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Did NetGalley mention word counts or file size? The author may be message-able on goodreads or his own website.
No word count or file size mentioned anywhere, even on NG. :(
Thanks for the suggestion, I may try to contact him via FB.
What I've found that is pretty accurate is start from the positions on Kindle, divide by 16.69 (don't ask me how people found that out)...
I want to join too! This seems so much fun! I am a bit confused about the roll days: Is today 27th of April a roll day? Or do I have to wait until tomorrow?
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Today is a roll day. All odd numbered days are roll days. Please check out MR's post though about how to count your roll days if you finish up your books before a roll day occurs.
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thanks OB for the quick reply! :)
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Char -

iBooks has it @ 100 pages:

Hope that helps?
Murder by Death to the rescue! LOL
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Woot! Thank you, Murder by Death!
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