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review 2018-04-06 23:34
After the Fall (Tucker Springs, #6) by L.A. Witt Review
After The Fall - L.A. Witt

After years of saving every penny, Nathan has finally managed to buy the horse of his dreams. He’s looking forward to a summer of exploring the Colorado mountain trails above Tucker Springs with Tsarina. But on their very first ride, a motorcyclist makes a wrong turn, scaring Tsarina into bolting and leaving Nathan with a broken leg, a broken hand, and a ruined summer.

Ryan is a loner and a nomad, content with working odd jobs before moving on to the next town. Feeling guilty for causing the accident that leaves Nathan in two casts, Ryan offers to keep Tsarina exercised until Nathan heals.

Despite their bad start, Nathan and Ryan soon become friends . . . and then much more. But with a couple of nasty breakups in his past, Nathan doesn’t want feelings getting involved—especially knowing that Ryan will never settle down. But since when do feelings ever listen to reason?




LA Witt is a fine writer and this is a well written book in a very good series. Witt does an especially good job with how Nathan fools himself and protects himself.

However, I am disappointed in this book overall as I was so looking forward to Nathan's book from reading the other books in the series. He seems really diminished somehow here and less himself than in other books. So, the love story loses its shine as well for me though it is enjoyable

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review 2018-03-30 18:38
Mascara & Bandages (Mary's Boys, #3) by Brandon Witt 4 Star Review
Mascara & Bandages (Mary's Boys Book 3) - Brandon Witt

Ariel Merman is a new drag queen who’s already finding a family at Hamburger Mary’s. After a performance as Ariel, Zachary Cooper walks home in his makeup and is assaulted by homophobes. Zachary’s worry that the attack has thrown a wrench in his good fortune is eased when he looks into the eyes of his doctor.

Dr. Teegan Chau is a little lost after divorcing his wife and coming out of the closet, but he can’t deny the pull he feels toward the young man he patches up. Luckily, Zachary takes the initiative and asks Teegan out. But attraction is the easy part of their blossoming relationship—as they deal with an ex-wife and child, being a drag queen in a heteronormative culture, Zachary’s lingering trauma from his attack, and Teegan acclimating to life as part of an out-and-proud gay couple.

The challenges seem daunting at the start of a romance. Can Zachary and Teegan make it through the rough patches and take a chance on the love that’s been missing from both their lives?



Zachary's and Teegan's romance is wonderful. They feel an attraction right away and it slowly burns as Zachary recovers from a bashing.


Zachary struggles with some self esteem issues as a femme male as a victim of a violent crime. Teegan is dating for the first time.


They really really like each other and it is great to see.


The setting at Mary's and the bookstore is awesome. Teegan's steadfast courtship is sexy.

The circle of friends remains great as does the dealing with the intersection of gender and culture and romance.


I wish the heat factor was a little more as these heroes deserve more sexy times but it was a lovely read.

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review 2018-03-06 23:01
Once again I'm late to the party on this one but even arriving late...
At the Corner of Rock Bottom & Nowhere - L.A. Witt,Sean Crisden

it was still worth showing up for.


I thoroughly enjoyed this one. The MCs were wonderful and the story was heartwarming and at times heartbreaking. 


Adrian needs someone to be reminded that human kindness and compassion are characteristics the world can't afford to loose.  Max needs to be reminded of the same thing only from the receiving end of things. It's through their mutual need for this reminder that both men discover the value of love.


I really enjoyed this one and as always Sean Crisden's narration added depth, emotion and life to the story and I have zero doubt that I'll be listening to this one again and probably again...maybe I'll take the time to do a longer review on one of those revisits.

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review 2018-02-28 21:58
it's finally going to happen!!! They're getting married!!!
Romantic Behavior (Bad Behavior Book 4) - Cari Z.,L.A. Witt

Darren and Andreas have been through a lot in this series and here in book 4 we finally get to see them get their HEA!!! But it's not going to come without it's challenges.


This fourth book is definitely done with a more tongue-in-cheek, humorous tone and I really enjoyed it because as we all know there's not a whole lot more that's more stressful than a wedding...bit or small it's fraught with social Faux Pas and general potential disaster. Trust me I know I've done the wedding thing twice one was the big fancy tuxedo, white gown event and the second one was the small intimate friends and family event...no seriously it was small less than 75 people and I come from a big family so we thought that was pretty damned good. 


Anyways, back to Darren and Andreas's wedding. What should have been a small intimate wedding quickly becomes a bit of a 3 ring circus and  as things steam roller out of control Darren and Andreas have to ask themselves who this wedding is for? Them or their families?


I really enjoyed this one. Having done the wedding thing there was so much that I was able to relate to and found myself laughing out loud more than once. As Darren and Andreas try to maneuver their families and figure out how to get the wedding that they had envisioned without offending their friends and family, they soon come to realize that you just can't please everyone and they finally take matters into their own hands determined to have the wedding day that will see them 'happily' married.


I'm guessing that this is the end of the line for this series and while I would have enjoyed a little bit more of the 'wedded bliss' I still really enjoyed the story and the fact that there wasn't any over the top mysteries to be solved it was just all about the wedding day. 


Last of all a thank you to my sweet cyber child Josy, who gifted a pre-order of this book to me for Christmas  because she knew how much I was loving this series and wanted to be sure I could enjoy the ending. 

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review 2018-02-28 00:00
Romantic Behavior (Bad Behavior Book 4)
Romantic Behavior (Bad Behavior Book 4) - Cari Z.,L.A. Witt Nice wrap up to the series. No mystery or suspense here other than the whole "why do smart adults try to please everyone else but themselves when planning their wedding." I have limited tolerance in real-life for people who allow others to dictate what they need to do for their wedding so I'm not always a big fan of it in fiction and did find myself yelling at my kindle because of it.

I did love seeing Darren take care of some nasty business as far as Andreas' family goes. Good to see them get their HEA.
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