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review 2019-12-29 20:20
Complete Book of Tarot Spreads
Complete Book of Tarot Spreads - Evelin Burger,Johannes Fiebig

I loved this book and can see myself using it as a reference a lot in the future.

I liked how the authors stress the importance of each card having a positive and negative aspect, so it doesn't necessarily matter whether or not you pull it upright or reversed. Both aspects could apply.


The repetition of the idea that the tarot cards act like a mirror of the reader's life at that moment was good, too. It's definitely an idea to keep in mind when doing readings. I found it very interesting that these authors say the cards always refer to the present time, with the past and future always influencing the present.


"Every card may indicate that a task has already been accomplished or has yet to be taken on. The message...may be a warning, encouragement, or validation." (p. 34) At first I couldn't understand how this could be true, because it seems like it kind of cheapens the truth of the tarot. But then I thought back to previous readings where this could actually be the case. It really depends on the situation, because life is so complex and reality can manifest itself in infinite ways from infinite perspectives.

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review 2019-01-06 15:55
Forbidden Witches (Tarot Witches #2) by SM Reine
Forbidden Witches (Tarot Witches Book 2) - SM Reine

Leah has led a sheltered life… she certainly has never attended many concerts. But even she’s pretty sure concerts don’t usually end up with you waking up on the tour bus surrounded by naked people - and sexy werewolves and witches


I am going to, again, reference my pledge to read every word SM Reine has ever typed in her entire life ever.


One of the mild downsides to this is the Tarot Witches series - because this would probably be a series I would never pick up at any time. It’s a paranormal romance where the romance and sex both is the focus - and it’s a werewolf romance. And for some reasons there’s something about the canine and furry that invites the worst tropes round to play. But with this world, with its complex and overlapping characters, I can’t guarantee some of these characters won’t be super relevant later. Especially since the underlying concept of the Tarot witches is really intriguing - these witches who have some kind of plot to resolve linked to these destiny predicting Tarot cards. All of these women can be extremely different people, facing massively different challenged with this woo-woo bringing the disparate women together. All for a deeper, richer and more mysterious purpose


And damn it I want to know what that mysterious purpose is! This is the world with the whole godslayer narrative, an author who has produced some of the most unique and genre breaking storylines I’ve read and a world so complicated and interlinked that I NEED to read all of this to appreciate the vastness and amazingness. Whatever else happens in this series, I will charge through it because I know some of these elements or characters may inform the Dana McIntyre Must Die series or the The War of the Alphas, I want them to be included, I want to see all these vastness come together because there’s so much here I love


But… this book really isn’t one of them. It has so many romance tropes I find unpleasant: inexperienced female ingenou vs experience male love interest; Magical Mating Bond that get complete strangers to fall in love without getting to know the slightest thing about it; woman instantly trusting love interest despite the extreme danger she’s in; man barking orders and commands and control over woman; woman giving no more than a token protest to all this. And there’s not even a real story like there was in Caged Wolf. No dark past to escape, no figure to defeat - no, the meaning of her card is, not-even-a-spolier, to basically do what her captors say


Yes I said captors. Innocent, naive, Leah, good mormon girl with only a couple of ex-boyfriends and little experience in the rock star lifestyle goes to a concert at the urgings of her Gay Best Friend (yes a gay character. Yes, he’s a walking stereotype. No he does nothing in the book except be Leah’s friend. We even open to him giving her a make over. Actually that’s pretty much all he does). There because of woo-woo she’s given VIP treatment which means getting this very naive woman drunk (at one point tipping her head back and pouring alcohol down her throat when she seems reluctant) after which she gets heavily groped by two men and sat in a bus witnessing. No she didn’t say no. But she was extremely drunk as she makes clear on multiple occasions. This is not ok.


And when she falls asleep that bus drives off and leaves the state. And when she expresses a wish to leave she is denied. As we go on she is repeatedly stopped from leaving and even physically picked up and carried by her love interest when she tries to leave. And then tied up. Her protests to this are minimal… and seconds after being restrained they decide her sexy smell is distracting so it’s necessary to make her orgasm. If she’s less horny her smell won’t be distracting, apparently.


