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Discussion: Halloween Bingo 2017: Rules and other important information
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created by: The Quilty Reader
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I've been admiring the posts where people include the image from the specific square they were referencing. @Moonlight Reader - I suspect that you have the images saved individually. I appreciate everything you've already done, but was wondering if you could post them (to save me the time to crop them out of my card).

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I've cut mine up in anticipation of using them in posts - I've just posted them all, so if you want to grab the squares we have in common, please feel free. :)
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I will do it tomorrow, J.L. I do have them all individually saved!
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Thanks to both of you
Oh thank you, MbD! I'm terrible at trying to do this stuff-cropping and everything, so that's a big help!
Yeah I just snipped the squares for my bingo calls so hope they look okay.
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THANK YOU, MbD! I just got to use the first one!
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You're both welcome (Linda and Char). :)
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