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review 2017-12-12 17:49
Action and romance
Mountain Wolf Protectors Complete Series: Books 1 - 4 - Emilia Hartley

The Mountain Wolf Protectors is a continuing story, divided between four books. Each book does resolve the immediate conflict, but there is a looming threat that continues through each book until the conclusion of the last book. Nova and Amara's story did hold my interest throughout the series and the story is full of action and a building tension with a rival pack. The action scenes are exciting and fast-paced with plenty of detail to draw the reader in. I did wonder why the big bad wasn't dealt with when the opportunity arose, rather than that part of this tale continuing for so long and Amara's stalker, while creepy, was pretty obvious.
Amara and Nova are completely devoted to each other and the author shows this quite well in their fierce determination to defend each other. However, the intimate scenes between them felt a bit rushed and almost gratuitous.
There are a few grammatical errors scattered throughout the books, but not so many as to be a big distraction. Overall, the story is an interesting read and kept me turning pages to see where Nova and Amara's romance would go.

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review 2017-12-10 15:11
A Wolf's Love - Caris Roane

He hates her, the hate and distrust is built up well and steady even throughout the mission to save the girl. But the moment the mission is over all of a sudden he cares. He wants to go back to her place. Says 'this won’t change anything but let’s sleep together anyway'. He blames it on the adrenaline. Her side is more believable. It is clear from the start she still loves him but is resigned to not having him. I can even understand the craving to spend the night together for her. The moment that it is all done her crying continues the belief that she wanted what little he was willing to give. But him, I didn’t like his sudden change of heart. At least not in the context that it happened. I would have believed it if Monique confirms to him that she was trying to kill him proving Lauren's story that she was just protecting him months ago when she injured his knee. Would have even believed the change of heart if it happened when he thought he truly lost her. His sudden magic abilities and that he is totally ok with that he is now part warlock after the buildup of his hatred for all things witch just made the whole thing unbelievable and far-fetched. This story had great potential but I think it needed to be a full-length novel in order to do it and the characters justice. I love her stuff, but this one was hard to enjoy for its abruptness and rushed sense of falling in love.

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review 2017-12-10 02:27
great book and great characters
Wolf Hunter - Jane Godman

Cindy performed her weekly ritual at Hendriks memorial. Six months had passed since Hendrix's murder and Cindy still couldn't shake off the lethargy since Hendrix had died. The Brotherhood couldn't allow Hendriks remains to be found or tests would show Hendrix who was a prominent Alaskan senator was actually an Arctic werewolf. Almost nine years had passed since Samson Lee- one of the Brotherhood- had rescued Cindy from the motorcycle gang that had kidnapped her. then Samson had taken Cindy to Kendrik's mansion, she had been traumatized, terrified, and alone. Cindy thought " you took care of me" and now Cindy didn't know how to survive without Hendrik. Hendrik and Cindy had never been more than best friends. Cindy's best and only friends were werewolves. Hendrik had made sure financially Cindy would be okay with what he left her in his will. All the Brotherhood thought Cindy and Hendrik had been lovers but she hadn't loved Hendrik that way. So she and Hendrik had lived a lie. Sebastian couldn't see the need for regulations. If Sebastian wanted something his mind would find a way for it to happen. Circumventing obstacles, dancing with danger, even flouting the law were things Sebastian did best. Sebastian was very good at his job as a journalist as he got to the heart of the story before other journalists were even aware there was something going on. Sebastian decided he wanted to see Cindy and flew out to Fairbanks and went to see her first. Everything came back to Cindy. The reason for the twisting gut wrenching nervousness Sebastian was feeling. Sebastian didn't do this. Didn't do uncertainty or fearfulness not unless Cindy was involved . When Sebastian got to Hendrik's mansion Cindy came running out the door terrified and refused to go back inside. So Sebastian suggested they go get something to eat and talk. Cindy was super attracted to Sebastian she just never let him know and everyone had thought she was with Hendrik. As Sebastian ate Cindy told him everything she described the feeling of being watched, the increasing discomfort, the growing grinding sense of fear . Someone had touched Cindy's cheek yet was invisible. She had sensed evil coming from the unseen presence. It had been as powerful as as a magical charm. Sebastian told Cindy that he believed her because he could feel it also even at the restaurant. From the first moment Sebastian had seen Cindy he wanted her, everything about Cindy knocked Sebastian sideways. Four years ago Sebastian knew Cindy was his mate. There was a prophecy the evil Castel would be killed by a giant Arctic werewolf. Because of that Castel feared and hated all Arctic werewolves and was determined to destroy them first before he went after the other werewolves until all werewolves were destroyed. Castel tried to scare Cindy away as she could keep Sebastian centered, sane and focused and not going off on his own because he was a hothead. Kastel wanted Cindy gone because he knew Sebastian needed her. Sebastian had convinced himself he wasn't worthy of anything good. Sebastian couldn't walk away from Cindy she was his mate and it would kill him to try.

