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Discussion: Non-BookLikes Blog URLs
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If you have a blog or website outside of BookLIkes, please post it here.

For reference, the original thread in the "official" BookLikes group is here:
Here is my Blog outside of Booklikes - nrcbooks.blogspot.com/
My blog (has only been up since January 2020 so not much content)

This is me, I primarily post new release Young Adult and Children's Fiction book reviews.

*sigh* I wish I could still post a link to me over on fictfact.com -- but that's gone, too.

Not sure where or if I'll be blogging and reviewing once booklikes goes. I'm at least keeping a book catalog and some ratings at https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/6282458 (still in a few groups there like for Dewey's Readathon and Serious Overload of Series), https://www.librarything.com/profile/Spurts (have been trying to make sure booklikes reviews and shelving echoed there), and I am "Spurts" on Libib which has very limited social (not completely sure how to link to myself there, my book catalog is public, possibly it's https://www.libib.com/library/social-get-user-feed/Spurts )
I've signed up to LibraryThing, but the website doesn't exactly give me warm, fuzzy feelings.
It hasn't imported my GRs books yet. Not sure when that will get done.
Well, guess I need to join the 21st century and do a blog. Just barely opened up a wordpress one at https://spurtsblog.wordpress.com/
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