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review SPOILER ALERT! 2020-05-24 05:33
Alex go saved the world... again
Eagle Strike - Anthony Horowitz

Alex when to the south of France with Sabrina and met Yassen. Alex knew nothing good when he was there and followed him.


In the process, he met the rich pop singer Damian Cray, en ego maniac who is actually a psychopath. 


Alex when to the opening of a new game and played it. He has met Cray and found his creepy and have such an ego that he would cheat to get his way. 


He couldn't leave it alone so he went to the MI6. No one believed him. Alex shared his identity with Sabrina and MI6 betrayed him by making him out to be a liar. 


So he has to go at this alone. Jack believed him and they both go to find out what Cray evil plan. 


In the meantime, Sabrina's father, a journalist was hurt by a terrorist attack. It was Cray. Sabrina's father was working on a story linking it to Cray and got hurt. 


So Alex went into the compound to see for himself. He passed the gate, he also got some evidence that might spoil Cray plan. 


A fast read with Alex Rider doing a lot of spying stuff. He was on his bike that was given to him with gadgets. Quite a lot of action and running around. The bad guy is obviously the bad guy. 


The only surprise is how reluctant Yassen is unwilling to hurt Alex. 


Sabrina is quite nice as an addition to the story. Only Jack knew about what Alex do and now Sabrina got involved, Alex is not so alone. 


Fast read. Highly recommended. 



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text 2020-03-05 09:38
What Are the Benefits of Helical Piling in Construction Unit?

Every single second something new comes in our surroundings, but due to our laziness or lack of interest, we miss some useful information. As common people, we know advancement in the digital world (Do you know really???), but if we talk about the construction and foundation, then our knowledge is zero. So, improve it with this guide.

SureFootFootings - screw pile design

Before decades we use concrete foundation for our every type of construction, but thanks to advancement Screw Pile Design foundation comes in picture. It provides a durable deep foundation that increases the success ratio of the construction project. So, its usage in a different area will increase day by day because of many benefits which are impressive for everyone.

Want to know the benefits of helical piling or Screw Piles, so you can think it is beneficial for you in your next project? They join us till the end.

  1. Handy Installation

If we compare helical pile and concrete foundation in the installation term, then you can helical pile is better. The reason behind such a statement is by using a pile driver you can easily install a screw pile in the earth. So, it not only saves your time, but it reduces the work of the contractor. On the other hand, you get higher effectiveness and longer lifespan.

  1. Time-Saver

Helical piling can easily fit in the earth so that in constructing a structure when we use a screw pile then it built by consuming less time. There is no need to wait until the foundation becomes dry, and you can start a new task. That’s why we can declare it as time-saver in the foundation industry.

  1. Flexible

For your project, you can design your own Screw Pile Design in available space and according to your surface type. That’s why you get flexibility for a different project and load-bearing requirements. And modification in the structure is also simple and can be easily completed.

  1. No Bounded for Timing

With the helical piling, you can start your project any time in the year; there is no boundary just like a concrete foundation. In the concrete foundation, you can’t work in any season because it depends on the temperature but this limit overcome with helical piling.

  1. Less Vibration

If you install helical piling beside the existing structure then you never face any damage of that structure because the screw piling vibration is less. Want to know its exact vibration limit? It is 1mm, and if it connected with the existing building, then it should be 5mm not more than above this limit.

  1. Excavations Not Required

As said above, in the helical piling, we use a pile drive to install into the surface so that there is no need for excavated soil from where construction will be established. It is beneficial for your surface’s soil and your project budget because the cost of excavation will be reduced.

SureFootFootings - screw pile design

  1. Environmentally Safe

If we adopt screw pile technology for our foundation making then is safer in terms of the environment as compared to the concrete foundation. Reasons are no need of exaction, less vibration and easy fit everywhere.

At the end,

These are the main advantage of the helical pile or Screw Pile Design in the construction. Hopefully, with this guide, you get some useful information.

Source: Notable Advantages of Helical Piling- You Should Know as A Beneficiary

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video 2020-01-20 22:44

Thanks for watching, it would be amazing if you could take the time to like this video on YouTube. I'm so grateful for all the support.

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video 2020-01-14 21:30

Thanks for watching, it would be amazing if you could take the time to like this video on YouTube. I'm so grateful for all the support.

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review 2020-01-07 14:43
Bald is on the chase
Most Wanted Mission 1: Chris Ryan Extreme: Series 3 - Chris Ryan

Bald was found by an old coworker Land to do a job. Land tempted him with a new life when he is no longer hunted by the Firm. 


Lot of actions, lot of guns. Bald found out the the bad guy he is after also have the Russians chasing after him.


So he is in. For the money and for the freedom. During the chase, lot of betrayal and there is no trust anywhere. He don't really know who to trust. 


And someone try to kill him too. 


It is action pack. But Bald is not really a likable character. He is too trigger hapy to be a good person. And he is after the money instead of higher ideal. That's no good. 


His moral compass is all weird as well. Plus he is kind of sexist. 


Not likable character but might to closer to a not so sophisticated or educated persons. but highly trained in weapons. Scary world that the main character might died if he is not lucky or skill or both. 


Character need to develop better. On the whole still good enough because of the action and the plot twist. 


4 stars read.  

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