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review 2019-06-19 00:42
Review: Wrong Kind of Girl by Francine Pascal, Kate William
Wrong Kind of Girl (Sweet Valley High #10) - Francine Pascal

Title: Wrong Kind of Girl
Author: Francine Pascal, Kate William
Series: Sweet Valley High, 10
Format: ebook, bind-up
Length: N/A
Rating: 3 stars


Synopsis: She’s the wrong kind of girl…

Jessica Wakefield knows that “Easy Annie” is bad for the Sweet Valley High cheering squad. Annie Whitman may have the looks, talent, and spirit to be a cheerleader, but she also has the worst reputation in school. She goes out with a different boy every night, and Jessica isn’t about to sully her squad’s image by letting Annie on the team.

But Elizabeth, Jessica’s twin, knows that there is more to Annie than just her reputation. But can she change her sister’s mind before Jessica shatters Annie’s dreams?


Favourite character: Ricky
Least favourite character: Jessica


Mini-review: And yet again Jessica Wakefield proves what a terrible human being (fictional character) she is. I felt so bad for both Annie and Helen in their own ways throughout this book.

I wish, though, that Elizabeth would stop defending Jessica. She's a complete doormat when it concerns her twin. It's annoying.


Fan Cast:

Elizabeth Wakefield/Jessica Wakefield - Lili Reinhart

Annie Whitman - Bailee Madison

Ricky Capaldo - Tony Revolori

Cara Walker - Sofia Carson

Helen Bradley - Reign Edwards

Robin Wilson - Ariel Winter

Jean West - Ana Golja

Maria Santelli - Francesca Reale

Sandra Bacon - McKaley Miller

Mr. Collins - Armie Hammer

Todd Wilkins - Blake Michael

Enid Rollins - Joey King

Mona Whitman - Abigail Spencer

Bruce Patman - Gregg Sulkin

Steven Wakefield - Timothée Chalamet

Alice Wakefield - Laura Dern

Ned Wakefield - Patrick Warburton

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review 2019-06-06 07:44
Book Review for Take the Bride: A Knight Brothers Novella
Take the Bride (The Knight Brothers #1.5) - Carly Phillips



This is a first time author for us and we really enjoyed our first read by them.I loved the story from beginning to end it was fun and flirty and sexual and all about righting the wrongs of ones past and all about second chances and hopefully getting that happily ever after that you envisioned as a teenager.


Ryder and Sierra were super hot together and were just one of those couples that just fit and even after years apart they still loved each other with intense passion never forgotten.We loved that they just came apart in others arms time and time again and all it took was one heated look !


Overall we loved this story it was one of those feel good stories and for a novella it was packed with tons of fun and a whole lot of heat.The story had amazing characters and we loved each and every one of them.


Recommended read to all !

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review 2019-05-30 04:53
Book Review for The Chase Series: Dom Diaries Anthology by Jax Hart
The Chase Series: Dom Diaries Anthology by Jax Hart - Jax Hart



Let's say's this was one hot read from beginning to end!I have to say that this is a fairly new author to us and we are totally loving everything that they have written so far as they have created so many wonderful characters for us to fall in love with.
Selina and Rafe could be anything but compatible but, their sizzle and chemistry make them work.
We loved the Sassy Selina who was full of fire and determination and she was one strong and independent women who would never be tamed in or out of bed and a women who owns her sexual desires even if she may not want to be known as a dirty girl.
Rafe was bold ,determined,aggressive,a bad boy who was sexy as sin, a bit of a player aka playboy,possessive,protective,a dominate in and out of the bedroom but, also could be sweet and kind and caring when he wanted to be.
Rafe and Selina had some super hot chemistry and were super hot in and out of the sheets.Rafe who is a dom who wants a submissive and Selina may play the submissive part occasionally for him but, she will never make a perfect submissive and will never let a man totally dominate her so let's just saying it made for some interesting goings on in the bedroom and out of it.
Overall we love the chase and that Selena made the playboy work hard to snag her but, it was also a fun courtship if it could even be called that that made us laugh out loud a time or two and we really loved that.The story was fun and had a bit of suspense and a twist that we did not see coming and we loved that Rogue was part of this adventure and for the part he played in it he gave Rafe what he wanted to possessive all along so let's see if he is able to convince and keep it.
A engrossing tale that we loved from cover to cover and we could not put the book down until the very end.Goes into the keeper pile to be read over and over again.
Recommended read to all !
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review 2019-05-24 15:12
Book Review for Havoc by Ambere Sabo
Havoc (Silent Sons MC #2) - Ambere Sabo



  • This story was yet another great read filled with suspense,drama,betrayals,secrets and was filled with a whole lot of unanswered questions.This story just got hotter and even more suspenseful as now the Silent Sons have reached out and asked another club about working together to take out a common enemy but, also help them find a traitor or traitor's to bring them to justice for crimes committed against others and MC Clubs.
  • Havoc- I found him to be a bit of a wild card who is set on revenge but, most of all his one main goal is to right the wrongs of the past committed by other's and see that his best friend Cessy is protected and the threats against her eliminated.Havoc is a former member of the Reaper's MC yet now residing with the Silent Sons MC so he has a sake in solving the mystery before them for the sake of both clubs involved.
  • Havoc and Angel teamed up to solve this quest and bring justice to all parties involved but, for Angels it helped her to put her past to rest so that she can move on and embrace her new life.
  • Angel & Havoc had some major chemistry together .This duo made a great couple who were perfect for one another in and out of bed.Angel would make the perfect old lady but, she will never be owned by a man again.Havoc was just one of those characters that you just could love, but, that man was hot as hell and even sexier and carried wounds of his own which made him have a better understanding of all that Angel has suffered at the hands of others.
  • Overall just loved it.You will laugh and cry and the story was filled with a ton of emotion. Havoc and Angel burned up the sheets making the story hotter than hell and the love story a bit usual but, throughout all the chaos there was also healing and love and forgiveness and about letting go ones past in order to embrace the here and now and enjoy it with the one you now call your soul mate.
  • 5 amazing stars


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review 2019-05-19 20:38
Wrong Bed, Right Girl (Accidental Love #2) by Rebecca Brooks
Wrong Bed, Right Girl (Accidental Love #2) - Rebecca Brooks



What I enjoy most about Rebecca Brooks novels is that she always manages to surprise me. Wrong Bed, Right Girl is a mixture of what makes reading great. Intriguing characters, tempting romance and an ever evolving storyline. From romantic to suspenseful, thrilling to emotional and heartbreaking to heartwarming, Brooks manages to encompass the best of multiple genres in one tiny package.

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