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Absolutely. That's totally a given. more »
Voted! Such a cool way to create a poll ... more »
Yes, I saw that -- excellent news! That's my free square settled, then ... more »
That's truly weird about the Planer audio for Color of Magic in the U.S. -- I just added it to my Audible basket! Must be a licensing thing for sure, but usually it's the other way round! more »
Shall we go for a mid-month start date this time around in order to avoid clashing too hard with either the official Halloween Bingo group read or the next Flat Book Society read? (And then move into a bi-monthly rhythm after that, alternating with the Flat Book Society reads?) more »
Planer is quite good at intimating verbally (intonation, etc. -- without actually saying "footnote") that this is actually what he is reading at the moment. You may not catch all of them that way, but at least with some, the notion comes across. more »
OK, thanks! more »
Followed. more »
ALL the Discworld books work for one, in most case several categories in the bingo. So we're probably going to end up with a bunch of rogue reads in addition to the group read ... yey! more »
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