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Discussion: Halloween Bingo 2018: Report Your Bingo!
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created by: Moonlight Madness
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I also just earned bingo #3. Second row.
I just earned Bingo #2 with finishing my Terror in a Small Town book!
Congrats all around!
The queen of disturbed lead me to my second bingo.
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That was a hard-earned square, too! LoL.
I just got my first bingo by finally finishing Anna Dressed in Blood. :)
Today's call got me my third bingo.
Bingo #3 here too. :)
Bingo #3!
Congratulations, everyone!
Bingo #4 - I need to add bingo #4 to my card but I finished the Darkest London square this afternoon, which fills in the 4th row across for a bingo.

I got my first Bingo! Today's call did it. http://loram.booklikes.com/post/1800339/finally-got-a-bingo
I just finished my Shifters Square and got my 3rd Bingo.
2nd Bingo
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