As usual excellent book and I loved it. I would recommend you read the other books of this series as it just brings everything together and all the reads are great reads also. I just love the Arctic Brotherhood! This book had: Intrigue, mystery, murder, mind control, taking over innocents bodies, romance, magic, gods, evil wizards and so much more. I loved that Cindy and Sebastian finally had this chance. I just loved the plot and the pace and I didn't want to put this down. It had my attention from the first page to the last. I am so very glad we will have at least one more Brotherhood book maybe more if we are lucky. Anyway I could find nothing to complain about which was great. I loved everything about this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.  

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review 2017-12-01 01:45
good book and characters
Wolf Hollow (Wolf Hollow Shifters, Book ... Wolf Hollow (Wolf Hollow Shifters, Book 1) (Volume 1) - Nikki Jefford

It was two days before the full moon and Sasha was on patrol. Aden was Sasha’s patrol partner.  Sasha and Aden provide security. Then Sasha caught the horrible stench of a vulhena. The elders thought the vulhena were formerly cougars that had mutated after feeding on diseased human corpses. Like humans vulhena couldn’t see in the dark nor come close to a wolf’s sense of smell. But they were vicious creatures especially when they banded together.  Sasha jumped out at the vulhena.  Vulhena had killed several elders a while ago including Sasha’s parents and she had seen their half eaten bodies, Sasha wanted Aden but he seem to only want friendship. Sasha didn’t want to push it and lose Aden’s friendship. Sasha had only had sex before with one wolf-  Wolfric and he had broken her heart. In the beginning  Wolfric and Sasha couldn’t keep their hands off each other easily accepting their parents and elders wish to claim each other and keep their line pure. But after both their parents gruesome deaths by the vulhena   Wolfric rebelled. Against the surviving three elders. Wolfric took off never to be seen again but Sasha had stayed and served the people. Sasha is next in line to take over the pack. Humans were cruel to shifters if they managed to catch them. Sasha ends up falling for tabor who was a half breed half wolf and half wizard. Most of the pack as well as the elders does not want to see Sasha and Tabor together. The elders invite another purebred wolf - Hectar- at a mating dance hoping the wolf and Sasha will claim each other as mates. Sasha had a necklace so Hectar could tell who she was and Sasha took it off so Hectar wouldn’t recognize her.  The pelders want to get Tabor and another wolf out of the pack and trick them and Tabor is being held by humans.

I liked this book and it was a definite change of background for a shifter book. I liked the plot and pace and really didn’t want to put this book  down. This book had: action, suspense, intrigue, romance, prejudices, fights, tricks, cruelty, surprises, and much more. A different slant on a shifter book. I didn’t understand what the difference between a werewolf and a shifter I don't feel that was made clear.  I liked how Heidi stood up for what she believed in. I didn’t particularly care for Garrett. I enjoyed reading this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

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review 2017-11-30 10:00
New Release Review! A Wolf's Love (Flame # 5.1) by Caris Roane
A Wolf's Love - Caris Roane



A WOLF'S LOVE is a sizzling paranormal romance and can be read in one sitting. 

An injured wolf. A witch with killing power at the tips of her fingers. A young witch in danger. Will Cole set aside his hatred of witches to help Lauren save a girl from certain death? 

Cole shifted his stance. He’d never known a woman like Lauren, not before his alter transformation two years ago, not since. 
But she was a witch and in one terrible move, she’d proven how much he couldn’t trust her. The break had been final. He was still mad as fire. 
He crossed his arms over his chest. “I know you’re there. Show yourself, witch.” 
~ A Wolf’s Love, A Paranormal Romance 


Cole never wanted to see Lauren again. She was a witch who’d hurt him. Bad. Wolves and witches don’t get along. But when she asks for his help to rescue a teenage girl from a vicious drug lord, he can’t refuse. He’s a Border Patrol Officer in Five Bridges. He’s sworn to serve-and-protect. Yet when he sees Lauren again, his desire for her ignites once more. But how can he ever trust a witch who can kill him with the touch of her fingers? 

Lauren fell hard for the wolf. They’d dated for three sizzling months that she thought would go on forever. But when he broke with her because he believed she lied to him, she knows he’ll never come back. Asking for his help to rescue a kidnap victim was the hardest thing she’d ever done. But will being close to him break her heart all over again? 

A WOLF’S LOVE, A Paranormal Romance, is a passionate, tender, standalone romance set in the Flame Series and the world of Five Bridges. 




The alter inhabitants of the Five Bridges world has once again enthralled me with the latest short story, A Wolf’s Love number 5.1 of the Flame series.


Cole and Lauren have some red hot chemistry that heats up the pages and a romance full of turbulent emotions during a rocky relationship. The romance keeps suspense building and at the same time the fast pace of the action keeps readers glued to the pages on the edge of their seats.


I love the Flame series and all of its characters so the fact that I loved this story doesn’t surprise me especially because Caris Roane creates some fantastic world that all keep me riveted and wanting more. At the end of A Wolf’s Love, I only had one wish; that the story wouldn’t end so I can’t wait for my next visit to Five Bridges which is hopefully coming soon.




A Wolf’s Love is #5.1 of the Flame series!

#6 Emerald Flame coming soon!


A Wolf’s Love is available in ebook at:

Amazon   Kobo   B&N


Caris Roane can be found at:

Website   Goodreads   Facebook   Twitter   BookBub   G+


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