dies. These are promoting the development of production of wire drawings in the world. For more info about pcd wire drawing dies, Visit here: www.szwiredie.com

China is an important producer of wire and its output is among the top in the world. The manufacturing of wire drawing dies in China's industry has been growing quickly in the past decade. Thanks to the constant improvement in the manufacturing process of wire drawing dies and constant improvement in manufacturing technology, China's wire drawing die manufacturing technology has also advanced, particularly in the material used in wire drawing dies. Significant advancements have been made in these areas as the structure.


But , overall there's still significant differences with other nations. While the wire drawing tools made abroad are comparable to the domestic market, the materials and processes employed are superior. The precision of the processing as well as longevity and endurance of these tools are higher than our products. This means that enhancing the mold making process as well as improving the quality of wire drawing tools, and advancing the development in mold making technology are crucial issues that currently confront the mold manufacturing industry.

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