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Winter Wolf - S.P. Wayne
Winter Wolf
by: (author)
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3.67 115
Imagine having almost everything you want: a place of your own, mountains to climb, woods to roam, lakes for swimming, and, above all, privacy. It's Axton's definition of paradise, because a werewolf needs his space and his secrets. He's the resident recluse of a sleepy, far flung town hours away... show more
Imagine having almost everything you want: a place of your own, mountains to climb, woods to roam, lakes for swimming, and, above all, privacy. It's Axton's definition of paradise, because a werewolf needs his space and his secrets. He's the resident recluse of a sleepy, far flung town hours away from his cabin in the woods, but there's more than one hidden truth in Axton's life. The lycanthropy's enough to make a hermit out of him, but it's the fact that Axton's gay and closeted that keeps him shy. Friendship--let alone romance--isn't an option. Without a pack for support, Axton has to protect his secrets himself. And that means being careful.All's well in the shapeshifter's life until the day a well meaning human decides to vacation in the cabin next door. At first Axton wants nothing to do with his new neighbor, but Leander Avilez is a dream: young, strapping, masculine. As if it's not enough that Leander's gorgeous, he's also charming, and Axton finds himself falling hard. But visions of sweet romance aren't in the realistic picture: Leander's thoroughly human. Axton's terrified of intimacy with someone who doesn't know his secret, because his change isn't forced by the full moon. Whenever Axton's hurt or surprised or on edge, he goes wolf--and he can't stop it. How is he supposed to keep his lycanthropy a secret from his new neighbor? And how is he going to hide his growing and undeniable attraction?And why does Leander have to be straight, with a long list of ex girlfriends? When Leander goes back to his life in Los Angeles, Axton can breathe a sigh of relief. There's moose to hunt and chores to do, and Axton doesn't have the time for a whirlwind werewolf romance, no matter how compelling the fiction of his erotic daydreams might be. But just when Axton's settled back into the werewolf bachelor groove, Leander comes back for another vacation--and then another, and another. They grow closer in time, but as drunken confessional conversations show, Leander's still straight and, oh, yeah, still totally human. Leander is two types of forbidden temptation at once, and Axton doesn't know how long he can stand it. What's a gay werewolf to do?After Leander stumbles across what looks like a big bad wolf in the woods one day, he's understandingly a little panicked. Axton feels fifty shades of irrationally rejected by Leander's fear, and it's what finally makes him kiss his gay bromance-turned-romance dreams goodbye. Still, they get along so well, and Leander is the only person he's been close to in years, so Axton resigns himself to being just friends. There's some tension and some tender yearning--and maybe even some awkward almosts--but mostly, Axton's content.The stakes are upped when Leander visits during a brutal winter, just before the blizzard of the decade hits. The cabins aren't winter proofed, because Axton spends all winter comfortably in his werewolf skin. For a human, the cabins are uncomfortable at best, and skittering towards dangerous as the storm worsens. It's Leander who decides they need to share a cabin and tough out the storm together--and if it was hard to keep his lycanthropy a secret before, Axton's got no idea how to keep Leander from waking up to a face full of fur and teeth now, with temperatures plummeting and emotions running high. But it's when skies clear and a hike goes wrong that things really go deadly. Alone in the snow and hurt, how long can Leander survive? Will Axton find him in time? And when face to face with a wolf, will Leander be struck silent with wonder, or will he fight for his life?Treat yourself to this exciting new book!Blending romance and humor into a struggle for survival, Winter Wolf is a sweet, hot story that's sure to please. Curl up with Axton and Leander this winter and let this shapeshifter romance take you away. Remember to click on the "Look Inside" feature for a quick preview of Winter Wolf!
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Format: kindle
Publisher: Stupid Bear Press
Pages no: 177
Edition language: English
Series: Axton & Leander (#1)
Community Reviews
Susan rated it
2.0 Winter Wolf
I liked this right up until 75%.This book had the slowest burns of slow burns. When I got to 75% and still NOTHING happened, I started to get irritated. Up until that point I thought this would be a 4 star book.Axton is a lone werewolf living alone in a cabin. He has been alone for years until he ge...
Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer
Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer rated it
4.5 Woof, Woof
I cannot say more then this story sucked me in and never let me go. Axton has become one of my favorite characters. This is the kind of wolf I can follow for years. Thank you to my book buddies who told me I'd like it!
R *A Reader Obsessed*
R *A Reader Obsessed* rated it
3.0 Winter Wolf
3.5 Stars First off if you hate grammatical errors and typos then this book is not for you. Second, if you hate slow burn romances then again, this book is not for you.The above blurb is quite extensive and does not need rehashing. What I will tell you is that this book took its time in telling th...
Christina rated it
I'm just going to make a few points because I basically said everything in my updates.I enjoyed Axton's character. He's socially awkward, shy, and a bit on the submissive side. He was cute, and I grew to like him. By midway through, I started to get into the story more and the scenery and the world ...
Sandra rated it
I enjoyed this. However, I will say that Axton waxed poetic a few ten times too many about Leander's beauty, or strength, or perfection, or whatever. I'm talking pages, and pages, and pages. I'll admit, after 50% I started skimming these bits. But that's also because I was enjoying the story, and wa...
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