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What Harry Potter Channel on Pandora?! Do you just search Harry Potter? more »
https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/4052940-ingrid-nitchman sent a join request on good reads. I'm in Slytherin! more »
I am having a hard time containing my excitement. It's like a trip to Disney, Christmas, Halloween, and my birthday all wrapped up together. more »
late but adding my vote to Kate... I'm a one series at a time reader. I start and read until I reach the end of what's published. I guess I feel like we are in a relationship and I am committed to see it through until we either get married or break up. However, I read around until I find a series th... more »
Undead Pool by Kim Harrison more »
Your name - Nitchslap'd Your GR name if different from BL -Ingrid nitchman Your favorite supernatural creature - I'm traditional with Vampires and Weres, but really anything non-human is a friend indeed Your favorite male character in a series - Wrath-BDB if I was forced to choose because a gun was ... more »
Me too! Though I wasn't super active, more of a lurker. more »
Hello Hello! I also found Booklikers to follow and friend from the BBB list. I shall be eternally grateful to the creators. more »
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