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Discussion: Halloween Bingo-Buddy Read: The Monstromologist (CLOSED THREAD)
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Hey everybody, I didn't have time to wade through all the discussion, because BASEBALL, so I'm a little unclear as to whether I should be posting my updates here or as a blog post in the usual way, so I'm going to just post in both places until I hear otherwise.

I'm a little behind in my reading and really need to step up the pace. But so far, I'm enjoying this story, which has plenty of surprisingly explicit gore. Surprising to me, because I didn't expect it from a YA novel. However, I'm finding the writing style to be a little over the top. A little florid:

A month shy of her sixteenth birthday when consumed by the indifferent indignity of death's cold embrace, in the first gentle flush of her budding womanhood, only to be pulled in to a far less indifferent embrace for a consummation more foul than even the ultimate effrontery of death.

I'm not an expert grammarian, but does this seem like the world's longest incomplete sentence?
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Thanks for the clarification!
I'm struggling with this. Like a lot. And yeah, it's because of the dry writing style.
Sorry I'm behind guys! Just finished Chapter 2 today, and going to be working my way through in between chores :).
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Yeah. I'll fit some of this in between all the graphic novels I took out of the library.
Okay, so I'm confused. Is this the right thread to post in, or is there a different one that we're supposed to use?
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