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Themis-Athena's Garden of Books
Themis-Athena's Garden of Books
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Aaaand here's the next one: http://maryjmcleod.booklikes.com/ more »
She just followed me: Danielle The Bookworm (http://christianbooklife.booklikes.com/) First impression is that her blog name is more indicative than the blog URL -- there are more reviews of mysteries and fantasy than Christian fiction, at least at the moment. I've followed back. more »
Sigh. If only. more »
I'm following XOX -- definitely also a GR refugee (and an active participant in the BookLikes Halloween Bingo and Festive Tasks games). more »
I skim-checked both of their followers' lists -- hence my above comments. And I saw that they've both been here for a while: it just doesn't seem like they're actually communicating with anybody (or, at least not lately), and since they're still around (while many of their original followers are no... more »
http://tadmertz06.booklikes.com/ (beauty products -- in Spanish) You may want to check your followers lists for this one; he's obviously actively expanding on the BookLikes "auto-follow" thing. Looks like there's quite a bit of determination at work here. more »
Two more: http://maverynthia.booklikes.com/ http://fangsforthefantasy.booklikes.com/blog (Both also examples of the probable "why are all my followers either dead or spammers?" syndrome.) more »
Already following, but thanks for sharing ... this promises to become an active new member of the community! more »
And another one: http://juuli.booklikes.com/ Last post from October 2018 -- I hope (s)he hasn't given up on BL in the interim. more »
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