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Winter Wolf - Community Reviews back

by S.P. Wayne
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Susan rated it 5 years ago
I liked this right up until 75%.This book had the slowest burns of slow burns. When I got to 75% and still NOTHING happened, I started to get irritated. Up until that point I thought this would be a 4 star book.Axton is a lone werewolf living alone in a cabin. He has been alone for years until he ge...
Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer
Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer rated it 6 years ago
I cannot say more then this story sucked me in and never let me go. Axton has become one of my favorite characters. This is the kind of wolf I can follow for years. Thank you to my book buddies who told me I'd like it!
R *A Reader Obsessed*
R *A Reader Obsessed* rated it 6 years ago
3.5 Stars First off if you hate grammatical errors and typos then this book is not for you. Second, if you hate slow burn romances then again, this book is not for you.The above blurb is quite extensive and does not need rehashing. What I will tell you is that this book took its time in telling th...
Christina rated it 6 years ago
I'm just going to make a few points because I basically said everything in my updates.I enjoyed Axton's character. He's socially awkward, shy, and a bit on the submissive side. He was cute, and I grew to like him. By midway through, I started to get into the story more and the scenery and the world ...
Sandra rated it 7 years ago
I enjoyed this. However, I will say that Axton waxed poetic a few ten times too many about Leander's beauty, or strength, or perfection, or whatever. I'm talking pages, and pages, and pages. I'll admit, after 50% I started skimming these bits. But that's also because I was enjoying the story, and wa...
Tami rated it 7 years ago
Tami rated it 7 years ago
FOR THE BEST SHIFTER/WEREWOLF BOOK I EVER READ. So, now I've used annoying caps in my reviews as well. But really, read this. Because it is great. I loved Axton so much - how awkward and hesistant, how tender, how longing. How desperate and how strong. Just wow. Hands down my most favourit...
Quirky Musings
Quirky Musings rated it 7 years ago
Winter Wolf and I had a rather rocky beginning. The blurb is the lengthiest one I've ever seen in my entire years of reading and upon starting I was greeted with slightly funky grammar (and if I noticed, then it's got to pretty damn funky).It was to my greatest pleasure, however, that this book prov...
TTG rated it 7 years ago
3.5 stars – A nice solid read about a very reclusive werewolf living in a cabin in the woods who has his quiet, wolfy life changed when a good-looking, impetuous young man from the city vacations each season in the cabin nearby.What I liked: It’s a nice quiet story that focuses pretty much entirely ...
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