Consent is not something that is considered



Read More



Source: www.fangsforthefantasy.com/2018/12/forbidden-witches-tarot-witches-2-by-sm.html
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review 2016-06-30 00:00
Llewellyn's Complete Book of Tarot: A Comprehensive Resource
Llewellyn's Complete Book of Tarot: A Comprehensive Resource - Anthony Louis Do you like Tarots? Do you want to start to read them? Are you curious about one of the most important kind of divination in this world? You read tarots but you want to learn something else?
So, this book
Llewellyn's Complete Book of Tarot - A Comprehensive Resource -

is for you!
Written by Anthony Louis, his author has previously written other books for Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. about this topic.

Louis is a great estimator, passionate and of tarots reader since he was little.

Maybe he told in the book, because he studied in a catholic reality where of course this stuff was not seen very well, the little boy started to develop a big curiosity about astrology and occultism, later falling in love for tarots.

In this book Louis will tell us how we should read tarots, with a long story of tarots, born in Italy many centuries ago. A real cult for Italians. Very important families created wonderful, stunning tarots in late 1400 most of them unfortunately gone forever.

Tarots will read Louis will be the one of the common italian playing cards with the four seeds of Swords, Coins, Cups and Wands.

I was a tarot reader and I am still a passionate one although I loved to read this book also because I hadn't never learnt how to read our italian playing cards, the most common ones. I have the Egyptian tarots, the Native American tarots. Being a Sagittarius maybe that's the answer.


Anthony tells that some friends of him have more than 100 different kind of tarots. Wow!

Reading tarots can be more simple for some people than not for others.
What Louis says is that practicing and intuiting what the tarot wants to say to the person in front of us the first condition. We mustn't think a lot. When we have the first intuition we know that it is the one for the person in front of us.

We should be free of every strong emotion when we read tarots, Louis says and our mind open to the divination. We mustn't read tarots under stress. Tarots wouldn't speak.

What the reader should do with her/his client?

He/she must be honest with the client because of course it means also to be honest with the spirits and Superior Entity that are telling to us what it will happen to that person in the following months.

Louis has also written a special Hippocratic Oath for Tarot Readers in this sense.
Sometimes tarots can clarify and help also people in need. In real need of answers. Journaling, keeping track of what the tarots wants to say to us become fundamental. Tarots should be read two times per year and reader should always be paid because a payment means that the reader is a serious person.

An interesting section interests the zodiac signs.
And then: a long long section you will fall in love for all dedicated to the meaning of all the most important Major Arcane and common seeds.
Enjoy it, and start to read Tarots!
Oh: and Happy Journey into the Souls!

Thanks to Netgalley.com! for this book.
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review 2016-02-17 16:02
The Big Book of Angel Tarot: The Essential Guide to Symbols, Spreads, and Accurate Readings - Radleigh Valentine,Doreen Virtue

I have picked up my former interest in cartomancy, and one of the decks I bought is Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot. The little guide that comes with it is great, but the expanded information in this book really brings the interpretations home. Not only is the symbology reviewed, but also the numerology and astrology attached to each card. Highly recommended for those who are using the Angel Tarot deck.

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text 2014-11-04 18:19
Today In Book Tarot
The Nature of Balance - Tim Lebbon

I read tarot and stumbled across this article in my mailbox today. Tip #1 sounded like so much fun I decided to grab the book nearest to me and give it a go.  


<------ This book has been sitting on my desk for ages. One of these days I'll actually read it.  Today I deem it my oracle.


So here's the deal. You use a book as an oracle.  First think of an important question that has been dwelling in your mind (should I cook dinner? bring home another cat? buy more monster porn?) Then pick a book, any old book will do. Now let the pages fall open and allow your eyes to drift to a random sentence. Therein lies your answer. 


So after doing this, I have to admit that I am a wee bit freaked out.  


Here's my question:  Should I go vegan?


Keep in mind I randomly opened a page, after shuffling the pages back and forth for a minute and landed on pg. 342.  My eyes just so happened to rest here:


Like a schoolgirl about to meet her first date, Fay tried to decide how to greet Blane into the slaughterhouse. The thing in her stomach shifted in anticipation of its imminent revelation.


Effing slaughterhouse.  Seriously?! I guess that's a pretty strong yes? Uh oh, looks like I won't be cooking that chicken tonight after all . . .



Try it and share. If you dare :)

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