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Reminder that the buddy read starts in just 9 days! more »
I ordered a copy from AbeBooks - it will be here well before the start date! more »
Tannat, for ladder bottom squares, it doesn't matter if the book fits the square or not. Just finish a book & climb the ladder. I realized this quirk for the bottom of the ladder squares after I had already worked out the prompts, so I left them for posterity. Once you get to the top of the ladder,... more »
I think that people do become less able to adapt to changes as they age - my 84 year old mother-in-law's inability to learn to text is a case in point. But I also think that there is something else going on here that has to do with the class of the characters and the time in which the book takes pla... more »
All right - I finished. My review is here, but it spoils a major plot point in the book, so don't read it until you've finished. Also, what does everyone think? This book is very different in feel from Excellent Women - I don't like it quite so much, although it is very well written. more »
Deleted and blocked. more »
I am definitely excited - it's sitting on my TBR cart waiting for me! more »
So glad to see you here! I've been reading Agatha Christie since my young adulthood as well, and I don't have any idea which one I read first. I definitely pulled it off my parents bookshelves circa 1978, when I was around 12. I got back into her when I saw the Black and Leventhal hardbacks at Bar... more »
All right, everyone, here we are and welcome to the Christieverse (her names work so well as portmanteaus, by the way). Tell us a bit about your Christie love - how many have you read? Are you at the beginning or the end of your journey? Do you have a favorite and is there one that you are especial... more »
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