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Thanks for taking the time to answer. I thought we had set the precedent of being able to count partial books, as long as you didn't count the pages from before you declared you were reading it for BL-opoly. But I didn't have time to wade back through 350 messages to find the original discussion.

At midnight last night I was at 14:48 out of 23:00 in the audiobook of Dies The Fire (and for the last week or so, I've been more interested in the audiobook that my print books). I'll post shortly that I'll be using a pro-rated "page count" as my last Free Friday selection.
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Sounds good!

Hi, just wondering when we have to have our final book finished and reviewed by? Before midnight, I guess?
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Are posts #348 - #350 any help?
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Before midnight EST. Thanks!
We are down to the wire! If you need help figuring out what your "deadline" is, you can use this website!


It is currently 10:39 a.m. EDT, so we have a bit over 13 hours left to get the final banks posted!
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They were a great help. Thanks, BT. Owe you one.
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