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Thanks Susanna!

Tannat, I tried to make lists here before and had some trouble even getting back to them. It doesn't pop up for me anymore which I think it's because I am not doing a reading challenge this year.

We can have them here for now, and we can try to move some over to book lists when we get a moment.

Susana, thanks for your suggestions!
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I'm not sure what you mean by pop up, but I just wasn't sure if people would find it helpful since I'm not sure people would need a list for every square. I created the two lists because those squares kept coming up with people asking for suggestions, so it seemed to make sense to keep track of the suggestions as we went along. I've already updated my existing list with your suggestions.
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I don't see lists anymore on my dashboard. The way it worked before if you took part in the reading challenge, you could hit that and it would show you the books you read this year so far and take you to the reading lists in another link. I can't get to that page anymore.
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Ah...I always went to the drop down menu --> Apps --> Reading List.

The reading challenge is also part of the Apps section, which is why you can navigate that way too if you have a reading challenge set up.
Maybe you modified your settings somehow, OB? Because I got a notification when Tannat started the last two lists! I think that maybe you have to "join" the list to get additional notifications.
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If you want to be notified of comments on the lists, you need to select "yes" at the top of the comments section, which happens automatically when you make a comment. You don't need to join the lists for that. I don't think it notifies you of new books added though.

I'm not sure if it doesn't show the new lists in the dashboard view if you change it to something other than "All" (like "Reviews" only) but that's the only thing I can think of.
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I will definitely play around for a second when I get some more time. I don't know why I can't see lists. It's so weird since I had to set up another account.
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Good suggestions, OB!
I have a list going for sq 3 Main Street Station, might put up some other if I'm killing time on the Pc
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Need help?