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The Walking Dead, Vol. 3: Safety Behind Bars - Community Reviews back

by Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman
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Book Trauma
Book Trauma rated it 8 years ago
I have to say that I'm still really liking this series. I was worried about getting too far ahead of the TV series but they have changed it enough that I don't think these will spoiler it. Which makes me glad as I'll read these as I am able.
Inspiring Insomnia
Inspiring Insomnia rated it 8 years ago
I hesitated to read Volume 3. I had never even picked up a graphic novel until Volumes 1 and 2, following the completion of season 2 of The Walking Dead. When I found that Volume 2 tracked with the ending of Season 2, when Grimes & Co. discovered the prison, I wasn't sure if I wanted to spoil the up...
Sesana rated it 8 years ago
A great, but emotionally draining collection. We have, all in one short trade, a serial killer, mental breakdowns, a suicide pact, arguments about capital punishment, and the most disturbing and depressing revelation yet. Zombiefication happens after death, however you die. Zombie bite not required....
suzemo rated it 8 years ago
I liked this volume pretty well. Our intrepid non-heroes have found a prison and are setting up life in that prison. Dealing with more change and loss. It's still pretty interesting and action packed.
Will's Reading List
Will's Reading List rated it 9 years ago
Reading Alan Moore's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 1 alongside the Walking Dead series, you begin to see some weakness in the presentation here. In The Walking Dead, conversations take place in multiple word bubbles across a single panel, which allows for exposition and monologue, but ...
Jordyn the Paperback Princess
Jordyn the Paperback Princess rated it 9 years ago
This one was better than book 2. I loved the fact that your not even safe behind bars.Onward to book4!! Keep em' zombies coming
OstensiblyA rated it 9 years ago
The Walking Dead issues #13–18
Kaethe rated it 9 years ago
The Spouse does not care for zombie stories. I like them because they are so unlikely: animating a corpse isn't easy, people; and diseases are not 100% transmissible with 100% morbidity followed by 100% mortality. These life and death issues have nothing to do with me, and sometimes that is a great...
learn by going
learn by going rated it 10 years ago
Once again, just as things start to look up for the wayward band of survivors, it all goes to hell. As soon as I finished Vol. 2 and saw that a prison was their destination, I thought the setup seemed very video game-ish. It's weird and interesting to have the urge to want to be inside the story and...
Thief of Camorr
Thief of Camorr rated it 11 years ago
Need more still :D Loving this series so much o/
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