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The Grand Sophy - Community Reviews back

by Sarah Woodward, Georgette Heyer
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MostlyDelores rated it 6 years ago
3.5 stars? I am nonplussed.I will tolerate the casual racism typical of Heyer's work as a product of it's time--the excitable French and lazy Spaniards are usually drawn with some affection. But in this book we get an outright Shylockian loan shark, greasily "Semitic", hooked nose and all--which goe...
Olga Godim
Olga Godim rated it 6 years ago
A re-read, inspired by Nikki's delightful review http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/689246454 Thanks, Nikki.This is an enchanting novel, one of Heyer’s best, although it’s not as funny as some of her other novels. It invites multiple gentle smiles and some snickers, not uproarious laughter.Sophy, ...
Bluebird rated it 6 years ago
Memorable characters, witty dialogue—a screwball comedy done Regency style! What a fun read!
Anne's IntermittentroPolis
Anne's IntermittentroPolis rated it 7 years ago
Every character was so silly and each of them had no particular sense; but I guess that's the fun of the book. Don't read this if you can't take a joke or tend to take everything seriously. It's meant to be purely fun and cathartic.
A Sea of Stars
A Sea of Stars rated it 7 years ago
I completely intend to write a review for this but, in the interim, check out these reviews: Vinaya's and Amy's.One lame review coming up...I simply loved this book. It is definitely one of my favorite regency romances, and just a favorite in general. Sophy is such a brilliant character. Truly. Br...
shrutimishrarox rated it 7 years ago
Amazing Book!
Much About Books
Much About Books rated it 8 years ago
4.5+ starsWhat a madcap romp! After reading it, I feel as if I've just watched a hilarious play, like "Noises Off" or "The Importance of Being Ernest" or "Blithe Spirit" or "Private Lives"!Why this book hasn't been turned into a play or a movie yet is beyond me. Great comedy is extremely difficult t...
tishke rated it 9 years ago
I concur with most of the other reviewers. Georgette Heyer is one of my all-time favorite authors. What readers discover in her books is the witty humor, the scholarly attention to period detail, the romance, her use of language, successful, elaborate, well-schemed, flawlessly executed, plots, fasci...
Beanbag Love
Beanbag Love rated it 9 years ago
This is a really fun book about a complete hoyden who turns people's lives upside down. For their own good, of course.I give it four and a half stars instead of five only because there are a couple of little things that made me uncomfortable. Heyer's very good at historical accuracy, but I guess I'm...
Sassapphras rated it 9 years ago
What a deliciously merry ride Sophy takes the reader on! A fantastic heroine!
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