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Murder by Death
Murder by Death
I read cozy and historical mysteries, a bit of Paranormal/UF, and to mix it up, I read science and gardening books on occasio...
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Kate has responded to an email or two I've sent, but I think she's been taking some personal time (I'm trying to respect her privacy here). She's still around last I checked (before I went on holiday), and hopefully she'll be back to posting soon. more »
I started to feel a little stressed about catching up, so I sucked it up and used an audible credit to get this one. I figure between listening and reading, I'll be able to catch up to everyone else. This counts as multi-tasking, right? more »
I'm in too, though I'm not starting today; possibly tomorrow. more »
Thanks heaps for this Char - being offline for three days, you've just saved me a ton of time. :) more »
Thanks! :) more »
Just a quick reminder to all the group members that I will be unreliable from tomorrow until mid-September. I'll be around once in awhile, but no where near my usual, constant residence. BrokenTune, Portable Magic, and Themis-Athena are all moderators here and can police any possible spam posts ... more »
Sounds good to me. I've already ordered my copy of both. :) more »
GOOD NEWS for those playing Halloween Bingo this year: Moonlight has confirmed that not only will our September Read qualify for the centre square, she's calling it a qualifier for the Deadlands square. So anyone participating in both our read and Bingo can do the multi-tasking thang. more »
Excellent! This is great news because I had nothing for Deadlands (iirc). Are you joining us for the read? We can find out what was up with the dancing plague together. :) more »
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